App Store Optimization

Top 5 Things Need To Improve ASO Before Launching An App On App Store

There is a lot of bug-fixing and code editing that happens, like a million times. You do dry runs and test everything at the development phase before you actually launch the app.

It is so thoroughly done to a point where no room for some improvement, except there is one more important thing that needs to be completed before you check all the ticks from the action items.

Let’s talk about it in depth here. It has got nothing to with programming or code development. We are at that stage at this point, but is as crucial as that. It is the App store optimization that needs focus here. Believe it or not, it is almost a dummy app without this in place. Your app will not have the muscle to wrestle once thrown out there. There are probably a million apps or more in each platform and that number is increasing exponentially every single day. The numbers of apps doing the same job are also much higher, so you are not the only one who is providing this service.

The app could be developed for in-house purposes or designed for a client, regardless of which it ASO should be the focus. Let’s talk about the visual aspect of the app first, the basics need to be sorted, like an interesting name, appropriate icon, clear screenshots or images of what the app does and a crisp, concise and accurate description. Let’s say the customer does not really understand what ASO really means, but insists on doing it himself. Since it has been developed by you and it’s your product, ensure that you work through it, until the fag end. So, take some time out and analyze your customer, the industry, market trends thoroughly and work towards it.

What is the importance of app store optimization?

  1. It is the only way to cut through and swim across the million applications that are already out there and also competing with your counterparts in the industry. Data from just one year that is Oct 2013 to Jan’2014 shows that are a million apps each in the iOS and Android platforms. So whatever it takes to stand out is one step closer to better visibility of the app.

2. It’s like DIY. You can do it all by yourself since it is no rocket science, as long as you know the parameters that need monitoring. This can be accomplished by a good in-house designer, or the one who actually designed the app for you.

3. The costing for this service can be billed separately if the app has been developed for the customer. It is up to the development team to explain the importance of ASO to the customer since not everyone knows the details and besides it’s your job to do it anyway. Ensure that there is budget all allocated for this as well while planning the development itself.

4. It just gives better visibility overall in the application marketplace. The app will be able to sit through well only if ASO is taken care of.

5. Better visibility is nothing but more downloads, and that is the only ultimate way to reach your sales and revenue target better visibility is nothing but more downloads, and that is the only ultimate way to reach your sales and revenue target.

I hope the above helped with a better understanding of what ASO is all about and what it can do for your mobile application. ASO is all about using the right keywords to stand out and show up at the top for the search list.

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