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3 Most Impactful Online Marketing Trends To Apply And Rule In 2016

3 Most Impactful Online Marketing Trends To Apply And Rule In 2016

In the world of business, the most important thing is to satisfy the ever changing demands of customers while attracting the new customers.

Where companies are always looking to gain new businesses, it is the job of marketers to find the new ways to grow the sales. Marketing heads are always on the verge to look for the next big thing to increase that sales ratio in the graph. The businesses work to feed the growing demands of customers who always look for something unique, to be always ahead of the race.  

In this mad rush, we forget the most crucial thing – to learn from our mistakes and yester years. Evolution is the key for the growth of everything, and with that same applying to the marketing world, let us find out where we are and we will be heading in the coming year.

With 2016 just at our door steps, let’s find out the emerging new online marketing trends to apply on our landing page helping us stay ahead of our pack.  

1.Mobile Optimization

With most of the websites coming on smartphones, it has become crucial to pay attention to mobile optimization. This includes responsive websites and landing pages as well as mobile advertising and mobile-specific content. By 2016, it has been predicted that the smartphone users will surpass 2 billion. And this statistic will be a game changer for marketing trends.


In 2015, most companies have increased their budget to 50% compared to previous year for mobile advertising. By the year end, the sales have been increased up to 49.5% from 2014.


With mobile reaching even the remotest places, location based mobile advertising will catch the fire through wearable technology, augmented reality and the internet of things.

Apply this trend on your Landing Page

Keep in mind your prospective mobile consumers and create a unique mobile landing page.

2.Social Media Diversification

With facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus all engaging people world over, social media has become a powerful tool. Social media, social networks, social engagement, social sites has connected the world making it social and marketing is the one spreading the message. Top market researchers say that the coming year will see budget of $8.3 billion for social media advertising.


Customization is the primary footage of social media trends in 2015. The analytical data along with social media has opened a wider opportunity to create and give what the consumers exactly require. Businesses can easily send     targeted messages on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


To get full attention of your consumers, you need to be there in real time. Live streaming, real time chat and online feeds are all the ways where you can get engage with your customers and instantly share your message.  

Apply this trend to your landing page

Invest on your landing page with engaging videos. Make them personalize and contextual, matching your targeted audience.

3.Content Marketing Always on the Top

Amanda Maksymiw from Content Marketing Institute clearly states – “Traditional advertising shouts at prospect customers whereas content marketing talks with them.” With mobile and social media advertising coming in vogue leaving behind traditional advertising, demand for platform-specific content has dramatically increased and 2016 will see a huge rise in this.


Content is growing tremendously and with Google algorithm making content more powerful, marketers are investing in providing more and more information to their prospective consumers. Most of the businesses and buyers look for the information about the product or company through various contents available on the internet rather than just relying on advertisements. LinkedIn pages, Digest feeds, Pinterest boards are all good sources of content marketing.


Social media will grab the content marketing tool with innovative publishing social platforms like Facebook’s instant article, Twitter’s lighting project and Snapchat’s move to more “story” content as mediums to woo consumers through continuous stream of published content.  

Apply this trend to your landing page

The mortality of content marketing may be little tricky if your business provides a wide range of products or services, as visitors will get lost among the homepage options.

Develop small and attractive lines pertaining to your readers on your landing page. Reading this content, it will be easy for your visitor to land on the page which they might be looking for. Once, they have reached their destination; continue with your marketing strategy by offering free ebooks, free trials and ‘how to do’ videos.

Marketing is all about to learn about consumers wavering demands and mark your presence. Follow the basic rules of marketing to lead your business in the volatile world.

  • Look at past marketing trends to see your footage
  • Churn out the most effective practices from the feeds
  • Make a practice to incorporate result-oriented marketing trends in your business strategy
  • Have an innovative mind always asking – “how can I satisfy and keep my customers happy”

Applying the latest marketing trends to your business and always looking forward for the changing trends, you can have a proven marketing strategy for 2016 making your business shine globally.

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