Most of us are well aware of what a live video is, be it on Facebook or Instagram; one can find several live videos. Lately, it has been so popular that even companies are using it to engage with their audience. Live video is a mean by which one can have a real-time conversation with several people at a time and promote the authenticity of the product and service or can simply put up why and how much passionate you are for the product or service you cater.

2018 -State of the social report has interviewed over 1700 social media marketers that revealed astonishing data on usage of live videos and how to use them for better publicity. The primary reason for conducting this study was to determine the variation in success ratio of live videos. It was observed that while few were a success, few failed miserably.

Have live videos caught on yet?

Although the live video is currently trending, only 31% marketers made use of it in 2017. Even though the rise in its usage was mere 5% compared to the previous year, it is still estimated to grow gradually and eventually become mainstream.

Why marketers are not creating video content

The social report also threw light on the number of people who want to make video content and the reasons that stop them from doing the same. Discussion with small and large businesses revealed that the lack of time and budget are the primary blockers. Also, they face issues in idea creation and ways to execute them well.

The frequency for posting live videos

Anything in excess is always harmful and so are live videos. The social report reveals less than 1% of marketers published videos on a daily basis. Biggest players in social marketing believe publishing videos every few months is far more effective. Only 29% posted on a monthly basis and only 7% published on a weekly basis. Unlike content marketing live video is also not about the quantity but the quality.

Companies who find these tasks daunting can always opt for digital marketing services to take care of social media marketing.

The effectiveness of live videos

Whatever be a marketing tool, none of them can assure full proof results. Live videos on Facebook were said to be effective by 60% people while 10% says it is futile. 30% of people are still unsure of its effectiveness. Amongst the 60% of the population who are in favor of live videos, 24% of them found it very useful. This data suggests that live videos may not prove to be effective for all industries.

Reasons why live videos are not fruitful to some industries

Live videos require a lot of efforts and consistency. One needs to focus on timing and quality of content that is being put up. One of the reasons that few marketers may have found live videos ineffective was the lack of consistency in broadcasting it. With so many videos to view on social media platforms, a single live video will not have a significant impact on your overall marketing efforts. Engagement of customers requires more efforts and greater connectivity.

Brief takeaway

Live videos can generate transparency between the company and the consumer; a live interaction enables faster resolution of queries or any inhibition against the product or service. Facebook stated that live videos had generated six times more interactions. The survey has focused on many things but cannot pinpoint a full proof way to succeed.

Live videos can prove to be successful for people who want to promote their art gallery or antique pieces, but marketers are still unsure how it will help local businesses like plumbers or housekeeping. It has high hope for industries like e-commerce, IT, advertising etc. Digital marketing service providers need to experiment along with providing value and relevance to the customer.

Social media optimization has always been a tricky business and will continue to be the same. The way PPC campaigns struggle to pinpoint on relevance, live videos can have the same fate. Quality content with a reach to the target audience, posted on regular intervals is believed to be a key takeaway. A company, which has extensive experience in digital marketing and SMO can help you, utilize things and live videos and other upcoming trends for promoting your business.

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