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Why Go For DotNetNuke Skins Custom Development

Why Go For DotNetNuke Skins Custom Development

DNN or DotNetNuke is an ASP.NET framework that helps in building and maintaining websites. The website can be easily maintained by you with the creative tools offered by the DNN platform, you can get a website which has a unique style and meets the web standards.

Web designing and development has always been a field of innovation. New technologies have always surprised us owing to the amount of innovation they reflect. DotNetNuke or DNN is the new open source Content Management System (CMS) that has awed the world. It comes with rich features and also brings down the overall development costs. It offers a number of benefits to the users. A website gets a novel look with the utilization of DNN skins. DNN custom development can help your business get SEO friendly and attractive skins.

Utilizing DotNetNuke development technology, you can set up a website. However, if you wish to apply your own branding to the website you can avail of something called as skinning. Every DNN solution will involve the use of a skin. The DotNetNuke Development environment is supported by a selection of a number of off-the-shelf skin designs. You can choose from the range of number of ready made skin designs. However, it would be a rare scenario wherein a specific skin will match perfectly with your corporate identity.

DotNetNuke development companies can develop customized DNN skins that suit your brand. Custom skinning helps you frame your design flexibly. It will also be designed to meet the latest technical standards, accessibility, requirements and is also SEO friendly.

DNN skin process can be utilized for enhancing the look of your current site or your corporate branding guidelines. You can also use it for creating a new website altogether. Following are the benefits that can be gained from custom DNN skins.

  • Tailor made navigation/menu controls: With custom DNN skins you can get maximum performance. It ensures search engine visibility as well as site accessibility. You can also meet XHTML and CSS standards.
  • Greater Performance: Owning to light-weight coding you can enhance the speed performance of your site.
  • Accessibility: You can avail of accessibility testing and reporting.
  • Compliance to standards: DNN skins are developed and also tested for compliance with existing standards.
  • Cross browser as well as Cross platform testing: By utilizing DotNetNuke development services, you can test skins for consistent appearance and performance across a number of browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

One of the major benefits delivered by DNN is that the content is separated from the design. This enables to modify the website and also to alter the overall visual appearance of the website without having to go for content modification. In this way, with DNN development you can enhance the look and feel of your website without going for a total change.