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Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In Half An Hour

Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In Half An Hour

Digital Marketing is one of the most upcoming businesses that is very lucrative yet highly demanding. Marketers are facing a lot of challenges as this business needs a detailed analysis of the data on a daily basis. And with such a busy life it is very hard to keep pace with everything simultaneously.

Well, this can be sorted out if your efforts are put in the right direction and things that actually affect the overall business are focused on efficiently without wasting much of your valuable time. There are certain tasks that marketers can perform in a week to revamp and hone their marketing skills and get the best marketing returns from their little efforts.

 Landing Page Tests

Landing Page is a determining step for lead generation. How appealing the offer is, decides the conversion rate. A marketer can spend hours on making a landing page but if it is not enticing enough to the visitors, they may not end up becoming the leads.

Dedicating half an hour every week for this important activity can prove beneficial in turning your efforts into profits. Many landing page testing tools like PPC advisor, CrazyEggUnbounce, etc can be used to check the effectiveness of the page as well as for analyzing the data. One must pay attention to – Call-to-action, Imagery, proper phrasing of the offer to make it attractive, text, colors, and promotion types.

Experimenting with these checkpoints and incorporating it for promotions on other social media platform enhances the knowledge about customer choices and preferences.

Competitor Analysis

In the battlefield and don’t have any competitors? Not possible, right? Yes! Exactly!

Having a track of your competitors, account for a good business acumen and lets you stay ahead of them. You just need to invest half an hour in a week, for gathering information about the competitors. Marketers can work smartly by focusing on a particular area at a time. Backlinks tracking, social media, blogs, article are the ones to name a few. Competitive research lets generate a pattern that aids in determining your own strategy. Searching for the kind of posts gaining more views, likes, and shares, tracking the time of the day those posts are shared on social media, what kind of posts and content is being shared and the type of call to action used for generating leads gives you a strategic view of the competitors. Social media optimization is best possible through such pattern tracking activities that prove to be reliable and insightful.

Quickly analyze your reports on Google Analytics

Google analytics can be treated as the best friend of marketers. This very effective tool helps in analyzing the page performance, campaign performance, sales tracking, revenue generation and many more performance related metrics report. However, it may seem a lengthy and time taking task with a huge dashboard containing graphs, charts, and bars but a quick look at an analytics report can help you save time in future. Analysis of actions is a must, so that you focus on the right track, avoiding wastage of time put in a direction, which may not bring desired results.

Repurposing content for SMO

You must be thinking how repurposing can affect SMO? Ok, so let me ask you a question.

While scrolling down your Facebook page, have you ever come across a very catchy post that leads you to reading entire blog ?

That is the power of a content and the images that marketers strategically put in, to gather more visits on their page.

The sole purpose of Social Media Optimization is to engage the audience with the content and repurposing it can bring attention to Marketers website thus fulfilling their objectives. A well-written content speaks tons about a company and it’s the major deciding factor while tracking the performance of a campaign or offer you are running on various marketing platforms.

Repurposing of content comes into play when you are saddled with other marketing activities.

  • A white paper can be turned into a piece of meaningful blog. Since blogs are easy to share and promote and can be easily written that give knowledge about the company or the industry, they make a good promotional tool.
  • It can be transformed into a responsive content
  • Turning the content into a Podcast is just another way to connect in the industry
  • Infographic is the best option that can appeal the audience as people respond better to visual content.
  • The content can also be transformed into an e-book

Social Media Optimization and content marketing are the two phases of the same coin. If the content is attractive, it fulfills the goals that SMO aims to achieve.

Digital marketing makes the best playground for marketers to showcase their prowess and ability to elevate small businesses to high grounds. All it needs is a committed effort and a strategized approach!

4 Ways To Explore Social Media Beyond Marketing

4 Ways To Explore Social Media Beyond Marketing

We all know and understand the power of social media and the increasing number of users every single day. This number has increased multi-fold in less than a decade, there is data and studies backing this up.

It has been an extensive marketing tool ever since however, there is more than just that it can do for companies. There is a huge dump of data that is directly accessible by marketers, that needs to be analyzed, sorted for product improvement or enhance the customer experience as a whole. You just need to pay attention and listen to your customers. Besides, a strong social media presence increases the face value of the brand. It goes hand in hand with media research and improving marketing efforts to achieve this and vice versa.

Below are four ways to explore social media beyond Marketing:

1) Improving and development products/services: 

This is one of the most effective ways to deep dive and understand the needs of the customers. There is direct access to information on things that are working well and the areas for improvement. This should be the basis for new product development or improve existing products. This holds good for companies that are service based or looking for the brand extension.

2) Take Customer Feedback: 

We cannot think of any better way of gathering customer feedback. There is constant interaction, information sharing that happens and which can be used to extract the pulse. The best method, of course, conducting surveys and sharing questionnaires that are crisp and concise. Sometimes you just need to ask and that is all it takes.

3) Content Management:

 The content that you have been managing on  the web need constant updates and articles to keep up with the latest industry trends. However, there could be content that is old that can come back to life and linked back via the social media websites. There will be some amount of tweaking or updating that will be required, but it’s a great way to keep older articles floating around and the effort will reap evergreen results.

4) Use online content and data for offline marketing: 

There is a lot of research and effort that goes into making content online. It could be a combination of Youtube videos, infographics, meme’s that would have been viral or extensively accessed. This can also be recycled to use it offline as well. The data can go on brochures, flyers, material that be used to conferences and a whole other lot. You just need to analyse the results from your online activity and make it a value addition for your offline presence as well.

It is undoubtedly a great platform for enhancing customer trust, experiencing also gain trust at the same time. The outbound activity will be the videos that go viral on Facebook, the infographics that are shared, may tweeter feed or hash-tags, interactions on LinkedIn, followers on Instagram. However, internalising this data with the technical and analytical approach is what propels the vertical movement, and take giant leaps.

Feel free to Contact us for your query regarding social media and we are here to get you on right track of social media marketing.

Top Five Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media Strategy In 2016

Top Five Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media Strategy In 2016

Exactly how imperative is social networking for lead era and client connections? Is it more imperative than SEO and verbal publicizing, as per Wasp Barcode Technologies’ “Condition of Small Business Report?”

Little organizations rank social networking as their third most imperative promoting strategy for achieving new clients, firmly behind email and having a site.
Starting 2014, 72 per cent of B2C advertisers have obtained a client through Facebook. Contingent upon your intended interest group, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest are immeasurably imperative systems for building brand acknowledgment, associating with clients, and creating new leads.

Is it true that you are prepared to take your online networking amusement to the following level? Once your business has aced the fundamentals, such as picking the right stage and making a consistent posting calendar, it’s a great opportunity to quit fooling around. Here’s the means by which to post like a genius and take your online networking showcasing to the following level:

1. Offer better client administration with “social consideration”

Like any client protest, how you handle the objection is pretty much as essential as the last result. Regardless of the possibility that you can’t settle the issue instantly for your client, recognize and react to the protestation right away. Do harm control: move the discussion off open online networking as fast as could be expected under the circumstances by tailing them and welcoming the client to DM you for more subtle elements.

At that point, you can guide issues to the right division whether it is a specialized issue for your bolster staff or a discount/trade demand for your item group. The rate of reaction is basic! Recognize the issue and let the client know you’re finding a way to correct the circumstance.

2. Hit the right substance blend

In a perfect world, you ought to go for the “80/20” content blend: 80 percent important, shareable posts and 20 percent convincing, suggestion to take call-to-action posts. This blend is basic to accomplishing a feasible, drawing in online social networking nearness.

3. Bring out feeling

Pride is another feeling that Nextiva prescribes advertisers remember: “Every Like, Share, Favourite, and so on is an impression of what every client needs to impart to people in general, and is making a feeling of pride for themselves.” As you build up your image’s online networking content arrangement, consider the feeling that every post will bring out. Actualities, while valuable, are additionally exhausting. Convey some hobby and knowledge to your data by utilizing your genuine voice. In the event that you make them chuckle and make them cry, you’ll make them recall that you, as well.

4. Get found with the privilege hash tags

Limit yourself to close to three hash tags per post. Brand-particular hash tags are alright, however pick short ones and use them reliably to manufacture acknowledgment and a taking after. Tap into a bigger discussion by picking hash tags that are identified with an advancement, momentum occasion, or regular pattern. Not certain which labels are most mainstream for your industry? I like hashtagify.me for following slanting labels.

5. Recount a long-frame story over various posts

As your business explores different avenues regarding diverse substance channels and organizations, consider adding long-shape narrating to your substance blend. In a universe of snack able substance, once in a while we as a whole need a remedy to 140-character messages.


Try not to give your online networking a chance to diversion stagnates. From adjusting your hash tags to getting imaginative with your substance blend, this is the ideal opportunity to explore different avenues regarding online networking as you build up your image’s valid voice for most extreme engagement.