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Enhance Web-Experience with Soft Motion

Enhance Web-Experience with Soft Motion

Flat designs were once in vogue that created appealing websites to give the best user experience until soft motion came into existence. Flat website designs became the trend a few years back with almost all the websites looking similar.

Soft motion has allowed users to engage with the website more brusquely, imparting better clarity which flat UIs somehow failed to deliver. It took long for Web developers to realize the trivial errors they had made in ignorance of inclusion of signifiers in the basic design. Flat UIs lacked creativity and an element that could drive attention of the users to the sites.

Keeping an audience engrossed with the content and the message that the website owners have to convey is not a herculean task. We just need to focus on implementing minor changes. Including motions can easily solve the prevailing issue. Small animations and motions contribute greatly to prep up the website enlivening the whole surfing experience for users. An overload of the same is however not suggested because of the obvious reasons for getting too messy on designs, marring the main purpose of being elegant, simplistic, and easily navigable. Soft motions come as a breather to avoid the fuss of hopping from one animation onto other, which is sometimes quite exasperating. Here are some suggestions wherein you can include soft motions to increase the efficacy of the website multifold. Sure, these are under best interest of the clients, for they have been lured with the interactivity and graphics which soft motion offers.


Nothing can work better than cinemagraph when it comes to giving life to a still image. Unlike GIF, they have subtle motions that look elegant and has a surprising element attached to it. This amalgamation of animation and image is quite enticing to the users, but the developer must ensure that the movement must be natural with perfect timing to reveal itself. Cinemagraphs are commonly used where big images have to be portrayed so that the effect is clearly visible, which is why one can find them on homepages, cover or landing pages that have large formats.

Reveal – on- Scroll

Reveal on scroll feature has been grabbing attention for a while now. If the scrolling is not smooth it can actually backfire the overall look and navigability of the site. Adding subtle animation to the reveal on scroll content or images can help distinguish your website design from the rest.

Background Video

The video is being used constantly to provide great graphics to the website but most of the designers fail to provide a video that is crystal clear and is relevant to the message that has to be delivered. A web developer must use a slow-motion video that helps build a connection between the user and the content. Users must get proper time to read the content and see the video so as to comprehend the message.

Background Images 

A little tweak here and there can result in a totally new effect. A peculiar parallax motion can be tweaked by providing a little animation to the still images thereby enhancing the 3D effect of the motion. This can work as a new trend that uses animations in the scrolling patterns imparting modern feel to the homepage and the complete website.

Landing Page Animations

Page loaders are often used in websites to serve a purpose. Sometimes, it is used to showcase company logo while at times it is utilized to dodge users from the slow loading site. However, think about this from user’s perspective. Page loaders are deceitful, and one shouldn’t be deceitful to the users. If your aim is to showcase your logo or garner attention of the user using cool animation, why not use animated landing page instead? A subtle animation can be easily added to the image, homepage or menu to enhance the appeal.

All of it can be easily done through Wix, a site builder that has more than 400 creative website designs to play around with. If your current website feels outdated in terms of design, guide your current team of web developers or the outsourced website development company to use Wix to rebuild or optimize your website designs. People looking out to get a new website developed with Wix can approach Potenza – a website development company that provides various web design services across the globe.

Impact Of Web Design On CRO

Impact Of Web Design On CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the term that is used to refer to the number of visitors to a site that are converted into customers.

What is CRO?

This can also refer to the minimal action of performing desired task on the webpage and not literally being converted into customers. All web designers have noticed at some point or the other small changes that they have made, bringing big differences in the CRO percentages, both positive and negative.

What are the methods that can help improve the CRO with changes in web design?

Few simple tweaks can result to make or break of a website. Here we list down three simple ways a web designer can ensure their website has a positive conversion rate:

Limiting the website to one Call-To-Action: We all have been on sites that majorly complicate their web design by adding too many CTA buttons. This confuses the visitor and instead of choosing the button, they prefer moving on to another website. This spells disaster for the owner of the business whose business is in question. A fine example of this simple change in design that resulted in a positive outcome is Whirlpool. They changed their web design from having 4 CTAs on their website to just one CTA and that increased their CRO by a whopping 42%.

Opting for the simpler Semi-Flat design: There should be clear demarcation on the site between texts and hyperlinks and between images and buttons that are CTAs. This can be fixed by the approach that is rooted in practicality and necessity. This approach is of a semi-flat design. In a semi flat design there are shadows and a density present on certain elements. This helps the visitor differentiate between what is a button and what is a simple image.

Speeding up the website: What irritates a visitor most about a website is the speed with which a webpage loads. Many visitors leave the website out of frustration and go on to the options that are much faster and thus they can complete their tasks easily and in lesser amount of time. The easiest solution to this major dilemma is using an easier, simpler code while designing the website. Most coders go for a complicated high level code, which tends to slow down the website. Using lesser animation and uploading images with lesser bytes should do the trick. One can make use of tools like Lazy Load which limits the images that load to the ones only visible on the users’ viewport. This in turn stops images that the user cannot see from weighing down the loading process. Loads of additional plug-ins can do the task while searching for a permanent fix.

Thus here we see that easy fixes can lead to better CROs and not always one has to pay through their teeth to get a job done.