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How you can make a feature-rich e-commerce android app with CiyaShop studio

How you can make a feature-rich e-commerce android app with CiyaShop studio

People’s shopping habits have changed significantly as a result of e-commerce. E-commerce has grown immensely in several consumer categories over the past few years. From accessories and clothing to gadgets and automobiles, everything is available for shopping on the internet. 

Many young enterprises are exploring various ways for e-commerce success. Building a mobile e-commerce application is one such example. It is now easier than ever to develop an e-commerce app. You can now make an e-commerce android app in no time, thanks to native mobile app builders like CiyaShop. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the must-have e-commerce android app features and functionalities for communicating with your customers.

Essential features to build an e-commerce android app

The first thing to think about is the app’s essential functions that users will need to accomplish their goals. You can help your e-commerce business get off to a good start by integrating the following functionalities: 

1. Onboarding of new users

This will be the most important step in the setup process. Thus make sure this one is present and functional. Make it simple and clear so that the user does not get stuck or confused. When you show the user how simple it is to sign up and perform certain tasks, they are going to love it. These guidelines should assist them in learning and understanding the app’s major functions. Make the onboarding experience enjoyable and interactive.

2. Registration

This is a crucial component of an e-commerce app. To gain access to your application and begin making purchases, users will first have to register. All users will have to create an account in order to use the other functionalities of the application. Once logged in, they will have the freedom to customize their account, go through products, complete shopping or use the payment-checkout function. It is suggested to make the registration process simple to complete it as quickly as possible.

3. A simple checkout process

Making a mobile e-commerce app can be a complex and challenging job. Any e-commerce business should be able to not only promote its products but also make shopping simple and easy. When consumers visit your e-commerce app, the most typical sort of interaction will most likely be navigating through the checkout. A well-structured checkout process will guarantee that the consumer spends as little time as possible checking out. This way, they are going to return to your app with a great impression. Thus make sure you integrate basic navigation steps to make the checkout experience much more effortless. 

4. Sharing on social media

Add a social sharing option to your products because it is usually one of the most engaging components of an e-commerce app. As a result of this, your customers will be able to spread the word about your products. Additionally, this will assist new users in making their way to your app. 

5. Targeted push notifications

Your customers will receive product and promotion updates in a more timely fashion if you add the push notification feature. Furthermore, users will no longer be required to check in with their email accounts each time they want to check for an offer.

6. Reviews and ratings

Allow your consumers to give genuine reviews on the products and services they received through your e-commerce application. You will reap significant rewards in the form of increased trust and product sales by encouraging customers to post reviews and ratings for your app. 

7. Make a wish list

A wishlist is a collection of things that buyers wish to order. By creating and managing wishlists, you will give your customers a fast and simple way to save the goods they want. Furthermore, by integrating wishlists in their e-commerce android applications, owners can better understand their customers’ demands. This will help them in Remarketing goods to the prospective buyers.

8. Synchronization

If you have a mobile e-commerce app and a website, make sure the user can easily move in between the two to finish their transaction. Synchronization ensures that regardless of whether a user is on a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet, they will receive the same product and experience. 

Always keep this in mind, as the e-commerce market becomes more competitive, creating unique personalized user experiences and making online buying as smooth as possible is a must. People are more willing to make purchases through e-commerce android applications if it has all the features that make shopping convenient. If you want to build an e-commerce app that can make shoppers’ lives easier, you should definitely choose Ciyashop

Poly By Google Is The New Drift!

Poly By Google Is The New Drift!

Whenever we have any question we seek the help of Google. Never will it happen that we did not get the answer to our queries. Google has always been improvising its services to serve the customers better.

Many times we also look for images to include in our documents and website.  Lately with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality, many app developers look for 3D images. Imagine a mobile app development company which is developing several 3D games at a time, the developers will require many 3D images. A simple game nowadays consists of beautiful graphics.  If we take an example of a VR with jungle scene, it will require several 3d images of flowers, trees, leaves, animals, sky etc. There are immense numbers of objects that are to be filled to make it look real.

Google has recently introduced a new search engine for finding 3D objects. Its name is ‘Poly’. Now you can simply type the object you want and download it. You simply need to give credit to the user and it’s free to use. It’s unbelievable but true.

Integration of Google’s tilt brush and Block tools in Poly makes the direct upload of OBJ files possible. Users can find a varied range of objects in Poly. Just type the object you wish to find in the search box and poly will prompt you with thousands of images for you to choose. Developers have the flexibility to use it as it is or make the changes they need.

Step by step guide to using Google Poly:-

Step-1) Go to https://poly.google.com 

Step-2) On top you have search options bar, simply put the object you want and it will prompt you with several options

Step-3) On the sidebar, you can also find categorization of architecture, animals, food etc.

Step-4) When you find the object of your choice, click on it and in the bottom left corner you find the option to download.

Step-5) OBJ file will be downloaded

Step-6) Make sure you give credit when you use the object in your game or VR

Step-7) Open the object in your blender and it’s ready to use.

How to edit the object in Poly?

To edit the object of your choice one has to like it and it will allow you to open the object in tilt brush it blocks tools where one can modify as per there requirement.

Is poly platform independent?

Absolutely, it works well on Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit.

Is poly only useful to developers?

We come across many gifs on social media.  Poly can be used to view 3D objects on one’s phone or desktop.

The 3D object can be downloaded as GIF which is nothing but an object that spins. One can also view the object of Poly in VR. You can opt for cardboard or daydream view for the optimum feel of reality.

Is poly an advantage or disadvantage for mobile app development companies?

Well, to give a game a distinctive look, developers need to opt for original images. But in case of a time crunch or when you just need few objects to beautify the game or VR, it can be of immense help.

Poly gives amateur app developers a head start to get their ball rolling. Many app developers face -art or object as their biggest obstacle. They are good developers and the game concept is good, but if the game lacks good graphics it tends to be ignored by the users. Hence Poly can be an amazing resource for such developers. When the developer masters the art well; he can put extra efforts into the looks of it.

Can anyone upload their art in Poly?

Surely poly can be a great platform to showcase your talent in graphic design. One can upload 3D objects on Poly. If they are great enough, many people would use them in their games and give you credit for it. Poly has a license wherein it is mandatory to provide credit to the person who uploaded the art.

Limitations of Google Poly

Although Google Poly will be of immense help in virtual reality, it does have one disadvantage when it comes to augmented reality. It is unable to place an object in it. Perhaps, it is under consideration and users may be able to use it sooner.

Wrapping it up

If you are really hooked on the amazing options of objects offered by poly you can contact app developers or mobile app development companies to inculcate the same in your design.

Overall Poly is an amazing creation of Google. It certainly helps mobile game development company(ies) a huge leverage. Explore it and attain a maximum potential of graphic pleasure in your apps.

Why is custom android app development a boon for your business?

Why is custom android app development a boon for your business?

Android app development has gradually become the big cheese in today’s tech-savvy era, and there is no denying the fact that android application development has turned into an integral part of the technological world and is the backbone of every business.

With the hike in the demand of customized Android applications for individual business and organizations, it is also essential to not just follow the trend blindly. Before deciding to create a customized app for your business, you must know what the rage is all about and how beneficial can a customized Android app actually be for your business. And when you are well versed about the relevance and importance of an android app for your business, you can certainly go ahead with your design and development requirements for a completely personalized app

Here we share with you a few advantages of customized Android app for your business.

1) Hiking efficiency- as we are talking about customized android apps, the application will be developed as per your requirements and functionalities in mind. Once you are done with an effective application development, the app is sure to function as expected and cater to all the needs of the client. A customized app is tailor-made to fit into your working pattern and generate optimal results. Thus, the improved efficiency.

2) Improved scalability- ordinary applications are programmed to respond to a limited number of inputs. Whereas, when you get your personalized android application made, it is made to deal with the load. And thus, thus custom-made apps are crafted keeping in mind the parameters needed and can be easily scaled up if need be.

3) Data security- regular Android applications may or may not have security features to safeguard user data and ensure that there won’t be any threat to their business data privacy. When you have a custom made android app for your business, it is also security specific and safeguarding your business data holds utmost importance.

4) Software integration- an ideal android app should be compatible with software of all sorts and function efficiently when collaborated with any of them. However, these features are promised in case of a general application. They are developed keeping just one software or two in mind. That might make you app software specific. This will turn down your business’ appeal in the market. Customized android app development can be helpful in providing you an app that is compatible and can function on all kinds of software.

5) Easy maintenance- using a regular Android app might make you risk your business into the clasps of unknown mobile app development And if at all, the developer ends up quitting, you might jeopardize your data and business reputation in the market as you will have to switch to a new business app. Customized Android app saves you all these efforts and offers ease at maintaining consistent operations.

6) Better relationships with the customer- this is a two-way If you consult an android app development company, you are their customer. While the individuals interested in your products or services are your customer. And having a customized app strengthens reliability and loyalty among the client and the service provider.

7) Real-time project access- custom-made Android app development gives you opportunities to work and experience a real-time project and learn the titbits of customized android app development.

8) Project management made easy- with customized Android app development, you can keep a check on your project’s progress and deadlines with great ease. Thus project management gets easier and hassle-free.

9) Better accountability- you can maintain an account for your customers’ ideas, data, feedback’s and much more, store them in a secure location and access them as required. Thus, accountability gets better with the custom-made android

So now, when you know the importance and efficiency of a customized Android app or a customized android app development company, it’s high time you get a personalized app for your business if you do not have one yet. Having a personalized android app for your business is quite essential and is much needed in this digitized era.

Is Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers A Boon Or Bane? Know Here…

Is Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers A Boon Or Bane

As mobile app development is becoming a trend among the businesses, increasingly the entrepreneurs are looking for the best mobile application development company.

A few countries tend to outsource the project because of the lack of talent, expertise, time, and experience, and due to the desire to find cheap resources.

But, the experience of outsourcing the projects to mobile app developers abroad is different. Some entrepreneurs admire the offshore mobile application development while other entrepreneurs’ feathers get ruffle up because of the poor experience.

It signifies one cannot say straight that procuring mobile app developers from other countries is worth rewarding or a waste of efforts, time and money investment. Outsourcing has its own pros and cons.

Consider these points to decide should you outsource the app development or not:

1) Dissimilar Time zone 

It’s possible that businesses are outsourcing the project to the mobile application development company that may have different time zone. Here, the communication is the biggest problem where either business will not remain updated about the project status or one out of the two has to wake up in the early morning or late night for the discussion. 

The fix to the problem is hiring the mobile app developers whose time zone nearly matches with the entrepreneur’s time zone. Also, some of the companies hire the project manager from the countries whose time zone match with the businesses. 

2) Language constraint

Language is the main source of communication and to keep the both parties sync, it’s all imperative. If the language difference exists, it becomes arduous to make developers understand the requirement and know how they have applied the things in reality. 

In the beginning, it’s essential to identify whether the complete team has required language qualifications or not, otherwise, the outsourcing plan would backfire you. 

3) Cultural difference

Although the app development is completely a professional thing, but the mobile app idea that’s targeting the audience of a particular nation require the sense of a local being to better shape the mobile app into the reality that’s welcomed by the users of that region. That’s where hiring the mobile app developers from the company that resides in the same nation is good to go.

On the other hand, if the app is to build for the global audience, then teaming up with the app development company of other nation will not be a risk. 

4) Development costs

Pricing models have become the major reason to outsource the project to the nations where the resources are available at low rates. It’s good to consider the companies that are agreeing to develop your app at low cost, but make sure whether they have optimum skills and experience in the type of the app development you want. 

On more thing, the additional taxes should not be overlooked as some nations charge quite high and it may prove to be expensive to hire offshore developers. Check everything before you zero in the choice to any.

5) Quality control

Every company claim to have the experience of developing the great apps and they showcase the same over portfolio section. But, assessing the type of work they have done like- code quality seems implausible. 

Instead, the company should hire a local consultant who will evaluate the back end of the projects and take the technical interview of the development team, which ease the analyzing whether they will be a good fit or not.

What suits you the best?

Finally, you have the advantages and the downsides of outsourcing overseas in front of you. Weigh up both the aspects catering your needs and the services you will get. It’s your decision, whether you like to place the bet over outsourcing the app development abroad or not. Just ensure the company’s geographic region won’t impact the quality and the result you will get at the end. 

Effective Use Of Polymer Toolbox For Building Mobile Applications

Effective Use Of Polymer Toolbox For Building Mobile Applications

Trust Google to come up with tools to simplify and improve the conditions for web designers. And this is what exactly is being done through their Polymer App Toolbox.

This Toolbox emphasizes the Progressive Web Apps Mantra of Google and is used for building native like mobile Web Apps with Google’s Polymer library.

What actually is a native mobile web app?

A native web app is the app which has been built specifically for the mobile and its user interface. These apps are developed using the specific OS as the guide and thus are mature and follow user experience guidelines. These apps perform better on the OS they are built for and all the apps that are native to a system feel connected. Thus, with Polymer App Toolbox, Google has set out to provide web developers a chance to create apps that are native-like in approach and can be built easily and with less hassle. Native user interface helps the users to learn the working of the app easily and get used to the interface quickly. These apps are easier to locate and have access to device hardware and the software alike. The example of native apps are the simple clock apps, the reminders etc that one is able to set on their mobile phones.

What is the Polymer App Toolbox and what all does it consist of?

As Google has quoted, this Polymer App toolbox provides the developers with a set of loosely coupled components and tools to build a Progressive Web App using all the modern platforms available. Basically, it is a toolbox that has set of components and tools based on web platforms that are primitive but it can be used to produce cutting edge and progressive web apps, as remarked Taylor Savage, Google product manager for Polymer Toolbox.

Polymer Toolbox has included components for layout, routing, localization, and storage along with the command lie-in tool which is used to tie in everything altogether. Polymer also comes with a library to leverage Web Components, a standardized platform which is used for extending HTML and other componentizing apps.

What is the inspiration for coming up with Polymer?

Mobile apps have come a long way since their launching and this has what prompted Google to come up with a web based platform for development of mobile apps. Web platform has generally not been great for delivering immersive experiences as the lowest level of visual primitive that was available to a web developer is HTML tag, according to Taylor Savage. HTML has not since evolved much but the users and their expectations have gone through the roof.

JavaScript on the other hand has gotten more powerful with the times and it has been used as an escape hatch to create app-like experiences on the mobile web.  Meta-platforms, runtimes, frameworks and tool chains have been built around JavaScript, which worked for the desktop applications but the changes in the mobile web has led the strategy of over-reliance on JavaScript obsolete.

So, now Google has come up with Polymer Toolbox which makes it easier for the web app developers to use what is already available in the browser to build their desired apps that have native like experience. They have provided building tools and libraries to leverage the new powerful features to build lower-overhead, higher quality applications through the web interface, explains Taylor Savage.

Google is also offering guidance on introduction to the Polymer App, getting to know it through experts, and learning the installation of the Polymer CLI, initializing project templates and serving projects.

Top 5 Points For Effective Mobile Advertising For Successful Business

Top 5 Points For Effective Mobile Advertising For Successful Business

With the end of 2015, the time has come to look back up on the trends that worked on mobile app development and mobile advertising this year and also what are the strategies to look forward to in 2016. The top 5 tips to be followed are:

1.The User is Above all:

Mobile users want to be in control of what, when and how they are browsing and mobile app development is done keeping that factor in mind. Same should be done for mobile ads as well. Mobile ads should be opt-ins, so that the user has the control whether he wants to engage and listen to the brand’s message. There should be a visible and easily accessible close button on the ad and the ads should be designed so that they disappear while scrolling and reappear only when idle.

2.Be Mobile Friendly:

Mobile app development is different from PCs and tablets. Likewise mobile ads should also be mobile friendly. They should be formatted in the way that they look good on smaller mobile screens, with the help of ad formats like IAB Rising Star adhesion unit. Adhesion units are meant for mobile screens since they cover only about 10% of the screen and are anchored at the bottom in landscape or portrait format.

3.The Right Audience Matters:

Targeting the right audience is as important as good mobile app developments. Strong results don’t add up to much if the target audience is not right. To get the best result in terms of demographics better research work is important, the best advertising solution providers have strong and robust behavioral data that can be targeted on all platforms, be it a mobile phone or a PC Desktop.  Lookalike models can also be built to target scalable audience segments which are most likely to respond to the message circulated by a brand and respond towards it favorably.

4.Keep the audiences hooked:

Once the ad that has been circulated is successful in attracting the targeted audience with the help of mobile app development of mobile-first ads, you want to keep them engaged and spending as much time as possible with the brand’s message. The best way to keep the users engaged is by the use of videos, interactive activities like photo galleries with multiple photos, maps with directions to the nearest stores, feature demonstrations of the products, and product showcases lead to deep involvement of the user with the brand.

5.Get the appropriate measures:

The success of the advertisement should be measured but not in measures that are useless and show the results that are not important and irrelevant to the campaign. One needs to know the results that show positive impact of the ad campaign. One example that can be used here is of count of number of clicks on the ad, since clicks can be accidental and don’t give the exact number of conversions, they are useless. Other parameters that can be used are interaction rate, time spent and engagement rate.

Increase your business growth and profit both by making your site mobile friendly. Contact Us to hire mobile advertising services for your business.