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What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

You might have come across two of the most used words, “Digital Marketing” and “Online Marketing”, in the emerging marketing world. 

Well, these two terms are often used interchangeably; however, they are slightly different. We will tell you how!

Understanding the difference between these terms will help you in choosing an effective marketing strategy for your business. 

Keep on reading this post to learn the difference between digital marketing and online marketing and some of its types.

Definitions: Digital marketing and Online marketing

Let us first understand what each of these terms means: 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes marketing strategies that use digital channels for advertising your products and services. It is a broad term and uses various digital mediums, from TV and electronic billboards to social media applications. This means digital marketing can be done both online as well as offline, provided that it is over a social platform.

What is Online Marketing?

On the other hand, Online marketing, which is known as internet marketing, is a subset of digital marketing that includes marketing strategies to promote your business online. Thus online marketing is performed over the internet and requires online channels and platforms to generate leads.  In simple terms, online marketing will require a live internet connection and an active audience to connect with.

What are the different types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is delivered through digital offline channels such as 

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Digital Billboards
  • SMS

And it also includes online strategies like

What are the different types of Online Marketing?

Online Marketing, also a subset of Digital marketing, involves promoting your business with the help of strategies including but not limited to:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing

Does the difference between the two matter?

Yes, of course, it does! 

When you learn the difference between digital marketing and online marketing, you get a clear picture of what strategies might work for your business and what kind of campaigns will generate more leads.

Let’s say, for example, you own a local grocery store that’s looking for some marketing strategies. Choosing digital marketing would be more beneficial to you than just internet marketing. An excellent digital marketing company will make use of offline yet digital mediums such as SMS and Electronic billboards to encourage people to visit your store.

Whereas, if you own an e-commerce business, internet marketing will work wonders for you. You will get good traffic from online marketing strategies like search engine optimization and Social media advertising.

Wrapping it up

The most effective marketing strategies are those that fuse both. A good marketing strategy is one that effectively helps to create awareness, reach a broad audience, and generate more leads for your business. 

It doesn’t matter what approach you choose; what’s important to understand is that it is not a one-time job. Marketing requires constant efforts and monitoring to get the best results over time.

There are many marketing tools out there that will assist you in preparing an effective marketing plan for your business. But if you need help on this, reach out to a professional digital marketing company, and they will do it best for you.

A Simple Guide To Harness The Social Power To Improve Brand’s content

A Simple Guide To Harness The Social Power To Improve Brand’s content

Gone are the days when social media have been just a medium for people to connect, share and communicate. In the last few decades, businesses have also started using the social platforms to connect with customers by listening to their interactions.

Earlier, the Social Media Marketingwas just a matter of novelty for the brands, but with passing time, the scenario has changed. The social channels become the source of digital signals informing the brands about customers. It has helped the brands to deliver the personalized content that engages and emotionally connect the customers.

Consequently,  the ROI and customer loyalty get turned up. But, listening to the data is not all-imperative. Social data- the valuable asset must be understood and leveraged efficiently, otherwise sending the right content to the right customer at the right time become implausible.

It signals social data must be used intelligently in content marketing strategies to get brand’s content off the ground in strengthening the customer relationship. That’s great!

Take a look at how content marketing can be made more powerful through actionable social insights:

  • Keep a pulse on social trends

In the social world, identifying towards what the customers are showing more inclination and interested in, aids the brands in generating right content which resonates with the trends and customers.

Participating in the conversation by posting personalized content offers the golden opportunity to the brands in gaining customer insights, which in turn enable the brands to engage and win more customers. Don’t miss it!

  • Comprehend the social insights

The personalized content can only be created when social data is understood accurately. The brands can go Geo-specific wherein the content targeting different locations and catering customer’s needs can be developed that brings rewarding results.

The right understanding of the social insights helps the brands in creating and delivering the content that appeals to the customers. Placing a bet on the Digital Marketing efforts won’t prove to be expensive. Must give a try!

  • Create the content based on the social results

After singling out the social trends and listening to the customer interactions on social channels, it’s good to develop the content that answers the customer’s questions and concerns, which aids the brands in garnering the positive attention of the customers.

For instance, in 2016 Miss Universe Contest, when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner’s name on the Twitter, the Burger King quickly tweeted- “At BK, everyone gets to keep their crown,” which has brought a good amount of response to the Burger King.

  • Discover brand advocates to share user-generated content

The new customers more often review and trust the user-generated content, so the brands must incorporate the genuine customer experience on social media.

The user-generated content becomes available through social interactions with brand advocates who always speak good words about the brand. Sharing the valuable content enhance the user engagement.

Besides, it’s the best platform to address the customer’s pain points, which hints the new customers that brand offers great customer service.

  • Finally, incorporate the social data

The insights inform the brands about the channels that are engaging the audience most and what type of content aids in increasing the social outreach, which must be implemented in the brand marketing.

But, the use of social insights should not be limited to social media marketing only. Instead, it must be leveraged to design the whole content marketing strategy and launching marketing campaigns for improved customer experience. Integrate the social data in marketing to drive more conversions and engage customers at various touch points.


Certainly, social insights help the brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. But, the content that’s encapsulated in the message must be precise and holds relevance to engineer amazing experiences. It’s all possible when social insights are leveraged efficiently to develop the right content.

If you want your brand to excel with the right content marketing plan that’s created using social power, then you can follow the aforementioned steps and DIY or get partnered with professional SMO Services and enjoy the noteworthy results.

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn and Implement From Pokemon Go

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn And Implement From Pokemon Go

We are all being witnesses to the digital phenomena that Pokemon Go is and is becoming by the day. Just after its much awaited launch by Niantic, it was downloaded a record number of times and increased the market value of Nintendo to a whopping 9 Billion Dollars.

So, this proves there is something to be learnt from the digital marketing strategy of the team of Pokemon Go. The game is simple and that is what makes it extremely catchy. The player just has to take their phones, turn on the GPS and find the various Pokemons hidden in different areas of their towns and locality. Here are listed below six things that Pokemon Go teaches us to enhance the marketing strategy:

Timing is the Key: As can be noticed, Pokemon Go was launched during the summer break, a time when its target audience, the young adults have a lot of free time on their hands. This ensured that the game made substantial impact on its targeted audience. So, this proves that not only unique and creative idea is important for a digital marketer, the timing and proper strategy,along with the demographics play a big part as well.

It’s all about the place: This strategy is similar to the ones we use while playing Pokemon Go. When we need a Pokemon, we go out and catch it, we go to places where there is high density of Pokemons, we don’t usually limit ourselves to any one stop, do we? So is the case with digital marketing, Analytics should be made use of aptly to find the best demographics and to create perfect ads and strategies based on the location.

Being Flexible: Pokemon Go teaches the lesson of flexibility to the digital marketing experts. As in the game, when the going gets tough, the player has to look for other options, methods and strategies to catch the Pokemons, they have to go to other stops, collect more pokeballs, find more routes, etc. In other words, they analyze the situation and then act accordingly to advance in their levels. Same goes for digital marketing, one needs to analyze the key factors that affect the traffic on the said website and make changes accordingly.

Save the site from Team Rockets: As Team Rocket is out there in the Pokemon Universe trying to kidnap all the pokemons, there are bad guys in this real universe who are ready to track down the information of the users of the e-commerce websites. Though Pokemon Go still has issues related to security, the digital marketing strategy should involve programmers who will take care of the security of the website from hackers and phishers, and the users using it.

Virtual World meets Real World: Just olike Pokemon Go has made it possible to combine the Virtual world with the real world, Digital marketers should make use of the virtual world that is the social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to promote their websites and e-commerce platforms through word of mouth. People who have experienced the website can review it and spread the word.

Everything is fun with friends: As Pokemon Go is all the more fun when played with friends, like Ash has Brock and Misty, every website needs a host of people looking after it which includes the programmer, digital marketing expert, content developer and designer. Website should be well made, safe, secure and should run smoothly without bugs.

Pokemon Go has certainly changed the game with its arrival, hopefully it will work on all its issues and be a lesson to all those interested and attentive.

Top 9 SEO Surefire Success Tools For Online Businesses

Top 9 SEO Surefire Success Tools For Online Businesses

It is a given that SEO is a pivot for improving your site visibility and reach. However, it is not a cake walk to get to the top of a search results page. It takes a lot of effort, expertise and strategy for it to yield results.

There are umpteen number of tools that actually give you a giant leap towards your SEO results. It is indeed recommended that a few tools are in place from the beginning to build a solid foundation. So, have a checklist and bucket your priorities.

Here is a list of nine important SEO tools we think will help:

1.Authority Spy:

This tool basically helps you with filtering the top influencers in a specific domain and a given niche. It performs a lookup and collates data from all the top online resources to give you the best results. It cuts the slack for you in manually skimming social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. Influencer marketing is catching up great speed according to the latest research and AuthoritySpy helps you extensively.


BuzzStream delivers high quality service and one of the best there is for link building. Most of them miss the point that link building needs to be an inane part of a marketing strategy. The goal is to achieve targets without making your links look like spam. Its outreach is effective, efficient and gives you the bandwidth for working on link building rather than monitoring or working on spreadsheets.

3.Help a Reporter Out (HARO):

Not many know this tool since it’s not stereotypical, but if optimised well this an SEO gold mine. All you need to do is sign up with your company or personal profile, and that will get you three mails per day. If you come across something that is in your domain, you get to contact the journalist as a source for a potential story. Once your story is accepted, your profile can be published in the article or linked to it for wider reach and it’s absolutely free.


This tool propels your site to the top of the search page by notifying you when you gain or lose a link. We know by now the importance of link building. It also alerts you when your competitors get new links so that you could probably try incorporating that as well.

5.Muck Rack:

There is a gray area about back-linking, and not many know that not all backlinks are created equally. Creating backlinks with good quality is tricky to achieve and the reason Muck Rack is rated best in doing this job. It will help you in getting links from some of the top websites like Forbers, NY Times etc in a given domain and build a rapport with journalists by connecting directly.


Give this tool a try and it will let you tell them what exactly you are chasing and help achieve desired results like your competitor blogs. The search will come up with a data dump in a spreadsheet for you to work and decide how to take it further. It will help you discover hundreds of back linking partners and thus a great tool.


This is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference to your SEO ranking. Features like Site Explorer that will let you explore your own site or a competitor’s site by back linking to the profile. The position tracker that enables you to track your SEO rankings on desktop and mobile devices as well and thereby play with keywords.

8.All in One SEO Pack:

WordPress is by far the most friendly CMS that is available in the market. It just needs to have the right plugins. It is daunting to manually understand what you need in order to achieve better SEO results. This is where you need a tool that can help you with everything you need for the page optimization.

9.Raven Tools: 

This is practically all you need in place to succeed with your marketing plan. It is a package with numerous tools that improve your website overall. The suite includes tools like SEO Auditor, Marketing Reports, Keyword Rankings and numerous others that boost your site ranking. You just need to know how to sort out this data and everything else is taken care of.

If you are looking for the best and affordable SEO services for your website then click here and get the best solution for your online business.

Four Marketing Survey Mistakes Researchers Make And How To Avoid Them

4 Marketing Survey Mistakes Researchers Make And How To Avoid Them

The final output that any marketing campaign strives to achieve is to ensure they are reaching their target group. It is not as simple it sounds to arrive at an answer. There are a few key indicators if followed will propel you towards an effective marketing strategy.

Data collection can give you the required momentum in taking your design process to the next level. A few important pointers could be new product development, mark analysis on the existing products, price point, customer needs and expectations, etc.

So market surveys are your go to tools. An important factor that yields good results for your survey is by choosing the right medium. It is supposed to be cost-effective, reach a wider audience and have a faster response leaving you with a large sample size. This is why mobile campaigning and surveys are catching up.

Mobile: The next big thing in Market Research

Market Research teams and companies by now need to understand that the conventional marketing tools and methods are almost obsolete. Customers are no longer comfortable with answering doors and sharing feedback or their needs one-on-one. They do not even respond to a robot marketing call anymore.

Digitalization has taken over and so did mobile surveys. They are anonymous, effortless for the customer to respond, faster and less time consuming. However, it is vital to understand the target group and design the survey around it.

Below are top four errors market researchers make while publishing the survey:

1) Mode of conducting the survey: This is a major hiccup a lot of companies face, not being able to differentiate between the sources with their age group. Make that your basis for understanding what works best for each of them, like social media, in-mail, e-mail, phone calls or mobile marketing. Each one comes with their own positives and negatives, weighs them carefully and chose what works for you.

2) Prioritizing Traditional Marketing Tools:  Market Research agencies by now need to get the hang of the results mobile marketing can reap. The average number of times people check their mobile phones is increasing exponentially, it is a cult. Marketers need to bank on this to their advantage.

3) Timing and placement of the survey: People use their mobile phones for everything possible. They switch between applications, but looking into the mobile screens is a constant. So marketers need to use this gap efficiently and place the survey where it fits best. This is an easy slip for a lot of them.

4) Complicated Questionnaires: This a thumb rule for any survey, people do not have the attention span or the patience to go through anything that is complicated or complex. Stick to short, concise and crisp questions. Use close-ended questions as much as possible. They have so much to do on their phones; anything that slightly takes longer will have them exit the survey unfinished. The number of questions also needs to be in control, take three short surveys instead of one that is lengthy, because the efforts are going to be in vain anyway.

These can be avoided just by effectively investing a little more time and money in designing the survey. The primary data, thus collected by, be much creamier and useful to understand the pulse of the customers and develop new or improve the existing products.

Let your focal point around every question be who, why, what and how! Contact Us to know more about the right marketing strategy and clear goals for your business.

3 Most Impactful Online Marketing Trends To Apply And Rule In 2016

3 Most Impactful Online Marketing Trends To Apply And Rule In 2016

In the world of business, the most important thing is to satisfy the ever changing demands of customers while attracting the new customers.

Where companies are always looking to gain new businesses, it is the job of marketers to find the new ways to grow the sales. Marketing heads are always on the verge to look for the next big thing to increase that sales ratio in the graph. The businesses work to feed the growing demands of customers who always look for something unique, to be always ahead of the race.  

In this mad rush, we forget the most crucial thing – to learn from our mistakes and yester years. Evolution is the key for the growth of everything, and with that same applying to the marketing world, let us find out where we are and we will be heading in the coming year.

With 2016 just at our door steps, let’s find out the emerging new online marketing trends to apply on our landing page helping us stay ahead of our pack.  

1.Mobile Optimization

With most of the websites coming on smartphones, it has become crucial to pay attention to mobile optimization. This includes responsive websites and landing pages as well as mobile advertising and mobile-specific content. By 2016, it has been predicted that the smartphone users will surpass 2 billion. And this statistic will be a game changer for marketing trends.


In 2015, most companies have increased their budget to 50% compared to previous year for mobile advertising. By the year end, the sales have been increased up to 49.5% from 2014.


With mobile reaching even the remotest places, location based mobile advertising will catch the fire through wearable technology, augmented reality and the internet of things.

Apply this trend on your Landing Page

Keep in mind your prospective mobile consumers and create a unique mobile landing page.

2.Social Media Diversification

With facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus all engaging people world over, social media has become a powerful tool. Social media, social networks, social engagement, social sites has connected the world making it social and marketing is the one spreading the message. Top market researchers say that the coming year will see budget of $8.3 billion for social media advertising.


Customization is the primary footage of social media trends in 2015. The analytical data along with social media has opened a wider opportunity to create and give what the consumers exactly require. Businesses can easily send     targeted messages on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


To get full attention of your consumers, you need to be there in real time. Live streaming, real time chat and online feeds are all the ways where you can get engage with your customers and instantly share your message.  

Apply this trend to your landing page

Invest on your landing page with engaging videos. Make them personalize and contextual, matching your targeted audience.

3.Content Marketing Always on the Top

Amanda Maksymiw from Content Marketing Institute clearly states – “Traditional advertising shouts at prospect customers whereas content marketing talks with them.” With mobile and social media advertising coming in vogue leaving behind traditional advertising, demand for platform-specific content has dramatically increased and 2016 will see a huge rise in this.


Content is growing tremendously and with Google algorithm making content more powerful, marketers are investing in providing more and more information to their prospective consumers. Most of the businesses and buyers look for the information about the product or company through various contents available on the internet rather than just relying on advertisements. LinkedIn pages, Digest feeds, Pinterest boards are all good sources of content marketing.


Social media will grab the content marketing tool with innovative publishing social platforms like Facebook’s instant article, Twitter’s lighting project and Snapchat’s move to more “story” content as mediums to woo consumers through continuous stream of published content.  

Apply this trend to your landing page

The mortality of content marketing may be little tricky if your business provides a wide range of products or services, as visitors will get lost among the homepage options.

Develop small and attractive lines pertaining to your readers on your landing page. Reading this content, it will be easy for your visitor to land on the page which they might be looking for. Once, they have reached their destination; continue with your marketing strategy by offering free ebooks, free trials and ‘how to do’ videos.

Marketing is all about to learn about consumers wavering demands and mark your presence. Follow the basic rules of marketing to lead your business in the volatile world.

  • Look at past marketing trends to see your footage
  • Churn out the most effective practices from the feeds
  • Make a practice to incorporate result-oriented marketing trends in your business strategy
  • Have an innovative mind always asking – “how can I satisfy and keep my customers happy”

Applying the latest marketing trends to your business and always looking forward for the changing trends, you can have a proven marketing strategy for 2016 making your business shine globally.

Contact us if you want to get affordable online marketing services for your business. You will get guaranteed services from here.