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6 Best HTML5 IT solutions website template 2022

6 Best HTML5 IT solutions website template 2022

Are you an IT professional? Or do you own an IT firm? Are you wondering how to build a website for your business? Don’t worry! With a good HTML5 website template, you’ll have all the resources you need to build your website up quickly and effectively. A well-designed website is now a need for any business. It streamlines the process of promoting goods and services.

Additionally, a website can be of great help when designing a marketing strategy for your business. However, if you want to get successful outcomes, you will have to hire an experienced web developer. This is not always possible because hiring a developer to do the job can turn out to be expensive. 

That’s when HTML templates come in handy. They’re quick, easy, and cost-effective ways to get your own website up and running. These Bootstrap 4 templates, designed by industry experts, are fully responsive. Moreover, these templates can be easily modified to your specific needs.

If you need to build a business website that satisfies All your IT needs, then below are some best It solutions website templates that will be an ideal choice. 

6 HTML5 IT solutions website template

Hi-soft- IT solutions and services company HTML 5 Template

Hi-soft is an HTML5 template designed specifically keeping in mind the IT industry’s needs and associated solutions. This template was thoughtfully designed to provide optimum usability, versatility, and performance. It’s sleek, professional, and trendy, with a clean, contemporary look.

There are a number of Hi-soft features that are specifically designed to cater to a wide range of IT-related service and solution offerings. These include but are not limited to: 

  • IT services
  • IT solutions
  • Technology services
  • IT business, consulting
  • SaaS and software
  • Digital solutions 
  • Technical engineering
  • And other IT technology and solutions

In addition to 10 beautifully designed home pages, there are 30+ remade inner pages and shortcodes. which makes Hi-soft an excellent choice for an IT business website. With Hi-soft you will get,  

  • Responsive Mega Menu – add any code in dropdowns
  • Multi-level dropdowns with hover option
  • Different Header options
  • Full-screen image sliders.
  • Different footer options
  • Many components and widgets
  • Typed text effect
  • Bootstrap 4.x Framework
  • Google Fonts
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • SEO Optimized
  • Super Easy Sliders and Carousels
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Extensive Documentation

Mitech- IT solutions and services company HTML 5 Template

Mitech – IT Solutions And Services HTML Template is a versatile and powerful Technology And Digital Software HTML Template. that comes with a total of nine stunning homepages. There is no limit to the number of home page templates you can use on your website. Using Mitech, you can create a tech or software website in just no time by simply making changes to the pre-designed template. 

Mitech is a powerful HTML designed specifically for industries, agencies, or businesses that develop web and mobile applications, SaaS products, apps, and other digital services for technical, information security, engineering, informatics, entertainment, merchandising, learning & research purposes. 

StartP- IT startup and Digital services HTML template

StartP is a professional HTML5 template based on Bootstrap 5.1.0 and Sass. It’s designed for people and companies who offer IT and software solutions and services over the internet. The main page and other sections of the website can be styled in a variety of ways using this template.

With its Mobile-first design, the template looks well on a wide range of screens and mobile devices. A StartP template is a great option for businesses that offer website, mobile, eCommerce, Machine learning, AI, IoT, Data Analytics, Computer Repair, or Digital Marketing services. 

Omnivus- IT solutions and Digital services HTML template

The HTML5 Template by Omnivus – IT Solutions and Services Company is built with Bootstrap, which is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for making web projects that work well on all kinds of devices, like phones and tablets.

If you run an Agency, Advertising, Freelancing, Startup, IT Solutions, or Services Company, this template is a great choice for your website. Because of its simple and elegant layout and multi-browser compatibility, this template is packed with all the features required to build an IT solutions website. 

Torun- Technology IT solution and Services HTML5 template

This HTML5 IT template by Torun – IT Solutions and Services is a great option for creating marketing, consulting, IT, and services-related websites. This template has a beautiful design, easy-to-use interface, and has all the features necessary for an IT firm or industry to work effectively.

Every element is unique and creative, and you have complete freedom to customize. Since it is completely responsive, it works perfectly on a lot of different screens and platforms. 

Neeha- Technology IT solution and Services HTML5 template

Neeha – Technology’s HTML5 template has been designed specifically for creating business websites for any marketing, tech consulting, start-ups, and IT services company.

This template comes with 5+ Home pages 3+ Blog pages that have been pre-designed to meet the IT needs. Also, with its Slick Slider integration, you can create amazing slides with a variety of animation effects in only a few clicks. 

We hope this article was useful. So now that you know some pretty good HTML5 IT solutions website templates to get started with your IT business online, what do you wait for?

Finaxo- The best business and finance website Template (HTML5)

Finaxo- The best business and finance website Template (HTML5)

Today, every business needs to have a website that sends out a clear and compelling message. And thus it is important to adopt a comprehensive approach to building a website successfully. As a result, a large number of business owners hire web developers to do the job. However, hiring developers can get a bit expensive for many businesses. This is why HTML5 templates have become so popular recently. They are both inexpensive and effective options to build a fully functional business website. 

With these templates, you can create practically any type of design that you can dream of. With HTML5 templates, you can create any kind of website, from a personal blog to a business portal. And if you are in the finance industry, finding the perfect template to create a website is essential for its success. If you too are looking for a website template that would fit your business needs, the Finaxo business and finance template is just what you need. Finaxo will help you manage your business online and develop financial projections to start or expand your business. 

Finaxo is a high-end business and finance website template that you can use for all of your finance and advisory businesses. When you start a new project, you can save time and energy by using this premade site canvas. Moreover, the template provides you with pre-designed layouts and convenient features at no additional cost. Finaxo is designed using  Bootstrap Framework, which means that it adheres to all current web trends for secure and smooth performance. The template also offers ultimate customizability to cater to all your finance business needs.

Finaxo has many features that will help ensure that your website is much more beautiful, functional and delivers an exceptional user experience. The following are some of the features and advantages of using Finaxo: 

The best features of Finaxo: Business and Finance website template (HTML5)

Parallax Background

Websites with a parallax effect are more pleasing to the eye. Finaxo is a  pre-made parallax website template that will help simplify this process for you. Parallax scrolling templates are based on optical illusion. With a parallax background, sections of the background change at a different rate than the foreground while browsing, giving a visually appealing effect.  

OWL Carousel

Finaxo template has integrated OWL carousel using which it is possible to make stunning responsive carousel sliders on your finance website. A carousel is a collection of sliding banners or a slideshow displayed on your store’s homepage that gives a brief description of your business. It can show up to five slides of graphics and text, which you can link to specific services or pages of your website. 

Retina Ready 

Increasing numbers of people are buying smartphones with HD and retina displays, making photo and video quality more crucial than ever. But with the Finaxo Template, this isn’t an issue. The template supports Retina displays with which your website will appear great on any device that uses it. In addition to the graphics, the fonts will be sharper and more readable. If you zoom in, retina-ready templates offer better resolution and greater detail throughout the design framework. 

All Major Browser Support

Customers will use a number of browsers to view your website. It is possible for a page to load perfectly fine on Chrome but not in Safari or Firefox. Finaxo business and finance website template offers cross-browser compatibility. which means your website and all its functionalities will load perfectly across all major browsers, hence no compromising on the performance.  

Awesome Fonts and Colours

The template uses bright, eye-catching colors throughout the template to ensure that the user’s attention is immediately drawn to the website. The template uses contemporary fonts with vivid styles to make the content visible on this brightly colored design while also maintaining a perfect balance. 

Detailed documentation 

What will you do if you run into issues while installing or configuring the design template? Thankfully this business and finance template comes with detailed documentation that you can stick to at any instance. Finaxo comes with a comprehensive and well-written user guide that gives you complete access to all of its functionalities. 

Finaxo is a flexible business and finance website template that can be customized to match your industry’s specific requirements. Using this well-designed template, you can increase your reach and build a strong online presence. It’s easy to extremely customize the template because of its responsive and user-friendly interface. You can add various components, widgets, change the fonts, choose from a variety of multilevel dropdowns, and a lot more with this template.

The Best WordPress template for beard oil and tools

The Best WordPress template for beard oil and tools

There’s a lot of buzz around beard oils these days. Having a beard on your face is back in style and regarded graceful than ever, so it’s no surprise that beard oil sales are on the rise. 

For those who want to start an online business selling beard oils, the market is expected to grow significantly in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. All of the states mentioned above have an interest score greater than 90%. 

And if you want to build an online store to sell beard grooming supplies like balms, oils, serums, and brushes, then it’s obvious you need to start with building a website. Even though developing a website is necessary, many think it’s beyond their abilities because they lack website-building experience. Years back, this may have seemed like a reasonable concern for small business owners, but online technology has made it much easier for them to operate their businesses. You can now build a website on WordPress with little to no experience using some of the best WordPress templates for beard oil

You can use the WordPress templates to sell beard grooming products online since they come with a lot of amazing features like social media integration, SEO, multilingual support, multiple currencies, and a lot more. Most of the WordPress templates have a responsive design so that you can use them with your smartphone, tablet as well as your desktop computer. With so many templates out there, the question arises which one to choose? Don’t worry. We have got the answer for you. The CiyaShopResponsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme is by far the best template for beard oil & tools out there. Let’s us know why:  

What makes CiyaShop the best WordPress template for selling Beard oil & Tools online? 

It’s no surprise that the CiyaShop WooCommerce theme has a wide range of features. It provides you full rights to the documentation and video tutorials that users can use to know how to configure the theme. As a result, even if you have no prior coding experience, you can easily create and publish a stunning website by merely following the instructions. The CiyaShop multipurpose WooCommerce theme has a lot more to offer, so let’s take a quick look at it: 

Multiple pre-designed templates

The CiyaShop theme comes with a lot of beautiful website templates that will allow individuals to build their websites faster. There are more than 90 pre-built e-commerce website templates available, all of which include dummy content. The user can select any template and change the demo content with their own data to create a beautiful website in minutes. Their Beard oil template is by far the most loved template and has everything one needs to run a beard grooming store online. 

CiyaShop multipurpose theme package comes with ready to use e-commerce website templates, such as: 

  • Beard Oil
  • Clothes store
  • Coffee shop
  • Pet store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Medical store
  • Plumbing store
  • Bakery shop
  • Kids store
  • Flower shop
  • Perfume store
  • Grocery store
  • Watch store
  • Toys store
  • Jewellery shop

Professionally Designed and Flexible

One of the best features of this theme is its extensive customization, which ensures that no two sites appear identical. Each element of the beard website template is extremely flexible, and you can easily customize your site using the live customizer included in the theme. The theme includes over 800 Google web fonts, giving you a wide range of fonts to choose from. 

If you want your beard oil website to look professional, there are a lot of extra features in the template that you can use. These include the product request form, banner design, header builder, and a lot more. 

Responsive web design and speed Optimized

Today a majority of people use their smartphones to shop online. When designing an e-commerce website, you should ensure that it loads quickly and has a mobile-friendly design. Fortunately, the beard oil template from CiyaShop is both mobile-friendly and speed-optimized.  

This theme provides an amazing user experience, from its performance and responsiveness to its browser compatibility and usability. 

Optimized for search engines 

The CiyaShop theme and all its templates are built with the best SEO strategies in mind. The beard oil template has been made to be as SEO-friendly as possible so that the users don’t have to deal with the technical aspects. CiyaShop uses the Yoast SEO plugin, which is one of the most prominent WordPress SEO plugins out there.  


The beard oil websites built using the CiyaShop theme load pretty fast because of the shortcodes included in its design. There are 40+ Shortcodes included in the theme that allow you to create amazing web elements in a matter of minutes. It not only helps with designing but also provides an exceptional user experience. Thus with shortcodes, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

Apart from the features listed above, the CiyaShop multipurpose WooCommerce theme includes the following: 

  • Multiple Header Options
  • WPML Support
  • RTL Support
  • MailChimp Support
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Child Theme Compatibility
  • Auto Update
  • Product Quick View
  • Mega Menu
  • Quick Add to Cart Button
  • Product Videos
  • Smart Product Filter
  • Wishlist

If you want to expand your beard grooming supplies business, then the best way you can do it is by selling products online. Building a website for a beard grooming business has never been easier, thanks to the WordPress template for beard oil by Ciyashop. So what are you waiting for? Visit this website and get yours now!

The best Car listing template for the automotive business in 2022

The best car listing template for the automotive business in 2022

Instead of complex designs, today, most car dealerships prefer a simple yet attractive website for their business. This is mainly due to the fact that these designs may create a strong and professional image for your auto dealer website. If your website has a lot of text, most people won’t even bother to read it. All they do is look at the pages and see if you’ve put in important information about your business there. 

If not, they’ll go to another dealer’s website instead. As a result, while creating a website for a car dealership, it’s advisable to keep things basic. Creating a car dealer website has been significantly easier in recent years. thanks to the presence of ready-made car listing templates. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money and go through a complicated process to hire someone who does it. Using a pre-designed Car Dealer Website Template, you can easily create a website with a little bit of tweaking. 

So are you in the business of selling new or used cars and looking for ways to promote your brand online? If that’s the case, you’ll need a top-notch car dealer listing template before you can begin building your online presence. A perfect car listing template has all the features and functionalities that a dealer needs to bring their dealership into the online world. And when it comes to creating a strong online presence, a lot of people are turning to car listing templates like the Car Dealer theme. 

In this article, we’re going to learn about some of the features of the car dealer WordPress theme. which makes it the best car listing template for the automotive business in 2022. Continue reading to find out what they are: 

Some of the Top Features of Car Dealer – Car listing template includes:

Multiple Design Options

The car dealer WordPress theme offers 14 distinct layouts that allow you to design a unique and creative website without writing any code. It will assist you in creating pages that are visually appealing and intriguing to your target audience. 

The theme has six types of listing pages and three different types of car description pages that auto dealers can use to show off their inventory in a professional manner. 

If that wasn’t enough, the theme comes with seven pre-made headers and three pre-made footer designs that let you make a website that looks great from top to bottom. 

Attractive Call to Action 

After visitors arrive at your listing page, you would like them to perform some actions so that you can learn more about their preferences. The theme comes with three different car description page templates. that offer detailed vehicle information, beautiful photo galleries, and a loan calculator, all of which will encourage customers to buy from you. 

The theme includes six distinct forms on the car description pages, providing consumers with an easy way of reaching you. If potential buyer has access to all of the information they need, they are more likely to contact you. 

Support for WooCommerce 

It’s never been easier to add a store to your website, thanks to WooCommerce. The Car Dealer WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce support, allowing you to turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. 

Once WooCommerce is enabled, you can begin selling cars on your website. There are many things you can sell, from vehicles and accessories to vehicle components and solutions. 

When you integrate WooCommerce, you gain access to several tools and add-ons that let you sell things and monetize your website. 

Allows End-users to submit their listings

One of the most distinctive features of the Car Dealer WordPress theme is that it enables you to monetize your site and turn it into a marketplace. Using the themes front-end submission plugin, end-users can register themselves as dealers on your website. 

You can limit the number of cars that individuals can list as well as the number of pictures they can post after they register on your website. You can then monetize your website by charging users for premium subscriptions that allow them to display as many cars and photographs as they want. 

Extensive Documentation and Video Tutorials 

This car listing template comes with extensive documentation that makes it a lot easier for you to set up your dealership website. 

This detailed documentation includes all of the information needed to fully understand the theme’s functionalities. In addition, if reading isn’t your thing, there are also video tutorials to help you out. 


The features listed above are just a few of the most important aspects of the car dealer WordPress theme. This theme will instantly give credibility to your dealership website by giving it a highly professional design. Not only that, the Car Dealer theme is optimized for speed, which is a crucial factor for user engagement as well as SEO. It is a user-friendly and easy-to-install theme developed to fulfill the needs of the automotive industry. Thus if you own a car dealership and intend to develop a website, you know what exactly you need to begin with.

6 Best Elementor WooCommerce Themes For Your Online Store

6 Best Elementor WooCommerce Themes For Your Online Store

The Internet has become a crucial part of our lives, and it has given a headstart to our passions. After the pandemic, many people started purchasing online. It means that various small and large businesses were encouraged to list their services and products on the Internet. It’s said that the online shopping industry will be a trillion-dollar industry till 2022.

You should know the perks of listing your products on the right platform if you’re a new business. One of the famous platforms is WooCommerce, with around 3,876,748 websites using it. The Elementor WooCommerce themes will be your key to building an engaging website. We have a few examples of the potential themes you could use for your website. To know more, please keep reading ahead.

Top Elementor WooCommerce Themes

What do you think are the qualities of the best WooCommerce theme? One of the essential features is a fast load time. The page load time affects the user experience, conversion rate, and SEO ranks. Next, the theme should be flexible. It’s vital to customize to make your website look according to your preferences. Most of the Elementor WooCommerce themes have customizer settings and Elementor integrations that help customize the smallest aspects of the online store.

Finally, a theme with a tremendous WooCommerce integration creates a fantastic shopping experience for the visitors. A good integration may include optimized checkouts, trust badges, optimized carts, off-canvas filters, quick product view, flexible sales badges, and more. Now, let’s look at the available themes for your eCommerce store.

Elementor Hello plus Theme Builder

The most lightweight and flexible theme for WooCommerce is Elementor Hello plus Theme Builder. You’re free to use dedicated widgets and features of the template in the Elementor theme builder.

It will assist in designing your shop and the needed product pages. Moreover, you’ll have complete control over the design, like adding buttons.

However, you’ll need CSS to style your checkout pages and the cart. You can also choose another theme from the list below to retain optimum flexibility.


Many users choose GeneratePress because of its features and popularity. It’s a great lightweight multipurpose theme for your WooCommerce store.

This theme leverages you with a detailed WooCommerce setting in the WordPress Customizer that aids in configuring things like a drop-down shopping cart and distraction-free checkout mode.

Some notable features of GeneratePress include the display of add to cart panel on scroll, customization of the column of upsell/related products, and WooCommerce breadcrumbs.


If you’re looking for a quick loading theme for the WooCommerce store. It’s highly compatible and has importable demo sites powered by Elementor.

This Elementor WooCommerce theme comes in a free version and works with WordPress. However, if you need in-depth Woocommerce integration, invest in Neve Pro. The paid option helps you customize your site and control your pages. 

Jupiter X

This theme has 270 pre-built templates powered by Elementor and Jupiter X’s unique customization settings. It’s not considered a lightweight theme; however, it has a fast loading time.

Moreover, it stands out as one of the gorgeous demo sites. You will get your hands on various e-commerce features to control your site in the WordPress customizer. Besides, you should know that this theme is paid and includes the theme and all demo sites.


If you need a site with a 100% focus on E-commerce, Woostify is the theme for you. It’s a lightweight and attractive theme for your store. Some of its prominent features are ajax add-to-cart (with slide-out panel), built-in product variation swatches, autocomplete product search, product quick view, buy now button, urgency countdown timers, built-in size charts, and more.

Not only this but also this theme includes pre-built demo sites for various niches. You can build many of these demo sites with Elementor and customize them easily.


Another site theme that has its complete focus on WooCommerce is Shoptimizer. It’s very lightweight and looks attractive. The valuable part of this theme is its focus on conversion rate optimization. Shoptimizer has data-backed techniques that are useful for your site.

Some of its features include an optimized distraction-free checkout, a good microcopy under the add to cart button to add data on shipping, return policies, a sticky bar with product details, and an add to cart button that displays as users scroll.

Furthermore, it has trust badges on the shopping cart, checkout page, sales countdown timers, animated stock counters, autosuggest product search, and more. All in all, it’s an excellent option for your website. 

Did you find your theme?

The suggested Elementor WooCommerce themes provide an excellent base for your online store. They have impressive benefits for the site. However, choosing the right site according to your needs depends on you. 

Top 5 E-commerce platforms 2022

Top 5 E-commerce platforms 2022

Having an internet presence has become a necessity for various businesses. Besides, even the customers have started to shop online after the pandemic. According to research, by the end of 2022, online shopping can be a trillion-dollar industry. It is positive news for small business owners who can easily set up their online store on the right e-commerce platforms and with the right tools to enjoy its benefits.

You can easily list your products, take payments, manage to ship, and perform other functions from home. However, it can be a little confusing when choosing a platform to list your business. Therefore, we have some suggestions for you. 

5 E-commerce platforms of 2022

There is a platform for every business in this industry. Therefore, you need to pick yours according to your business goals and requirements. Below are some famous e-commerce platforms for you to explore. 


Online stores with a high sales volume and extensive inventories can choose BigCommerce. You can tie 600 variants to a single SKU and multiply with the help of a professional. It is incredibly beneficial for businesses that have a large variety of products. Interestingly, it supports 100 kinds of currencies.

They also have dedicated customer support. Furthermore, you can create multiple staff accounts and make your work easy. They can track your customers, earnings and manage social media. Although BigCommerce can give design challenges and may not be suitable for small businesses.


WooCommerce is the best all-in-one platform for running an e-commerce and affiliate site. It integrates with WordPress to transform any website into a fully-functional e-commerce store with minimal hassle. Apart from that, there are add-on extensions available that let you integrate payment gateways, social media handles, email marketing, and 1-click selling.

It’s absolutely free. There are few add-ons that come with a price tag, and a few WordPress themes can be costly. However, if you don’t need them, there are some excellent free WooCommerce based themes available. For those of you who are already comfortable with WordPress, installing and using WooCommerce will be super easy. All you have to do is set it up, add your own products, and then customize it as needed.


Online businesses prefer using Shopify as it’s beginner-friendly and can handle big sales. Different plans offer additional services, and you can choose any according to your budget. The most popular service is adding essential buttons to your site. Moreover, this platform provides 6700+plugins, apps, and tools to connect on social media.

You can quickly make multiple accounts and track the performances of the business. Besides, Shopify has excellent customer support, and they help religiously. Although, you may face drawbacks because there are limited free layouts, expensive plugins, and fewer product variety options.


The stores that want to list online and need style plus stability can choose Squarespace. It’s ideal for niche users who need to offer a more on-brand unique experience. Moreover, this platform lets you tag your products on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It helps brands increase their reach. With Squarespace, you’re free to customize your website design without many challenges.

Furthermore, if you choose a free theme, it’ll automatically get updated. However, it may need additional plugins to support various functions of the business. The drawbacks you may feel can be no control over the site’s design because of the available templates, low customer reach, and limited functions.


Do you have a store with less than 100 products? Then Wix is the perfect choice for you. It has 122+ free templates for your site to fit your design needs. Moreover, Wix is offered a quick setup for businesses and is comparatively easy to use.

Wix also allows you to drag and drop elements anywhere to help you make an attractive layout. Finally, it will enable you to track orders, shipping, and payments. However, you may not scale much because it has fewer supported currencies and fewer plugins.

Are you ready to set?

More than anything, you need to start selling online. You may feel intimidated by numerous competitors. However, it’s not fair to give up and think that it’ll take time to build an audience. You can always gain knowledge and take additional professional help. Therefore, choose your eCommerce platform, list the products, and enjoy optimum benefits.

Top 7 Car Dealer Website Templates in 2022

Top 7 car dealer website templates in 2021

Every business should think about having an online presence because the online shopping industry has grown tremendously. The pandemic has dramatically affected the shopping behaviors of the customers. Today, when someone has to purchase a car, even the buyers consider going through the car dealer’s website

It helps them understand your company’s experience, mission, vision, products, and services. Therefore, if you invest in an effective website, you’ll gain the visitors’ trust, and they may convert themselves into customers. However, it can be challenging to build a website on your own. So you can hire a web development agency to help you with it. Additionally, we have a few car dealer website templates that can help you too.

Best 7 car dealer website templates

Your website has to resonate with your car dealing business. According to research, only 1/3rd of the buyers know which car they have to invest in. Almost 95% of people use a digital source to gain knowledge. However, the customers won’t go into the minute details of your website; they’ll scan. So your car dealer website should be responsive and informative with the goal of providing an ideal customer experience. Below are some templates you can use according to your needs.

Car Dealer WordPress theme

Car Dealer is one of the best automobile themes with cutting-edge features, functionalities, numerous page layouts, various customization options, and much more.

There are 14 Unique Car WordPress Theme Layouts that you can choose from as per your company requirements. Importing inventory isn’t a tough job with this theme. You will be able to automatically import your car inventory with the help of Web Manager Data Integration.

Not only this, the Car Dealer theme is speed optimized, and speed plays a vital role in user interaction and SEO to boost your organic reach. It is a simple to use and easy to install highly customizable theme designed to meet the automotive industry needs. If you possess a car dealership and plan to build a website, you know where to head.

Grand car rental

The grand car rental is a professional car dealership website designed with four demos. Each demo has a unique perspective and styling to adjust with your business. However, they are available for a common purpose, i.e., car dealerships, rentals, showrooms, and more.

You can get a hold of the entire template with 80 incredible HTML pages reserved for blog, gallery, shop, about, contact, portfolios, and more. It also has essential components and widgets to make functions better. This template is impressively responsive, has quality pixels, is retina-ready, and maintains visitor engagement.


Motorwork is a premium, well-designed, flexible, professional, and functional car dealer website template. It also has developed visuals, impressive graphics, and functional features. Mainly it’s an advanced Bootstrap framework that effectively ensures following the latest web standards.

This template is also entirely responsive, has grade pixels, is retina-ready, and supports visitor engagement. The best part is that you can easily customize your site according to your requirements with refined color schemes, awesome fonts, icons, diverse layout styles, and numerous demo options.


The carsao template is ideal for every automobile business. It has four pre-designed homepages, with a divergence of homes and inner pages. Moreover, it has an Elementor page builder that features various elements for you to get started. Fortunately, it can also connect with Woocommerce to make your transactions easier.

This template lets you effectively customize your site’s options, header and footer, siders, menu, carousels, and more. This template is also very responsive, has perfect pixels, is retina-ready, and encourages visitor engagement. You can also use SEO and codes to enhance the customer UI experience.


Sayara is a very functional website template with necessary features that suits car dealers and businesses in a similar niche. It has pre-made demos featuring advanced page builders to professional pages that you can ask experts to customize. Moreover, it offers a beneficial real-time AJAX product search option for customers to browse options on your site effortlessly.

This fantastic template supports WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Google Maps, WPML, and more. Additionally, Sayara has a Bootstrap & Redux framework, enhancing its security and reliability. It’s also responsive with perfect pixels that enhance the visitor experience. 


Motoro is another professional and attractive car dealer website templates with pre-built demos, home, and other inner pages. It allows you to experience useful plugins like Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, and Ultimate addons within your package. Motoro template works with major web-browsers, is visually engaging, and has responsive graphics.

Moreover, it helps you design your entire website interface with distinct customizing options. this theme is also compatible with Woocommerce, which allows smooth transactions for your business. Advantageously, you also get to have product listings and shop pages for your automobile business.


One of the most reliable website templates for car dealers is CaLeader. Every business owner in automobiles can use this theme. You are free to rely on this template as it offers periodic updates for better performance. Besides, you can easily customize the site according to your business goals and preferences.

It also works with the advanced Bootstrap framework, making it flexible and secure. You can choose this theme as it’s responsive and visually appealing too.

In the end,

If you’re in the automobile industry and need to extend your business, you should consider building a car dealer website. It’s reliable to choose from the template options suggested in the above article that offer customization and essential features. Now is the time to make your business shine!

Why is Cupid Love the Best Dating Website Template?

Why is Cupid Love the Best Dating Website Template

In today’s world, dating websites are the most effective and convenient way to find a companion. So if you’re interested in building an online dating website, the first thing you need to do is find the right dating website template. Indeed, when it comes to online dating, the importance of making a good first impression is crucial. And, the right dating website template can do just that for you.

But, it’s not just limited to creating that outstanding first impression. There are many advantages of using a template designed specifically for dating websites which we’ll discover in the segment below.

What are the benefits of using a dating website template?

If you plan to launch a dating website, it is ideal to use a Dating Website template to build your website. Firstly, that’s because a template that has been designed specifically for your niche will take care of all the features that must be present on your dating website.  Apart from that, there are many benefits of using a dating template. Some of them are listed below:

  • Using these templates, users can make a great first impression with a visually appealing User Profile.
  • Some templates even include chat rooms, which allow users to communicate with one another.
  • A large number of these templates are designed to help you find the best possible match based on your specific interests and preferences.
  • These templates make certain that your data is secure and provide the highest level of security.
  • The Membership Subscriptions feature in dating templates allows you to charge users for a premium membership. This is the best way to monetize your website.
  • Some of the dating templates have an Advanced Search functionality that allows users to search for an ideal partner using filters such as gender, age, sexuality, preference, geographic area, and so forth.

Now that you know the importance of choosing a dating template. let’s check out what makes Cupid love the best dating website template out there.

Cupid love the best dating website template

It has a responsive design

Mobile-friendly templates are essential for any dating site that aims to attract a large number of visitors. Your dating website must be easily adaptable to various screen sizes on different kinds of devices. The Cupid love html5 dating template has been designed to have a responsive layout that aligns perfectly with all screen sizes.

It is highly customizable

The best thing about the Cupid Love dating template is that it offers complete customization. You can use a variety of contemporary color combinations and typefaces to design a website that represents your business.

It offers Cross browser optimization

There are a variety of browsers that customers will use to access your website. A website that loads with all the visual elements perfectly on chrome might not appear the same on Safari or Firefox.  With the Cupid Love dating template, your website will easily adapt to various browsers, thanks to its cross-browser compatibility.

It Comes with Detailed documentation

What happens if you encounter any problems while installing and configuring the template? Thus you need to make sure that the dating template you choose comes with detailed documentation that you can adhere to at any moment. Cupid Love comes with a detailed and well-written user manual that provides you with access to all of its features. It will help you understand how Cupid’s love works and how to carry out the most important tasks.

It offers Multiple home page layouts

Dating website templates with a variety of page layouts are more likely to attract visitors who stick around and don’t leave. There are three beautiful homepage layouts available with the Cupid Love template. each of which can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Designed for dating websites, Cupid Love is a highly adaptable website template that meets all of your business needs. This competent and elegant template is suitable for making connections and forming an intuitive online community. Cupid Love comes with a responsive and user-friendly interface that includes all required functionalities for template customization. With advanced features, this template allows you to add sidebars and colors, add responsive drop-down menus,  change the layout, modify fonts, choose among multiple drop-down animations, and a lot more.

Best Umbraco Themes For business by Potenza Global Solutions

Best Umbraco themes For business by Potenza Global Solutions

It’s more important than ever to be able to keep your website’s content fresh and current. Owners and managers of websites want a CMS that is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge so that they can easily manage and post the website’s content.

Regardless of whether you work in marketing for a big company or work for a non-profit, a good Content Management System (CMS) will give you the tools to present and market your business to the widest possible audience. Thanks to Umbraco themes by Potenza Global Solutions, web developers now have a limitless number of options for creating the ideal online presence for their own or their customers’ businesses.

PGS offers a range of adaptable, highly customizable Umbraco themes suitable for any business, all of which can be installed and configured in minutes. There is nothing they cannot help you with, whether you want to save time on your next venture or simply want a Umbraco website that is ready to go!

Marketing experts, web designers, developers, digital agencies, start-ups, and nonprofits, all can benefit from the advanced features. that have been specifically designed to look great while also performing well. Even if you’ve been into web development for years, you’ll be blown away by what’s possible with Umbraco.

 Let’s have a look at some of the best features of Umbraco themes for business by PGS:

Best Features of Umbraco Themes

The Mega Menu

Our themes include a css3 mega menu that helps you present your navigation menu in a more coherent way.


To make web design easier, PGS’s Umbraco themes include a large number of shortcodes. Using the theme’s built-in shortcodes, you may easily construct a variety of pages.

Umbraco Forms Integrated

The themes include the most popular Umbraco forms pre-installed, allowing you to begin with email marketing on your website right away. Umbraco forms will assist you in developing an integrated communication interface for your website.

Responsive Design

PGS’s Umbraco themes for business are responsive and look great on any platform, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. People who are interested in your business or service will be able to browse and learn more about it right from any device. That isn’t all; the theme is also retina-ready, thanks to the use of sharp vector and CSS3 graphics. This makes it look excellent on any device!

Advanced cross-browser compatibility

Customers will use a variety of web browsers to access your site, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. As a result, the template may vary according to the browser used. With the Umbraco theme design, your website will be flexible enough to adapt to a number of browsers.

Utmost customizability

No prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is required to use the theme. the numerous features and components perform all the heavy lifting for you. The Umbraco theme can be customized in almost every way. Make use of a wide range of modern color palettes and fonts to develop a design that effectively represents your brand.

LeBlender Supported

Potenza Global Solutions’ Umbraco themes include full support for the LeBlender package. This open-source Umbraco back office add-on simplifies the management of Grid Canvas Editors, allowing for greater flexibility and usability.

uSky Revolution slider

The Umbraco theme comes with the best slider ever for free and can be used with any design. Using a drag-and-and-drop builder, you can now easily create responsive full-width sliders with amazing effects.

Search Engine Optimized

What could be more amazing than your website being noticed by the very audience you seek to attract. PGS has the best SEO-friendly Umbraco themes ready, from meta titles and descriptions to SEO-friendly URLs and code.

Extensive documentation

The themes come with extensive documentation and instructions that are easy to follow, allowing you to take advantage of all of the theme’s features.

Professional and fast support

Regardless of your level of expertise, PGS has an expert support team that will do everything they can to help you resolve your issues.

Check out the best Umbraco theme for the Construction business

Each CMS has a distinct set of advantages. The needs of your new website largely determine the CMS you choose. Following that, which capabilities or features do you want to include? What other technologies might be involved? Ultimately, Umbraco is a wonderful option if you need to build a business website that requires dynamic content, more design flexibility, and extensive functionality that loads quickly.

What is Microsoft Identity Server 4

What is microsoft indentity server 4

Identity Server 4 is an OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 framework for ASP.NET Core.

The Big Picture

Most modern applications look more or less like this:

Most modern applications look more or less like this - identity server

The most common interactions are:

⦁ Browsers communicate with web applications
⦁ Web applications communicate with web APIs (sometimes on their own, sometimes on behalf of a user)
⦁ Browser-based applications communicate with web APIs
⦁ Native applications communicate with web APIs
Server-based applications communicate with web APIs
⦁ Web APIs communicate with web APIs (sometimes on their own, sometimes on behalf of a user)

Typically each and every layer (front-end, middle-tier, and back-end) has to protect resources and implement authentication and/or authorization – often against the same user store.

Outsourcing these fundamental security functions to a security token service prevents duplicating that functionality across those applications and endpoints.

Restructuring the application to support a security token service leads to the following architecture and protocols:

Restructuring the application to support a security token service leads to the following architecture and protocols

Such a design divides security concerns into two parts:


Authentication is needed when an application needs to know the identity of the current user. Typically these applications manage data on behalf of that user and need to make sure that this user can only access the data for which he is allowed. The most common example for that is (classic) web applications – but native and JS-based applications also have a need for authentication.

The most common authentication protocols are SAML2p, WS-Federation, and OpenID Connect – SAML2p being the most popular and the most widely deployed.

OpenID Connect is the newest of the three but is considered to be the future because it has the most potential for modern applications. It was built for mobile application scenarios right from the start and is designed to be API friendly.

API Access

Applications have two fundamental ways with which they communicate with APIs – using the application identity, or delegating the user’s identity. Sometimes both methods need to be combined.

OAuth2 is a protocol that allows applications to request access tokens from a security token service and use them to communicate with APIs. This delegation reduces complexity in both the client applications as well as the APIs since authentication and authorization can be centralized.

OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 – better together

OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 are very similar – in fact, OpenID Connect is an extension on top of OAuth 2.0. The two fundamental security concerns, authentication, and API access are combined into a single protocol – often with a single round trip to the security token service.

We believe that the combination of OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 is the best approach to secure modern applications for the foreseeable future. Identity Server 4 is an implementation of these two protocols and is highly optimized to solve the typical security problems of today’s mobile, native, and web applications.

How Identity Server 4 can help

IdentityServer is middleware that adds the spec-compliant OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 endpoints to an arbitrary ASP.NET Core application.

Typically, you build (or re-use) an application that contains a login and logout page (and maybe consent – depending on your needs), and the Identity Server 4 middleware adds the necessary protocol heads to it so that the client applications can talk to it using those standard protocols.

ASP.NET core application - identity server 4

The hosting application can be as complex as you want, but we typically recommend keeping the attack surface as small as possible by including authentication-related UI only.

Identity Server 4 implements the following specifications:

OpenID Connect

⦁ OpenID Connect Core 1.0 (spec)
⦁ OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0 (spec)
⦁ OpenID Connect RP-Initiated Logout 1.0 – draft 01 (spec)
⦁ OpenID Connect Session Management 1.0 – draft 30 (spec)
⦁ OpenID Connect Front-Channel Logout 1.0 – draft 04 (spec)
⦁ OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout 1.0 – draft 06 (spec)

OAuth 2.0

⦁ OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Usage (RFC 6750)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Multiple Response Types (spec)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Form Post Response Mode (spec)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Token Revocation (RFC 7009)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection (RFC 7662)
⦁ Proof Key for Code Exchange (RFC 7636)
⦁ JSON Web Tokens for Client Authentication (RFC 7523)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant (RFC 8628)
⦁ OAuth 2.0 Mutual TLS Client Authentication and Certificate-Bound Access Tokens (RFC 8705)
⦁ JWT Secured Authorization Request (draft)

it enables the following features in your applications:

Authentication as a Service

Centralized login logic and workflow for all of your applications (web, native, mobile, services). IdentityServer is an officially certified implementation of OpenID Connect.

Single Sign-on / Sign-out

Single sign-on (and out) over multiple application types.

Access Control for APIs

Issue access tokens for APIs for various types of clients, e.g. server to server, web applications, SPAs, and native/mobile apps.

Federation Gateway

Support for external identity providers like Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, etc. This shields your applications from the details of how to connect to these external providers.

Focus on Customization

The most important part – many aspects of IdentityServer can be customized to fit your needs. Since IdentityServer is a framework and not a boxed product or a SaaS, you can write code to adapt the system the way it makes sense for your scenarios.

Mature Open Source

IdentityServer uses the permissive Apache 2 license that allows building commercial products on top of it. It is also part of the .NET Foundation which provides governance and legal backing.

Github link:

Why need to implement an identity server


Google is providing the multiple product and services for example drive, Gmail, slides, Contact, etc

All these services portal is having a different URL.


Since all the services running on different URLs. They need to protect the application access by implementing login/ authentication. It’s not a good idea to implement the login module for each and every service. Instead of that, they have a centralized login ( ) which is responsible to authenticate the user who is trying to access any Google services

So this reduces the burden of application services to authenticate users. As this reprehensibility given to the separate application.