The Ecommerce stores are built with one goal, which is to increase the revenue with increased sales.

The sales can be improved with increased traffic volume that varies directly with the store’s visibility on the search engines. It has nothing to do with the platform on the top of which the Ecommerce stores are built.

No matter, the Ecommerce stores are built using Magento, Shoplift, or Big Commerce platforms as all the platforms offer advanced tools and resources that enable full-fledged Ecommerce store development, and making the Ecommerce SEO-friendly is the job of the SEO services.

This is what all of us think, right?

But, the Magento has proved this story wrong by providing the range of extensions that has not limited the platform to the Magento Ecommerce development, while turning the Ecommerce stores into a revenue generating machine with SEO optimization.

Excited to know about the Magento extensions that are ranking the stores at the top position alongside giving them a competitive edge? Take a look at such extensions:

SEO suite enterprises

The extension is designed for the Magento Ecommerce in the market to let them get easily visible to the users with auto-creation, management and optimization of the meta data description, meta titles and meta keywords. Additionally, it converts the entire product URLs and RSS feed URLs into search engine friendly URLs at the flick of the switch.

SEO layered navigation

It helps in the creation of the right navigation structure of the website that perfectly sync with the search engine rules with the creation of short SEO-friendly URL, cross-linking, canonical URL structure and relevant meta information. Most of the Magento development company provide the extension to improve the search engine ranking of the Ecommerce store.

SEO rich snippets

To stand out the competition, snippets are the must which are if SEO rich, then organic search of the Ecommerce get boosted up. The extension enables the Ecommerce store to highlight any site information on the search engines and gain the traction of targeted audience base with easier management of the snippets.

Canonical URLs extension

With improved SERP, automatically the brand awareness gets raised. The extension allows both the setting of custom canonical links of the products at your own and the auto-addition of the rel’ canonical URL to the website pages, which help your users get the relevant result for the search query. Also, it assists the crawlers to rank the pages with high visits on the top.

Advanced Sitemap

During Magento Ecommerce development, most of the merchants prefer to create an XML Sitemap that guides the search engine bots about the website content. But, incorporating the advanced Sitemap extension is an add-on because it automatically creates the dynamic site map of all the website pages wherein the product categories and sub-categories are vividly illustrated. Getting an overview of all the links to the product pages on a single Sitemap enhance the visitor’s experience.


Magento has designed the SEO extensions tailored to the Ecommerce store’s SEO needs that enhance the overall performance of the Ecommerce store from improved traffic to amplified conversion rate to the increased sales. It’s time to extend the website usability and visibility to the larger audience by integrating the Magento extensions.

Making an investment in the implementation of the extension is a good choice that you should make by partnering with the best Magento development company.

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