As the season of holidays is fast approaching, it’s a great time for charitable and non profit organisation to gather donations and charity as people will be in a mood to give. You might have already formulated your fundraising strategies but are you utilizing the most out of your digital gadgets?

To help you out in meeting your year-end goals for marketing we have come up with ways you can enhance your marketing.

1.Mobile friendly website

Usage of mobile phones has grown tremendously since the last year. If you not using mobile friendly website then you are probably losing on crucial traffic which in turn mean leaving out on donations. So it time you think on how your donors experience your content on their smart phones.

Important points to consider

Responsive template designing – Your website should be designed in such a way that it can respond to the user’s screen size, platform and deliver an easy approach.

Clear calls to action – The decision or action you want the user to take should be in the centre of the mobile device. Be it a petition to sign, or a button to donate or a subscription to a newsletter, it should be clear and concise and should be mentioned in large block letters.

Minimal usage of images:  A mobile device does not have much room for large images thus using images should be minimised unless they are of importance to the fundraising strategy.

2.Keep sharing

Adding share buttons to your content makes it easy for you to get traffic. It acts as a platform where you can have access to multiple social networks and connect through donors anywhere.

You can focus on these below mentioned arenas for marketing your content when it comes to sharing

Twitter and Facebook Most of the people use Facebook as a primary way to share or generate 55% of clicks. Twitter though lagging a little behind but still is great such campaigns. You should select appropriate time frames as to when you can get your fans and followers to share your content.

Printing and Email non profit sites are widely being used by the visitors in personalised form of printing and emailing. Thus you should make sure that your content can be printed easily and can be sent to a friend.

3.Create the right content

Your content should be such that it is evergreen and it complements the organisation vision. It should be drafted in such a manner that the user can easily learn about you and the cause you put forth and can get involved.

These content themes are popular among non profit websites

Opportunity to volunteer: People want to emotionally get involved with the cause; help them by allowing signing petitions or sending supplies.

Research and news featuring news or research that is relevant o the cause is a catchy way to make people subscribe for newsletters.

Religious matter at times religious bulletins or devotions relevant your cause can be a good way to hook on the people.


These tips will help you grow the audience and convert visitors into donors rapidly. As we know that content is the king and that is why you can increase the visibility of your website by doing content marketing and through online marketing strategy. So, come and visit our affordable online marketing service for your website.

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