Marketing is developing vast informative content to educate and build relationships. Now-a-days, customers continuously look for fresh content from time to time. The impulse shopping days are disappearing and no business targets such customers.

For effective management of this task, automation tools are required. They allow content to be produced and reused again and again across new customers. Such targeted campaigns can help to save time and money and live for many years.

The below three reasons describes why you should integrate automation in digital marketing –  

1.Social media

In 2010, social media was quite simple and everyone was on Facebook, it being a primary platform.

But now in 2016, it is a daunting task that can take up a lot of man hours. Companies need to handle and control social media content and customer communication on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Hootsuite, allow you to plan posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This saves a lot of time by minimizing the hassle of copy f and paste of content across multiple platforms. Hoostsuite is definitely a time saver and crucial in maximizing time to let you complete your other tasks in your day.

2.Targeted Emails for multiple customer personas

Generic content which is available to a large audience does not yield great conversion rates. It turns out to be of less importance and irritating to the audience because the message it conveys does not fit them. Targeted content for specific customer personas will attract to their particular style. More is the number of audience reading your material; more is the chance of sales.

This process can be burdening when you are targeting multiple customer personas. Use of email automation will lessen the man hours by doing away with the need to send mails to complete batch of leads individually. The same email can be used again without any editing for the next batch of leads that you generate through sales. Your front end effort will pay you off for years.

3.Automated Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting can be burdensome and tedious task. Companies have unlimited number of individual reports that make use of Power Point presentation or Excel where finding specific key words and piece of information is a challenge. The frequency with which the reports are required with comparison between the different parameters is also quite high. Automation can turn out to be helpful in this scenario.

Automated reporting is not so quick and easy to set up but it pays off very well in the long run. You can access the available data faster in single dashboard thus help marketing department to find trends faster. Good reporting classifies segmented areas of concentration for marketing departments leading to much improved conversions with targeted marketing content.

Automation in digital marketing is definitely need of the hour. The secret to marketing automation is defining your goals clearly along with maintaining a personality in the messaging.

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