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Use Your Selfie to Personalize Your T-shirt

Use Your Selfie to Personalize Your T-shirt

Personalizing t-shirts has gained popularity off late. People are customizing their t-shirts with different images and slogans.

Selfies have gained huge popularity after the launch of smart phone era. From any teenage boy or girl to the President of United States, Barack Obama, has taken selfie for at least on time. The improvement in the number of pixels for front camera in mobile devices has fueled the craze for selfies. Selfies are used majorly on social media as profile pictures. They are also used for personalizing gifts and personal items such as mugs, jars, photo frames, and t-shirts. Wearing personalized t-shirts is the in-trend these days. People like to add personal touch to their attire.

Personalizing t-shirts has gained popularity off late. People are customizing their t-shirts with different images and slogans. They want a personalized message to reflect on the t-shirt so that they can depict their personality to the world. Apps development world has grown much powerful and made easy for people to design t-shirt online. People are not only using customized t-shirts for their personal use but are also using them to gift to their relatives and friends. They usually get some logo or text, which depicts their relationship, imprinted on the t-shirt. It is a unique way of gifting and also adds a personal touch.

Selfies are also being used to create personalized t-shirts. Previously, before the smart phone era, personalizing or customizing t-shirts was quite tough. A number of designs had to be sketched and a number of color combinations were worked out. However, after the launch of mobile apps all this has become quite easy.

Web apps which come with power of DYO (DO Your Own) features empower you to design t-shirt online. From such apps you can choose t-shirt color, fabric, etc. You can also select the logo or images that you wish to get imprinted on the t-shirt. In this case, you can go ahead and choose your selfie to be imprinted on the t-shirt. You can also enter text, if you want to imprint, on the t-shirt. If you want some strong message to accompany your selfie then you can do that right in such apps.

A t-shirt with selfie provides the best way to customize your t-shirt. It represents your personality. It is also a cost-effective way to get a unique t-shirt.

All this can be achieved if you design t-shirt online. A number of exciting apps in the App Store can help you accomplish your task. These apps allow you to choose from a variety of colors and in-built designs. If you use your selfie to be imprinted on your t-shirt you can depict yourself or voice out yourself to the world.

Create A Personalized T-shirt For this Christmas Eve

Create A Personalized T-shirt For this Christmas Eve

DYO or Design Your Own T-shirt application helps you create a unique t-shirt design on this Christmas Eve

The eve of Christmas comes every year and brings with it a lot of fun, frolic, and joy. It is a festival of giving and receiving gifts. It is the festival when most of the people go shopping for their clothes. There are times when you go to buy a t-shirt that you can adorn on Christmas Eve. You love a t-shirt yet you find something amiss in it. You may feel the color doesn’t suit your skin complexion or you may feel that the design isn’t good enough. Why compromise and go for buying that ready-made t-shirt? Now, you have a novel solution, an application that lets you design your t-shirt by customizing it.

DYO or Design Your Own T-shirt application helps you create a unique t-shirt design as per your preference. Created by Potenza Global Solutions, it serves as a web application that facilitates self-navigation. It provides you different patterns and fabric colors to choose from. All you need to do is define the specifications for your t-shirt and submit the inquiry form to vendors. You can make your own t-shirt and adorn it on Christmas. You can also design t-shirts for your friends, or near and dear ones. Wouldn’t they be perfect Christmas gifts? Of course, they would be.

Below are some T-shirts for this Christmas customize with the DYO T-shirt Application

Now let’s look more into how you can create a personalized t-shirt for the Christmas occasion using this powerful application

  1. First Step: The first step involves downloading the application from the web store. Once you download this web application, DYO T-shirt, you will be guided by default as the application is very easy to use. 
  2. Second Step: The second step towards creation of a personalized t-shirt is selecting the fabric of the t-shirt. During this stage you can also choose the style. As a Christmas t-shirt, you would love to adorn it with X-mass tree, snowfall, sleigh, or merry making designs.
  3. Third Step: In the third-step you need to choose a color. As the t-shirt is for a festive occasion, you can choose any lively color. You can also choose a light color such as white and fill the t-shirt with lively designs.
  4. Fourth Step: The fourth step involves choosing a logo to be imprinted on your customized t-shirt. This wonderful application allows you to place the logo as per your preference. You can choose the size and position of the logo. At this stage, you can also enter any text to be printed on the t-shirt. Merry Christmas! Or Happy Christmas!, can be the right text for this occasion.
  5. Fifth Step: You can now just preview the t-shirt you just designed in the previous steps. It will give you an idea about the overall look of the shirt.
  6. Sixth Step: This is the most crucial step when you make your own t-shirt design. You need to fill inquiry form and send it to the vendors to get information about its delivery.

All in all, creating a personalized t-shirt this Christmas will surely fill your heart with merry and joy. How wonderful it would be to wear a t-shirt that greets everyone you come across and fills the entire ambiance with happiness! 

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How Screen Printing Is Different From Digital Printing

How Screen Printing Is Different From Digital Printing

Screen and Digital printing both are used for design t-shirt. Moreover each one have their own benefits & drawbacks.

While going for design your own t-shirt, there is always a question arises in your mind that “which process should I go for  customizing my t-shirt, whether go for screen printing or digital printing?”, so to understand that you have come up to the right place.

Screen and Digital printing procedure are equally and frequently used for customizing t-shirts that is for the reason that each one have their own personal strengths. It also depends upon the type of fabrics on which these printing processes will be suitable for.

Screen Printing :

It is one the conventional methods of printing process of design your own t-shirt, which requires stencils of the design through which the ink is coated on the t-shirt, It finally becomes vibrant even with the darker shades of the fabric.

It requires lesser investment of capital and provides standard quality of printing design.

Although It is done manually, but gives a very professional and attractive look of a t-shirt or a hoody or any fabric which lasts for a longer period and would not fade even after a number of washes.

Larger prints are simpler to print through screen printing and It requires less effort as well.

If you involve three to four colors for printing, the Screen printing is best suited process for it. it also get printed on bottles, mugs and jars etc.

Whereas Screen printing process have some drawbacks which are stated below :

  • It is not able to manage bigger orders as the printing is done manually that requires a lot of time.
  • Screen printing is slightly complex in setting up and It also leads to the fat finish of the design on the t-shirt.
  • High resolution pictures do not appear in good condition over the fabrics which does not give a clarity on to it.

Digital printing :

Digital printing is one of the frequently used processes of design your own t-shirt, It is on the whole consists of getting the design downloaded from the source(computer), getting it printed and going for the heat press. It  leads to few easiest steps and your t-shirt is ready to be worn.

It involves numerous colors for printing which can easily be adhered over the t-shirt and It also manages smaller numbers of orders because it handles more complex designs which are to be printed than screen printing process.

Unlike screen printing process it works better on the lighter shades of fabrics.

Whereas digital printing process have some drawbacks which are stated below :

  • The ink involves in digital printing process is costly and also does not print white color which is one of the major drawback of digital printing process.
  • It can’t print on mugs and bottles etc like screen printing  and also takes much time for getting a t-shirt or any fabric printed.
  • Hope you got a clear picture of screen printing process and digital printing process.