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Poly By Google Is The New Drift!

Poly By Google Is The New Drift!

Whenever we have any question we seek the help of Google. Never will it happen that we did not get the answer to our queries. Google has always been improvising its services to serve the customers better.

Many times we also look for images to include in our documents and website.  Lately with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality, many app developers look for 3D images. Imagine a mobile app development company which is developing several 3D games at a time, the developers will require many 3D images. A simple game nowadays consists of beautiful graphics.  If we take an example of a VR with jungle scene, it will require several 3d images of flowers, trees, leaves, animals, sky etc. There are immense numbers of objects that are to be filled to make it look real.

Google has recently introduced a new search engine for finding 3D objects. Its name is ‘Poly’. Now you can simply type the object you want and download it. You simply need to give credit to the user and it’s free to use. It’s unbelievable but true.

Integration of Google’s tilt brush and Block tools in Poly makes the direct upload of OBJ files possible. Users can find a varied range of objects in Poly. Just type the object you wish to find in the search box and poly will prompt you with thousands of images for you to choose. Developers have the flexibility to use it as it is or make the changes they need.

Step by step guide to using Google Poly:-

Step-1) Go to https://poly.google.com 

Step-2) On top you have search options bar, simply put the object you want and it will prompt you with several options

Step-3) On the sidebar, you can also find categorization of architecture, animals, food etc.

Step-4) When you find the object of your choice, click on it and in the bottom left corner you find the option to download.

Step-5) OBJ file will be downloaded

Step-6) Make sure you give credit when you use the object in your game or VR

Step-7) Open the object in your blender and it’s ready to use.

How to edit the object in Poly?

To edit the object of your choice one has to like it and it will allow you to open the object in tilt brush it blocks tools where one can modify as per there requirement.

Is poly platform independent?

Absolutely, it works well on Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit.

Is poly only useful to developers?

We come across many gifs on social media.  Poly can be used to view 3D objects on one’s phone or desktop.

The 3D object can be downloaded as GIF which is nothing but an object that spins. One can also view the object of Poly in VR. You can opt for cardboard or daydream view for the optimum feel of reality.

Is poly an advantage or disadvantage for mobile app development companies?

Well, to give a game a distinctive look, developers need to opt for original images. But in case of a time crunch or when you just need few objects to beautify the game or VR, it can be of immense help.

Poly gives amateur app developers a head start to get their ball rolling. Many app developers face -art or object as their biggest obstacle. They are good developers and the game concept is good, but if the game lacks good graphics it tends to be ignored by the users. Hence Poly can be an amazing resource for such developers. When the developer masters the art well; he can put extra efforts into the looks of it.

Can anyone upload their art in Poly?

Surely poly can be a great platform to showcase your talent in graphic design. One can upload 3D objects on Poly. If they are great enough, many people would use them in their games and give you credit for it. Poly has a license wherein it is mandatory to provide credit to the person who uploaded the art.

Limitations of Google Poly

Although Google Poly will be of immense help in virtual reality, it does have one disadvantage when it comes to augmented reality. It is unable to place an object in it. Perhaps, it is under consideration and users may be able to use it sooner.

Wrapping it up

If you are really hooked on the amazing options of objects offered by poly you can contact app developers or mobile app development companies to inculcate the same in your design.

Overall Poly is an amazing creation of Google. It certainly helps mobile game development company(ies) a huge leverage. Explore it and attain a maximum potential of graphic pleasure in your apps.

Start an App Business in 10 Steps

Start an App Business in 10 Steps

Today, mobile internet is a necessity rather than a luxury for mobile users. Consequently, the mobile app market has grown exponentially in recent years. To gain visibility for your mobile app in the current market is no easy task. So, if you plan to start an app business, make sure you take a systematic and well-planned approach towards the app development and marketing process.

Here are 10 steps that you must take to start an App Business:

  1. Ideation

Like any other business, a successful app rests on the foundation of an idea. Sure, you can say the best ideas don’t work without enough efforts and execution, but the right idea with even an iota of research upfront will only strengthen the potential of your endeavor and save you a lot of pain down the line.

  1. Market Research

Once the idea has materialized, gauge the market and start with a well-planned market research. Perform market analysis to understand the supply/demand situation, potential competitors that might already exist in the market and conduct surveys to understand the current positioning and level of execution required to effectively gain customer base from the current market. Studying the apps online that can potentially be your competition will help you estimate your application cost, target audience, development codes, market research tools, and so much more. You can also analyze the current trends, understand what your target audience wants right now and get it in sync with your app idea.

Here are 5 features that you can analyze when studying your competitors:

  • Design: Design is one of the most critical ingredients for a successful app as it creates an instant impact on the mind of the user before he even uses it. Follow UI guidelines and design keeping user perspective in mind rather than your databases or programming limitations.
  • Scalability: In these constantly changing conditions where new apps and platforms are developed and updated, you must make sure your app is adaptable to these changes. Choose a platform that allows changes and can be modified based on users’ feedback.
  • Marketing: Monitor marketing techniques and channels used online, by your potential competitors. Lots of time and money need to be invested towards advertisement to reach out to the wide array of audience.
  • Unique Value: Understand the value that apps provide when you analyze them. Do they offer something unique or help users deal with daily chores? You can sell your app to the users deftly if it offers a unique value that would make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Partners: Research on technologies your potential competitors may have worked on and get more information on companies they partnered up with to acquire the services of these techs. It is imperative that right partners are chosen to develop an app that is bug-free and highly efficient.
  1. Platform Choice

Based on the latest numbers provided by Gartner, 432 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter of 2016, out of which 352 million ran Android (81.7 percent) and 77 million ran iOS (17.9 percent). It is clear to see that Android and iOS rule the global smartphone market. Android caters to the largest audience and its open source nature facilitates low investment increasing the probability of gaining high ROI. It also helps in easy customization of mobile apps according to your business requirements. iOS is a closed platform with strict guidelines that need to be followed faithfully and offers little room for customization. Apple app store tends to have higher prices, so if it comes to monetization strategy, iOS could be a good choice. Identify which platform is right for your business based on the presence of target audience, customization flexibility, monetization benefits, and choose accordingly.

  1. Development

Once all the research is completed, and platform most suited to your business is selected, development phase begins. You’ll need to assemble a team of developers, coders, designers, copywriters and even photographers.

Most companies gain services of developers through following channels:

  • Offshore Freelancers
  • Permanent Hires
  • Developer Company/ Partner

Hiring freelancers may be more cost-effective; however, their work could possibly take a long time and the lack of coordination could result in an app that is buggy or even worse, unfinished. With permanent hires, you can gain specialists even if they are comparatively costly. They can also provide support once the app is finished – something that you might not get with freelancers. Working with developer companies can be best for your business in the long run as they offer a specialized team and long-time support. Also, your app may require further development, updating and bug-fixing in future, so having them as a partner will definitely help your app as well as your business.

  1. Business Plan

Once the development commences, focus on formulating a business plan with short-term and long-term targets. A business plan can consist of success metrics over the short and long period with milestones, financial plan, SWOT analysis, exit plan, etc. The app business can be really dynamic and employing strategies that fulfill the short-term targets while remaining in sync with the overall long-term business plan will keep your business sustainable to competition and market changes.

  1. Investment

Once a business plan has been formulated, you’ll know how much capital you need to kick start your app in the market. Finding an investment source is never too easy, but you can employ the following ways to raise the funds for your app business:

  • Loans: You can get business loans from banks or other financial institutions if you can convince them with your idea. A proper business plan with market research and revenue projections is necessary in this case.
  • Crowdfunding: Using crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.com or GoFundMe can be an effective way to raise funds at low cost. You can set a goal regarding how much money you want to raise over time and use the help of your friends, families, and strangers to raise funds for your business.
  • Find a partner: Showcase your idea through a prototype or a beta version of your app to attract angel or seed funding.

There are much more ways to raise capital for your business.

  1. Beta Testing and Feedback

Instead of diving straight into the app market, it is highly recommended to create an interactive prototype or a beta version of your app. Get it tested by investors and users to gain their feedback. Beta testing is one of the most important phases of app development cycle. Quality, performance, stability, and ultimately the user experience can be improved by beta testing.

  1. App Monetization

Once you’ve finally developed an awesome mobile app for your business, it’s time to turn it into a profit-generating machine.

Here are few ways you can monetize your app:

  • Advertisement: Gain monetary benefits by utilizing native ads or by allowing brands to displays their advertisements within your app. The ads vary in size, position and even form such as static banner images or videos. When leads are converted through ads or a person/company earns revenue from running a campaign through your app, you earn incentive as an affiliate because of app ownership. You can connect with advertising networks like Google’s AdMob, Unity Ads, and Klip.
  • In-app Purchases: The infamous in-app purchases are still one of the most effective monetization strategies, especially utilized by many (so called) free apps. Many mobile game development companies design game apps that utilize this strategy by offering access to a locked feature in a game by making a small purchase. Apps that keep users glued for hours can effectively use this strategy.
  • Direct Selling: Your app can sell products or services as well, to generate revenue.
  • Pro-version: You can offer your app as two versions: Free Version and Paid Version. Paid version can contain additional features or provide an ad-free access to the users that may not be available in free version.
  1. App Marketing

Once your app is out and running, it’s vital you make sure people know you are in the marketThe competition is harsh and to get ahead of the herd, you must invest wisely into advertising. A large number of audience is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other platforms. Promote your app on these platforms to connect with subscribers and users online. You can also create a website and utilize resources like blogs, reviews, etc.

  1. Improvement

No matter how perfect you believe your app is, but there is always room for improvement. With increasing competition and constantly updated platforms, you must always look to improve user experience, add new features and keep in flow with the changing tech continuously.


So, as you can see, starting and running an app over a long term takes lots of efforts and commitment. If you’re looking to develop an app for your business, consider working with a mobile application development company, equipped with the right tools to deliver exactly what you aim for.

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How To Shield Your Device From Nasty And Malware Infected Apps

How To Shield Your Device From Nasty And Malware Infected Apps

These days, so many activities and works are being done through the mobile phones and laptops because the user installs applications in these gadgets that makes the work easy.

Phone and Laptops are incomplete without these apps, that is why the gadget user always looks for the new apps for installation. But not all apps are safe for the phone’s software and also for the personal safety of the user. Because there are so many apps that are developed which might cause harm to the gadget.

Important things that one should know about faulty and malicious apps

Google Play store is inbuilt in all android phones which provides free apps for the phone. There is no android phone which does not have the app. But recently, Google Play store was under threat because it has been found out that there are some apps which got infected by malicious virus which originated from a Chinese brand. The infected apps are known to be important apps for any Android phone.

The apps that causes malware in the phone,  seems to have a large popularity, but they end up, after one has installed the app. They have infected the whole software of the phone by slowing it down. Such apps first entices the user by showing a great number of downloads and best ratings by the other users in the information manual. It makes the user think, that it will be good for the phone, but slowly these apps start sending a virus or malware into the whole system and causes lagging in the device.

Possible harms that the apps malware can do with the gadget

The following are some of the possible harms that the malware infected apps can do to phone:

  • First, it takes a large hold over the phone and the virus takes all the information available there and sends to some far away servers which are inaccessible to the common users. Not only information about the phone is passed, but also like email-id, saved phone numbers, photos, and memos, etc.  are also passed which can cause a problem to the user through his/her personal information.
  • Secondly, the virus or malware has access to all versions of the android which can corrupt the whole system and also restoring the factory system.
  • Once the malware gets the hold of the entire system, then it will surely affect the functioning of the phone by slowing it down, lagging, problems in operating the phone, etc. sometimes it end ups destroying all the data on the phone and the software itself.
  • The malware also makes the user to download other apps in a hope that it will start working properly.
  • It also effects the functioning of the other apps.

How to avoid such problem of malware in the phone

Once the malware gets the hold of the phone, then it becomes hard to make the phone virus free, but the technology expert gives suggestions regarding these malwares and how to get away from it. The following are some advices that one can use to stay away from the phone virus. The points are as follows:

  • While downloading any app make sure about the information and reliability of the app. Do not rely on the stars and the reviews given by different users because they can be fake, to hype the status of the app.
  • Some app developers are also working on making apps malware free for the safety of the user.
  • One should not save personal information like credit card number, personal photos, important phone numbers, email id and account numbers in any installed app because it encrypts the whole information into some codes and sends it to faraway servers.
  • One should not download such apps that asks for acceptance regarding the accessibility to the personal information on the phone.
  • These were some of the advices that one can follow to save the device from such malwares and viruses because if the malware effected apps gets installed then there is no other way to delete it. So one should be careful while downloading the apps.

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