With the end of 2015, the time has come to look back up on the trends that worked on mobile app development and mobile advertising this year and also what are the strategies to look forward to in 2016. The top 5 tips to be followed are:

1.The User is Above all:

Mobile users want to be in control of what, when and how they are browsing and mobile app development is done keeping that factor in mind. Same should be done for mobile ads as well. Mobile ads should be opt-ins, so that the user has the control whether he wants to engage and listen to the brand’s message. There should be a visible and easily accessible close button on the ad and the ads should be designed so that they disappear while scrolling and reappear only when idle.

2.Be Mobile Friendly:

Mobile app development is different from PCs and tablets. Likewise mobile ads should also be mobile friendly. They should be formatted in the way that they look good on smaller mobile screens, with the help of ad formats like IAB Rising Star adhesion unit. Adhesion units are meant for mobile screens since they cover only about 10% of the screen and are anchored at the bottom in landscape or portrait format.

3.The Right Audience Matters:

Targeting the right audience is as important as good mobile app developments. Strong results don’t add up to much if the target audience is not right. To get the best result in terms of demographics better research work is important, the best advertising solution providers have strong and robust behavioral data that can be targeted on all platforms, be it a mobile phone or a PC Desktop.  Lookalike models can also be built to target scalable audience segments which are most likely to respond to the message circulated by a brand and respond towards it favorably.

4.Keep the audiences hooked:

Once the ad that has been circulated is successful in attracting the targeted audience with the help of mobile app development of mobile-first ads, you want to keep them engaged and spending as much time as possible with the brand’s message. The best way to keep the users engaged is by the use of videos, interactive activities like photo galleries with multiple photos, maps with directions to the nearest stores, feature demonstrations of the products, and product showcases lead to deep involvement of the user with the brand.

5.Get the appropriate measures:

The success of the advertisement should be measured but not in measures that are useless and show the results that are not important and irrelevant to the campaign. One needs to know the results that show positive impact of the ad campaign. One example that can be used here is of count of number of clicks on the ad, since clicks can be accidental and don’t give the exact number of conversions, they are useless. Other parameters that can be used are interaction rate, time spent and engagement rate.

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