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How to find an ASP.NET Development Company in India?

How to find an ASP.NET Development Company in India

A company constantly needs talent, digital skills, and advanced technology when it expands or increases its workloads. So one of the methods people choose is outsourcing. It’s the method of hiring an independent workforce. Besides, many people choose personnel in India because of the pool of talent, speedy delivery, favorable IT policies, and advanced techniques. But the question arises how do you find a reliable ASP.NET Development Company in India?

Understandably, it’s a trick to find a company that suits your culture and preferences. But this article will be your guide. Keep reading.

Where to find an ASP.NET Development Company in India?

Before we get into hows and wheres, you need to note down your requirements. Understand whether you need a new desktop application or something else. After that, plan your budget.

Get to know if you need a custom design or not. In the end, communicate with your team and then with the companies you’ll keep on your list. Now, where can you find them?

1. Research on google:

The best way to find something is on google. They’re the popular choices of people. Just put the keyword “asp.net development company in India” and go through the possible results. Then, click on the results and check if their mission, values, and services match your needs.

2. Indian Directories:

Directors show the top companies that might be suitable for you. Google categorizes the sites according to the traffic a website receives. Therefore, it’s a high chance that you will get the company you need. Some directories you can choose from are www.yellowpages.sulekha.com, www.surfindia.com, www.yalwa.in, www.indiamart.com and www.hotfrog.in.

3. Mouth-to-mouth suggestions:

If you have good networks, it’s time to contact the people who might know such companies. When the recommendations are from the people you trust, it becomes easier to shortlist the company you need to source. Besides, it’ll also decrease your hiring stress and let you focus on additional work. You can also make use of social media and the communities present on Facebook.

Top things to look for in an ASP.NET Development Company in India

After you shortlist your list of companies, you should look for certain factors. However, before you choose one, consider calling them and talking to each of them about your needs. Here’s what you should keep in mind while selecting an asp.net development company in India.

1. Experience:

A company with some years of experience has a better knowledge of their work, can give result-driven deliveries, and maintain a sustainable relationship with customers. Besides, you can also check for their certification regarding the development.

All in all, the more experience any company’s workforce possesses, the more reliable outcomes you’ll get.

2. Good at Microsoft technologies:

Inevitably, the company should have experience in Microsoft technologies. Therefore, you should check if the shortlisted companies have used ASP.NET in Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint for a better experience.

3. Mobile support:

You may or may not need mobile platforms now, but it’s wise to choose a company that provides mobile solutions for future benefits. You can check the features of a company by looking at their testimonials and noting the apps they’ve developed. In addition, you can check if they have functioned with Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone apps in support of ASP.NET.

4. Adaptable:

Find out if the shortlisted companies have in the past kept themselves up-to-date with the changes and continue to provide the best solutions. This feature shall help you hire a reliable organization.

5. Guarantees available:

You should consider the companies willing to take up the responsibility beforehand for any changes, maintenance, or glitches that might arise. It will help you a lot and eventually save time and money.

All in all,

It isn’t easy to choose an asp.net development company in India because of the pool of options available. Check their certifications, experiences, models, and cost. However, it would be best to keep in mind the tips this article gave and go for the negotiable company that suits your needs. Besides the skills mentioned above, an ASP.NET development company should have excellent problem-solving abilities, good communication skills, and exceptional competencies in order to deliver a great project for your business. Because, in the end, it’s all about achieving your business goals at the optimum level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Development

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing is the new trend today. Whether it comes to software development, recruitment, hospitality, everything is being outsourced.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to handing out certain business processes to an external service provider. It takes place when a business is unable to manage these specific tasks due to complexity of their nature or due to the size of the organization. IT is an area in which most of the services are outsourced. The incident of outsourcing is high among software development companies. In this article, we will take a look at positive and negative sides of outsourcing.

The Benefits

Cost Efficiency:

The main benefit of outsourcing a project to a software development company is financial. This is because a local professional is likely to charge you more than the one located in India or Africa. It is significance to hire a good professional a sufficient, but not high, amount. Go for cheaper alternative but not the cheapest one.

Time saving:

If meeting deadlines is important then outsourcing can come to your rescue. If you need more manpower for your project, you can hire specialists who can meet the skill requirement. This will expedite the project completion and specialists will contribute to the quality. Technology is changing every minute and at such times it is important to equip software team with latest innovations. A successful software development company ensures that their team has the latest and required technical expertise and skills. Leaving your worries to the outsourced company, you can focus on your core competencies.


You can go for outsourcing software development whenever you wish to or for a specified period of time. For instance, if you have a onetime responsive web design project, then instead of creating an in-house team of professionals, you can go for offshore outsourcing. If your business is going through a slow period, then also it would be practical and economical to hire a software development company to meet your IT needs.

Associated Risks

Compromise on Quality:

When you go for offshore outsourcing low professional standards is something you may have to face. There are chances that the output that you get may not meet your expectations as you are paying less or have less knowledge about programming. To avoid such circumstances, you can delegate the responsibility to a person who has technical knowledge. Also, go for offshore sourcing after taking references and checking the past experiences of the outsourcing company. You can also outsource small projects initially. You need to take these steps to avoid additional expenses involved in low quality.


An outsourcing software development company being away from the country, where your office is located, might differ in time, culture, and language. Due to these differences, misunderstandings might crop up at times. A time zone change is the major impediment. To overcome this obstacle you can organize weekly meetings, take up a short course to get introduced to the culture of the country, etc. This will help gain confidence and make way for clear communication.

In this IT era, driven by digital services, every business has software development needs to meet. If required steps are taken to overcome risks involved in outsourcing responsive web design project or any other project, then you can get the required quality at reasonable cost. Outsourcing can be good solution specifically when you wish to concentrate on core business processes.

Angular JS Vs JQuery – A Quick Comparison

Angular JS Vs JQuery - A Quick Comparison

Nowadays, front end web development is something that requires deployment of most advanced and feature rich technologies to bring out the best results. In this regard, Angular JS and jQuery techniques play an important role in creating and developing modern web applications.

Though some people who are new to front end web development ought to make a comparison between these two technologies on the basis of their functioning, but in reality, both are different in their own methodology and functioning. Let’s find out the difference in detail.


jQuery is succumbed with a wide variety of features. It provides the API that offers compatibility on all the browsers. It serves a proven methodology for manipulating the HTML documents. Not only this, even traversal of HTML pages can be done using this technique. jQuery is suited to create Animation tasks or event handling projects along with handling the requisites of Ajax which seems simple after the implications applied through jQuery. In simple terms, jQuery is mostly used to manipulate the content of the website pages.

Key salient features:

  • jQuery performs well in making the use of JavaScript simple.
  • It is fast and lightweight and carries the feature to make the UI more attractive by using attractive styling concepts.
  • It entails into easing out the complicated things like Ajax.
  • Its library is loaded with many additional features such as DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, etc.
  • It functions well in making frequent changes in the website without posing any variation in the website structure.

Angular JS

Angular JS is defined as the JavaScript framework which when added to HTML documents, its directives turned it into rich HTML attributes. This technology carries the expressions which are further used to bind the data with the HTML files. In other words, it transforms the old HTML document into something holding new and exciting quality traits. In comparison to jQuery, Angular JS performs like a sophisticated layer that is used to add MVC concepts in the projects.

Key Salient Features:

  • Countering the activity in web applications, Angular JS is used to offers various interactive features like data binding.
  • It’s an open source framework that is used to assign MVC concepts on the projects.
  • It can also utilize jQuery to perform the DOM manipulation in its own processing. Further, it helps in converting the features into more interactive ones.
  • It carries the flexibility additive that helps in creating and developing some exciting web applications.
  • It also helps in initiating 2-way binding in the web applications.
  • It carries a fully fledged toolbox that is used to solve several programming queries and problems raised during the creation and development of web applications.
  • It is also used to incorporate the JavaScript with the help of a simple script tag on a website.

Use of jQuery and Angular JS:

Countering the use of both the technologies depend upon the nature of the application on which they are about to get applied. For example, complex applications will perform better when incorporated through Angular JS instead of jQuery. To counter the difference, it’s important to understand the separate usage entailed by both the technologies.

Angular JS is used for the robust and interactive web application development as it works on HTML code. On the contrary, jQuery is fast and highly interactive technique and is used to develop hardcore websites.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that both the technologies work on different parameters and no comparison can be done between them to analyze the superiority. No one among them can replace each other or even compete with each other.

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Why is AngularJS the Best Choice

Why is AngularJS the Best Choice

AngularJS is an open-source web application framework, that assists with creating single-page applications, one-page web applications that only require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework introduced by Google. It has been designed to simplify front end apps development. If you are an apps developer creating single Page Apps then you must have surely come across AngularJS. If you haven’t used it yet, then this article is a must-read for you as I will be discussing the benefits it provides.

Delivers a Great Structure for Your Application:

JavaScript has no well defined structure. Whilst it may function well for small apps, it is not appropriate for large scale applications. AngularJS lets you structure your source code through MVC (Model-View-Controller) or MVVM (Model-View-View model) pattern. AngularJS, a MVW framework, can help organize your code into modules. This enhances the testability and maintainability of your app.

Data Binding from Both Sides:

Data binding is one of the best functionalities offered by AngularJS. It becomes possible for you to bind your modules to HTML elements. With the change in the model, the view gets updated automatically and vice versa. This brings down the amount of boilerplate code usually written to sync the model and view.


Using AngularJS directives you can teach HTML new syntax. It lets you create reusable personalized components with the help of directive API. For instance, if you wish to create a custom date picker widget you can use a <data-picker/> component. If you wish to get a fancy file uploader using progress indicator you can create a <file-upload/>component.

Templating using HTML:

AngularJS utilize HTML for templating. This ensures simplicity and enables designers as well as programmers to work in sync. Designers can create UIs in the normal way and developers can use declarative binding syntax to bind different UI components using data models.

Embeddable, Injectable, and Testable:

AngularJS serves as an excellent team player. It doesn’t demand commitment. As per the official website of AngularJS- You can use as much or as little of AngularJS as you require. If you need a single feature of it, then you can do that.

AngularJS provides Dependency Injection. If you require something, then you may ask Angular to inject it. This enhances the testability levels as it becomes convenient to mock the components while testing. The main aim of creating AngularJS was testability. Unit testing becomes much easier with modules and dependency Injection system. Additionally, AngularJS offers Protractor,  which eases End-to-End testing. The code you write is testable as well as maintainable.

The above are not the only features which make AngularJS a programmer-friendly code; a number of other features such as routing, filters, and animations are make AngularJS quintessential.