Nowadays, technology has opened gates for the developers with the increasing development and usage of smartphones. The smartphone users are increasing so rapidly that the developers have a great chance to reach several users with their app provided the app is worth the appeal.

One cannot think of attracting users by making just a simple app but by developing an app which has super quality and is excellent to use. Making such an app is definitely not an easy task and will take a lot of time and effort. So, to make the work a little easier for the developers, here we are with 10 tools which can be used in the mobile app development process so that you can make your app stand out amongst others.

For smartphone users, video and voice calling in the real-time environment has become a necessity and this necessity is being fulfilled by most of the mobile app development companies. These companies launch their apps with voice and video calling feature to attract more of the audience. SO in order to make your app come up to their level, you can use for voice and video call integration. With around 65 data centers around the world this tool not only helps in integration but also checks the network issues being generated and decides how to maintain the call quality.

With its user friendly environment, it is easy to directly integrate calling into your app. In order to maintain high performance, keeps a check on the traffic between the nodes of the network paths and chooses the one which does not disturb the quality of the call.

2.Intel XDK

This tool is a very powerful tool developed by Intel which is normally famous for making hardware items. With the help of Intel XDK a developer can experiment with their code in the browser itself with the help of a simulator integrated in it. This tool is works as an assistant to HTML5 and is used as an extension in Chrome. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of time of the developer by avoiding switching between programs.

3.Sencha Architect

This is one of the easiest to use tools which can be used in HTML5. It comes with features like customizable templates, drag and drop facility, etc which make this tool easy to use for beginners as well as pro developers. One can ensure error free code as it provides the facility of automatic code generation according to the design which the developer makes.


PubNub is one of the most powerful tools used to develop real time apps which can support communication for collaborating businesses worldwide, tracking location, group chats, multi player games, etc. With this tool developers can easily integrate interactivity into your app.


With the help of Appscend you can create apps, the designs of which are focused on templates. It is basically used to develop apps with XML or PHP which are content- based. It also provides the developers with a cloud based CMS. With Appscend developers can easily integrate ads into their apps and upload their apps directly onto the stores.

6.New Relic

It is true that an app will be useful only if it is developed keeping in mind the user’s needs. New Relic is a tool which helps you analyze your software by assessing metrics of various apps and providing information like user clicks, transactions, user experiences, mobile activity, etc. Therefore using this tool in your app can help you provide your user with what he needs.


Parse is a development tool which makes the multiple apps development experience very smooth by allowing the developer to develop and maintain powerful mobile apps. It provides facilities like cloud database and comprehensive analytic data using which you can assess the overall performance of your mobile app.

8.Telerik AppBuilder

Telerik AppBuilder was earlier known as Icenium Mist and it is a very effective tool using which a developer can test his app on any mobile platform. It makes the development process almost automatic by eliminating the need to buy extra hardware, debugging using reusable HTML5 code, deployment and integrated simulation.


Intercom is basically used to improve developer’s communication with the user. It helps in tracking user activity with features like in-app and email messaging. Intercome lets you build a strong and impressive relationship with your user by allowing you to send a welcome message as soon as your user joins your app.


This tool is based on Javascript and provides both, frontend and backend services. You can use it for building any native app by using various widgets provided by the tool. According to the versions, developers can design, test and manipulate their apps easily. The cloud based apps developed in Appcelerator can send emails, check data and also manage social media accounts.

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