The announcement of Proactive at the WWDC conference 2015 by Apple, was awaited from a long time. iOS 9 Proactive is the fresh personal assistant for your iOS device.

The announcement of Proactive at the WWDC Conference, by Apple, was awaited from a long time. iOS 9 Proactive is the fresh personal assistant for your iOS device. Standing on similar lines is the Google’s personal assistant, Google Now, which has been provided to users since 2012. In this blog post, you can find the similarities between these two top class services, namely Google Now and iOS 9 Proactive.

1. Search Functionality:

The chief similarity between Proactive and Google Now is the search functionality provided. Both provide you the ease of searching anything you want. Currently, currency conversion forms the most searched term.

2. Display of Search Results:

With Google Now and Proactive, you can view the search results natively and needn’t open a browser for it. However, results from both services will vary. When it comes to Proactive, you can view the answer to your question. With Google Now, you will view a Google Search-esque window where you will be able to find the answer to your question apart from the general search results and extra search options like images, news etc.

3. Search Options:

Currency conversion is not the only search feature that you can utilize through these two services, you can avail of a number of searches related to sports scores, weight conversion, weather, or latest stocks etc.

4. Scope of Search:

Proactive allows its users to search through messages, emails, notes, and contacts to locate a specific keyword. Whilst Google Now also provides this functionality, your messages would be out of the scope of its search.

5. Alerts:

With Proactive and Google Now, you can view alerts related to future events along with the present traffic information (if there exists a location of the calendar event). For instance, if you are meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend at a library around 3pm-4pm, both the services, Proactive and Google Now, will be cognizant about it in case this meeting has been added as an event in your calendar.

6. Traffic Status:

On the basis of current traffic information, Google Now will show you the suggested time at which you need to leave along with the route overview. Once you tap on the card, the route will get displayed on Google Maps. With Proactive, it’s a bit different. You will show a notification about the time by which you are late (just in case you are late) and will soon display the shortcut directions from your existing location to your destination.

7. News Stories:

Both Proactive and Google Now can provide you news stories. However, news stories are generated differently by them. As Google has a sway on our individual lives and searches, it has the benefit of knowing your interests. Utilizing this knowledge it provides you news articles which it believes that you would like to read. These news articles are based on your previously read news stories or searches.

Proactive is different. It displays news articles on the basis of trends in your area rather than display stories on the basis of your past searches.

Both Proactive and Google Now have their merits and demerits. The Ability of the user to avail of the service largely determines his or her experience with the system.

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