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How to choose the best e-commerce WordPress theme for your website

Theme has a significant impact on various factors of your website, which is why it is vital to choose the right one for your e-commerce website.

WooCommerce is by far the best eCommerce WordPress plugin around. It is an easy-to-use plugin that will instantly transform your WordPress website into an online store. But WooCommerce plugin would not serve any purpose if your website has an old and outdated WordPress theme. Your website’s theme will be entirely responsible for the design and layout of your online store.

And with so many emerging e-commerce stores, you will do whatever it takes to stand apart from your competitors. Today there are thousands of e-commerce WordPress themes available that vary in quality and effectiveness. So then, how do you choose the right kind of theme for your e-commerce store?

In this blog post, you will learn why it is crucial to find the perfect theme and how you can choose one for your e-commerce WordPress website.

Why is choosing the right kind of e-commerce WordPress theme so important?

It takes just a few milliseconds for users to form an impression about your site, be it good or bad.

Since a theme is responsible for the design, it also has a powerful impact on the impression of your e-commerce site.

Not just the design but a good theme also plays a pivotal role in encouraging users to buy, which helps in increasing the conversion rate.

A slow, complex and unresponsive website results in poor performance on the search engine results page. Thus, a theme has a significant impact on various factors of your website, which is why it is vital to choose the right one for your e-commerce website.

How to Choose a Great e-commerce WordPress Theme

Choosing an ideal e-commerce WordPress theme can be intimidating. With thousands of theme options available online, it can get tough to decide the one that will meet all your needs.

Consider the following features and options while you look for a perfect e-commerce WordPress theme for your website.

1. Easy to use and flexible: A good e-commerce WordPress theme is not only packed with useful features but is also easy to use and flexible. Look for a theme that is easy to install and configure for your e-commerce business.

2. Supports all extensions: There are so many free as well as premium WooCommerce extensions available. A perfect eCommerce theme should support all kinds of extensions seamlessly.

3. SEO-friendly: An e-commerce WordPress theme with built-in SEO will help in driving more traffic to your online store. Thus more the traffic better the sales.

4. WooCommerce Integration: Search the list of features an e-commerce theme offers and check if it supports WooCommerce integration. However, all WordPress themes support WooCommerce go for a theme that is designed especially for e-commerce businesses.

5. Mobile Responsive Design: Almost all users today use their smartphones to browse any website. Thus choose a theme that is mobile responsive and looks appealing on all kinds of devices.

6. Speed optimization: Online shopping websites that take a long time to load are more prone to abandonment. You should choose an e-commerce WordPress theme that has fast performance and loads quickly.

7. Updates regularly: Choose a theme that comes with new updates regularly. These updates make your e-commerce site compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and any extension you have installed on your site.

8. Detailed documentation: What if you face any issue while installing and configuring the theme.? Make sure your e-commerce WordPress theme comes with detailed documentation that you can refer to at any point.

9. Check reviews: Reviews are the most convenient way to check if you are picking the perfect e-commerce theme. Check all reviews and read them carefully to understand what other users have experienced and help you decide on a quality theme for your e-commerce website.

CiyaShop: The Best WooCommerce Theme

CiyaShop is one of the best e-commerce WordPress themes that contains all the above features packed in one place. Not only this, it has unlimited theme options, stunning hover styles and countless page layout designs for your e-commerce store. So what are you waiting for, go and get this theme now!

Top Features of the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

Choosing the right car to buy requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. It is that one big decision a person will make in his life after conducting thorough research. And with every bit of information available on the internet, potential car buyers spend most of their time researching online.

It is enough to signify why car dealers should invest in a high-quality WordPress theme that will help in building a feature-rich and aesthetically appealing website. A perfect kind of theme has all the necessary features and information that the buyers need for making informed decisions.

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

In this blog post, you will learn some of the top features of the car dealer WordPress theme, which makes it the leading choice in the automotive industry.

Design Options

The car dealer WordPress theme extends 14 different layouts that let you build a creative and unique website without having to code. It will help you create beautiful pages with elegant design and style that will help you attract audiences.

The theme offers six different types of listing page layouts and three styles of car description page that will allow car dealers to list their inventory and its details in a professionally appealing manner.

Not only this, the theme has seven predefined header and three predefined footer styles that let you create an eye-catchy website, head to toe.

Call to Action Listings

Once visitors reach your listing page, you will want them to perform some actions to understand their interests. The theme’s three different vehicle description page templates include detailed vehicle information, attractive photo galleries and a finance calculator that will give buyers compelling reasons to buy from you.

The theme offers six different forms on the car details pages that will allow buyers a convenient way to contact you. If everything that a potential buyer needs is readily available to them, they are more likely to get in touch with you.

WooCommerce Support

With WooCommerce, adding a store to your website has never been that easy. The Car Dealer WordPress theme. supports WooCommerce integration that will allow you to convert your WordPress site into an e-commerce store.

Once you enable WooCommerce, you can start selling products on your website. You can choose to sell anything from cars and accessories to automobile parts and solutions.

With WooCommerce integration, you get numerous features and add-ons, using which you can offer products and commercialise your website.

Allows End-users Listing

One thing that is so unique about the Car Dealer WordPress theme. is that it lets you monetise your website and converts it into a marketplace.

The themes front end submission plugin allows users to register as a dealer on your website. Post-registration, you can set the number of cars that the users can list and the number of images they can upload on your website.

You get the option to monetise your website by offering paid subscriptions to users, with which they can list the number of cars and images as per their will.

Documentation and Video Tutorials

Car Dealer WordPress theme. comes with detailed documentation that makes it all the easier for you to configure your dealership website.

The step by step documentation has all the information that you will need to understand the theme’s features and functionalities. Not only this, but it also has easy to follow video tutorials in case reading is not your cup of tea.

Exceed your business expectations with the Car dealer WordPress theme

The above are some of the main features of the car dealer WordPress theme. This theme will give a highly professional appearance to your dealership website that provides it instant credibility. It has all the core features that you need to list your inventory in style, generate leads and achieve your targeted sales with much ease.

If you want to learn more about the theme offerings, you can visit this page and, if you have any doubts, you can contact us or write to us in the comments section below.

How Car dealers can turn their website into a marketplace using the Car dealer WordPress theme

What’s interesting is that the plugin will not only turn your car dealer website into a marketplace but also lets you monetise it.

The Car Dealer WordPress theme lets you create a seamlessly beautiful and fully customisable website for your car dealership business. This theme has been designed considering the automotive industry needs and offers exceptional features and user experience to end-users.

One such great feature comes packed in the form of their car dealer front end submission plugin, which you can enable to let visitors add their car on your WordPress website. This plugin will let you turn your WooCommerce site into a marketplace by allowing users to register and submit their car on your website with the help of a frontend submission form.

Once a user registers and adds a new vehicle, its status will remain pending until you approve it. This way, you have complete control of what goes on your website, and the cars will be available on the car listing page only after you publish them. Thus with this, the end-users get the benefit of selling their car on your platform.

The visitors will also get an option to sell their cars in exchange for a trade using the theme’s Trade-in Appraisal form. The visitors can fill up this form available on the car details page, with details of the car they would like to sell. In return, they get to sell their car or trade a car in exchange from your dealership website at a discounted price.

Monetising your website with the Car Dealer Front End Submission plugin

What’s interesting is that the plugin will not only turn your car dealer website into a marketplace but also lets you monetise it.

Yes, you heard it right! Car dealers get the advantage of monetising their website with the help of this add on feature.

You get the option to set the default number of cars and images a user can upload once they register as a dealer on your website. You can then monetise the site by offering the users the option to pay and subscribe to various pricing plans if they want to add more than the default number of cars and images on the listing page.

What else do you need? If you are looking for creating an online presence for your dealership business, the car dealer is one of the best WordPress themes to design your website. Apart from the beautiful design and aesthetics, the theme offers excellent features and functionalities, including but not limited to:

  • Creates a fully functional and customisable website with a flexible layout
  • Offers Speed Optimisation
  • Effective Lead generation through Forms (Learn More)
  • Vehicle Front End Submission
  • Site Monetisation through Pricing Plans
  • Review Stamps (Displays certificate or review/ratings of vehicles)
  • Dashboard with Google Analytical tools
  • Properly structured inventory listing (Offers unlimited vehicle listing comparison)
  • Easy Import and Export of Car feeds

If you plan to get into the dealership business, you can visit our website to learn more about the car dealer WordPress theme. If you have any queries, write to us in the comment section below or email us at

How can Car Dealers Generate Leads using the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

In today’s blog post, we will walk you through five options that the theme offers on the car details page to help generate leads and connect with potential car buyers.

One thing that matters the most in the automotive industry is to achieve the targeted sales. Well, that’s pretty much the ultimate goal for any business.

Other businesses can benefit from repurchases, but that’s not the case with purchasing cars. It isn’t something that people often keep on buying in a year.

That is why car dealers look for ways to constantly generate a good flow of new leads and reach out to them to close a sale.

In one of the earlier blog posts, we have explained how car dealers can start their dealership business using the car dealer WordPress theme.

With the help of this theme, car dealers can create a website that is not only well-designed but also fully-functional to generate leads.

In today’s blog post, we will walk you through five options that the theme offers on the car details page to help generate leads and connect with potential car buyers.

Request More Info

The car dealer WordPress theme lets you add a form button on the car details page. Potential buyers that visit your website to check the details of a car will get the option to fill out this form and request more information. The site visitors who fill out this form will eventually become your new leads. You can follow up on these leads and give them all the information they need to move them a step closer and make a sale.

Trade-in Appraisal

This one is the most effective alternative when it comes to lead generation. You can attract many potential buyers using this form as it will allow them to sell their old car to you and, in return, get an equivalent amount of discount on their purchase from your dealership website. Alternatively, visitors can also sell their car without any exchange using the theme’s frontend submission add-on.

Make an offer

The next on the list is a unique form that will grab the attention of your website visitors. When a prospective buyer is interested in a car that you have listed on your website, they get the option to request a price for the same by filling up this form. It will help generate some qualified leads that will help you understand the extent of their interest. Now that you know what they are looking for and at what price, it becomes easy for you to convert them.

Schedule a test drive

Sometimes potential buyers know what car they are specifically looking for but cannot visit the store to schedule a test drive. But with this theme, you can give your prospects the option to schedule a test drive right on your website. The visitors can fill up the details in this form to schedule a test drive on their desired date and time. It is a sure-fire way to close the lead!

Financial Form

The theme incorporates a financial form on the car details page, which the potential customers can fill if they consider financing their purchase. When they fill up this form, it becomes evident that financing will make it feasible for them to make the purchase and they can avail benefit from the payment plan. Thus, this will help you to generate some well-qualified leads that are most likely to convert.

Email to a friend

This one is yet again another unique feature of the car dealer WordPress theme. If visitors come across a car listed on your website, one that their friend is looking for, using this form, they will be able to share the details directly with them. All they have to do is fill in their name, email address and the email id of their acquaintance. It will not only help in generating leads but also helps in increasing the reach of your website.


It is crucial to have a constant flow of qualified leads for a car dealership business to grow and succeed. When you provide the potential buyers with the right kind of information to make the right decisions, they are more likely to rely on you for the purchase. These five options listed in this post will allow your visitors to take the relationship further and end up buying from you.

How to start a Car dealership business using the Car Dealer WordPress Theme?

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

The internet has transformed the way customers shop across all industries. Today, with a wide range of options and limitless product information on the internet, more people tend to choose online shopping over traditional.

And this stands true for all retail industries, including the automotive industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, if you plan to start a car dealership business, you must have a cutting edge website that can draw and retain customers.

According to a report by Google and Kantar TNS, more than 90 % of the people intending to buy a car do research online. That is why you need a website that is informative, appealing and highly competent at driving traffic. But when it comes to building a website, what car dealers do not know is that they can make a professional car dealership website without having to code. But the question is, How?

Whether you are into the car dealership or planning to get into the business, WordPress will help you create a beautiful website with just the right aesthetics and features to improve user experience. And with the perfect WordPress theme, you can build a feature-rich website quickly and digitally manage car dealerships with much ease.

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

Let’s explore the features that make Car Dealer the most preferred WordPress theme in the automotive field since its inception:

Complete Customization

Car Dealer is more than just a WordPress theme! It is a complete design framework that offers 14 customizable homepage layouts and a wide range of customization options. It lets you customize every page of your website through a visual editor that helps you create a perfectly personalized website for your customers.

Advanced filter functionality

One of the core features of this theme is its advanced filter functionality. Using this feature, visitors can generate customized queries by setting filters and search as per their requirements. Not only this, due to its integration with AJAX, the search results are instantly updated on the same page, thus no more additional page loads. What else do you need?

Easy Import

The Car Dealer WordPress theme is compatible with WebManager that easily lets you manage and import your entire inventory database using a CSV file. Also, you can easily import the information about the vehicle to the listing page by simply entering the VIN.

Review Stamp

Buying a car could be a complex decision-making process. Due to the wide range of options available, it becomes tough to make the right choice. Car Dealer WordPress theme has made this easy for your customers through its review stamp functionality. Using this, car dealers can display certification and reviews of different vehicles from various vehicle valuation providers like, Kelley Blue Book, and many more.

Today, lots of people are leaning towards online shopping. Thus it has become crucial for businesses to create an online presence. If you want to start your car dealership business, then a website is essential, but that alone is not enough. You also need to make sure that your website is engaging, feature-packed and well-equipped. Here’s when the Car Dealer WordPress theme comes to your rescue and helps you build a cutting-edge website all on your own!

2018 State of Social Report – Success with Live Video

Most of us are well aware of what a live video is, be it on Facebook or Instagram; one can find several live videos. Lately, it has been so popular that even companies are using it to engage with their audience. Live video is a mean by which one can have a real-time conversation with several people at a time and promote the authenticity of the product and service or can simply put up why and how much passionate you are for the product or service you cater.

2018 -State of the social report has interviewed over 1700 social media marketers that revealed astonishing data on usage of live videos and how to use them for better publicity. The primary reason for conducting this study was to determine the variation in success ratio of live videos. It was observed that while few were a success, few failed miserably.

Have live videos caught on yet?

Although the live video is currently trending, only 31% marketers made use of it in 2017. Even though the rise in its usage was mere 5% compared to the previous year, it is still estimated to grow gradually and eventually become mainstream.

Why marketers are not creating video content

The social report also threw light on the number of people who want to make video content and the reasons that stop them from doing the same. Discussion with small and large businesses revealed that the lack of time and budget are the primary blockers. Also, they face issues in idea creation and ways to execute them well.

The frequency for posting live videos

Anything in excess is always harmful and so are live videos. The social report reveals less than 1% of marketers published videos on a daily basis. Biggest players in social marketing believe publishing videos every few months is far more effective. Only 29% posted on a monthly basis and only 7% published on a weekly basis. Unlike content marketing live video is also not about the quantity but the quality.

Companies who find these tasks daunting can always opt for digital marketing services to take care of social media marketing.

The effectiveness of live videos

Whatever be a marketing tool, none of them can assure full proof results. Live videos on Facebook were said to be effective by 60% people while 10% says it is futile. 30% of people are still unsure of its effectiveness. Amongst the 60% of the population who are in favor of live videos, 24% of them found it very useful. This data suggests that live videos may not prove to be effective for all industries.

Reasons why live videos are not fruitful to some industries

Live videos require a lot of efforts and consistency. One needs to focus on timing and quality of content that is being put up. One of the reasons that few marketers may have found live videos ineffective was the lack of consistency in broadcasting it. With so many videos to view on social media platforms, a single live video will not have a significant impact on your overall marketing efforts. Engagement of customers requires more efforts and greater connectivity.

Brief takeaway

Live videos can generate transparency between the company and the consumer; a live interaction enables faster resolution of queries or any inhibition against the product or service. Facebook stated that live videos had generated six times more interactions. The survey has focused on many things but cannot pinpoint a full proof way to succeed.

Live videos can prove to be successful for people who want to promote their art gallery or antique pieces, but marketers are still unsure how it will help local businesses like plumbers or housekeeping. It has high hope for industries like e-commerce, IT, advertising etc. Digital marketing service providers need to experiment along with providing value and relevance to the customer.

Social media optimization has always been a tricky business and will continue to be the same. The way PPC campaigns struggle to pinpoint on relevance, live videos can have the same fate. Quality content with a reach to the target audience, posted on regular intervals is believed to be a key takeaway. A company, which has extensive experience in digital marketing and SMO can help you, utilize things and live videos and other upcoming trends for promoting your business.

How Will Link Building Change This Year?

Nobody can deny that SEO is ever changing; SEO professionals have to try out various tactics to rank their website higher.

Link building is one of the sought after strategy for all of them. In fact, a study shows that over 72% believes building strong link building can help ranking to go up considerably. Many companies opt for organic SEO Services or a good SEO Service provider, to get this tricky business done.

Some of you may be new to the term link building or backlinking it can simply be defined as a number of inbound link to your blog or website. The more the backlinks the more will be the ranking. The importance of link building remains to be unchanged, yet the way link building will be approached by SEO in 2018 will be different than last few years.

1. Strong attack on PBN sites

Private Blog network (PBN) is a mean of driving backlinks to the website without leaving any footprints. Google punishes PBN sites most of the times and lately they strengthen the algorithm to identify PBN sites. It is recommended to stay away from PBN as Google may penalize you and would ultimately result in a poor ranking of your website.

2. Link profile will be a priority

Make sure your backlinks are as per the keyword strategy. Google algorithm is getting stronger to cater to a user query and provide precise results. So your backlinks and your website should be of the same category. If your website is of IT services and your backlink is from a relationship blog then it’s a major disconnect and Google algorithm will affect your ranking big time. Use Ahref to find quality backlinks and focus on URL rating distribution.

3. Influencer marketing gains more importance

Connecting to influencers and networking with bloggers and social media influencers is a key to flourish brands.  Influencers help to generate awareness among people about the latest launches, reviews and sponsored posts.

Influencer marketing will of the key focus of link building in 2018. Influencers already have huge connect and their popularity helps a website gain genuine and assured backlinks.

4. Genuine content without a sales pitch

Having quality content has always been a greatest and an easier way to drive more audience. Lately, people have been writing 2-3 posts a day which hardly derives any value to the reader and moreover, it tries to sell something or the other. Genuine and useful content will provide information to audiences and they would prefer coming back again and again and refer the website to others as well.

5. Focus on relevance and categorization

Google is focusing more and more one showing the relevant and useful result to the user’s search. Hence recognizing and putting things under right category becomes important. SEO Professional’s and SEO Service providers should understand the client’s product or their services to put precise and specific categorization. It is recommended to look out for target audience searches and setting up a strategy around it.  Also always look for including niche keywords in the strategy rather than complicated and super targeted words. There will be very few highly targeted words that can bring traffic. Always remember users do not put specific queries on search, their words are very basic and hence the job of SEO becomes tough.

Wrapping it up

SEO link building is evolving and will continue to progress as 2018 passes. A links job is to dictate to search engine that your site is relevant and will provide value and thus must reach to higher audiences. Yet even the best SEO Service provider may face issues in getting backlinks working all the time, the source which earlier seemed reliable may end up being a spam and would require the SEO professional to rework his strategy. Reworking and strategizing is a major job role in organic SEO Services. Focusing on deriving value to customers with good content will bring greater benefit to the website. This will not only help in brand recognition but will also ensure your efforts are paid off well.  A good content along with an organized and strategized link building will be a key factor to rank better.

4 Crypto Movements to Watch Out For in 2018

Cryptocurrencies exceeded expectations in 2017 after breaking through the public domain. Blockchain technology is now considered a pivotal innovation that we haven’t witnessed in years.

Even when the overall market has been on a drop in January, cryptocurrencies are growing and taking a stand as a vital technological asset and consumer product. Investors and analysts consider the next few months as critical for crypto and look to continue to monitor their maturity in value.

If you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, make sure you watch out for these trends in 2018:

1. The Stable coins

Cryptocurrencies have seen an exponential growth over the last couple of years among businesses worldwide. One of the first envisaged applications for the blockchain technology was its usage as a digital currency that would facilitate secure payments and swift transactions. However, one of the biggest issues that crypto trading faces is the level of volatility. It has been boon as well as bane for the market. While it offers active traders to take advantage of the swings and earn significant daily profits, if you take your eyes off the charts even for few minutes, you could miss out on an opportunity or suffer a loss. This level of volatility in the trade renders most tokens unreliable for everyday transactions and commerce.

Stablecoins could help overcome this downside by allowing investors to peg the token fund to another crypto asset that is less volatile such as fiat currency. Stablecoins are referred to as crypto assets designed to reduce volatility affecting most cryptocurrencies. They hold their value for a longer period of time. They serve as an ideal asset for investors to safeguard their portfolio from market’s massive swings. Several attempts have been made to deliver viable stablecoins into the crypto market, with most parking their token value to the US dollar. Tether is considered to be the biggest and most popular stablecoin yet. It sets the value of tether against the US dollar. To do this, however, it must hold cash (USD) privately to keep tether in circulation back and forth as required. Tether, the company, acts as a centralized authorized controlling the flow of tethers in the market. However, Tether has come under great scrutiny lately with concerns raised about its legitimacy and transparency.

Advocates of stablecoins are focused on devising an alternative approach towards maintaining a consistent token value. This new approach backs each token with another decentralized crypto asset, thereby depending on smart contracts to hold collaterals rather than on assets held privately. This approach offers price stability without compromising on transparency. Keep an eye out for stablecoins in 2018.

2. Revamping of Crypto Exchanges

December 2017 saw a massive boom in a number of buyers of cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges had to shut themselves off to new users due to server accommodation constraints. Now as the value of cryptocurrencies dropped over the last month, may potential buyers are now choosing platforms to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have noticed this change in behavior and are focused on improving the user interface and user experience. They now allow for swift and unlimited transactions with ease of conversion to fiat currency. Cointal is one of the examples of these exchanges that various functionalities such as beginner assistance, live support and insurance on transactions. You can purchase any currency such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin etc. The purchase is free of any other hidden fees. This platform serves as a great alternative to traditional exchanges.

3. Application to B2B markets

In the B2B market, the list of use cases is seeing a rapid increase as new decentralized apps are built and blockchain technology targets new areas such as sports, transportation, and real-estate. NewEra, a block chain-enabled carbon credit certification protocol, is one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency use cases.

This firm has developed a blockchain to record and incentivize a cleaner energy footprint. Their customers produce ERU (Emission Reduction Unit) that can be exchanged for NERA tokens for use within the community. NewEra aims to build a green economy using blockchain.

4. The influx of the Big Players into crypto.

The growth of cryptocurrency has not gone unnoticed among the Big players in the traditional marketplace. We could see likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and even Wall Street adopting cryptocurrency. The investment from any of these big players could have massive implications in the crypto marketplace. Goldman is already working on setting up cryptocurrency trading desk.

We could possibly witness major developments in cryptocurrency regulations, blockchain technology and public sentiment in the next quarter or two. So, stay informed and follow us for more updated information and crypto trends on Cryptocurrencies.

Stunt Rider – Be The Crazy Flip Master

Experience the joy ride like never before! Developed by Potenza global Solutions, Stunt Rider is a chart-topping bike stunt and racing game with pleasant aesthetics and vivid backgrounds.

This bike stunt game offers real-world experience with outstanding 3D graphics, realistic physics, and soft background music. Drive your way completing various levels performing stunts and flips through superbly evil track designs and unlocking mysterious secrets. These track designs are elevated and roller-coaster-like and will reward the drivers for acrobatic flips and jumps.

Flip and Win

With fourteen high-powered bikes and cars in eight attractive themes, this attractive bike stunt game is interesting, different, and addictive. Control the speed and accuracy of your chosen vehicle with a single tap to explore the difficult terrains, deep trenches, and steep pathways. However, take note that even with a single tap it’s not that easy; one poor landing and you could potentially wreck your vehicle. Whether you prefer to ride a bike or drive a car, do it carefully and do it like a pro to pass through longer distances on the treacherous landscapes and tracks. Collect gems to earn high points as you race through the track. But make sure you don’t waste time or slow down to collect these gems as the time you take to finish the track will reflect in your final ratings. Moreover, each successful flip through the track clocks the timer back a little offering bonus time. Just make sure you don’t fall on your back while doing it. So flip around like a flip master but do it cautiously. Your race will be rated out of the three stars at the end. If you’re happy with your rating, continue to the next level. If not, restart and take on the challenge again till you achieve the top score.

Unlock and Unveil

You stand chance to win unlimited prizes that will boost your gaming experience. Unlock new levels with soaring difficulties and new themes as you finish one level to keep the adventures coming. Moreover, you can unlock new features as well as powerful bikes such as Grit and Specter to experience the ultimate thrill of speed. Also, don’t forget to collect the gems and power-ups as the added bonuses in your race. These gems and power-ups will contribute to higher score and stars at the end of the race.

Compete with your friends

Why limit the biking experience to a single player? Invite your friends and compete with them to advance higher on the leaderboard. You can also challenge and compare your scores with players worldwide. Keep track of your scores and progress with the detailed scorecard. You won’t want to stop playing Stunt Rider till you beat your friends’ high score.

Ultimate Control

This interactive game offers superior control. The slightest touch will make the fascinating flipping action possible. But the real challenge lies in achieving that perfect flip. It demands highly-focused hand-eye coordination and will help you gain supreme control of mind and senses. You’ll be jumping high on your seat with a sense of satisfaction when you finally achieve that perfect flip and gain maximum points.

Gain a sublime riding experience with Stunt Rider with gems on the go, crazy front, and backflips, daily rewards, unlockable, powerful bikes, stunning themes and so much more. Stunt Rider is designed to entertain the crazy flip masters and the next gen riders with the aim to nurture their love for an adrenaline rush with adventurous stunts and challenging races. So take on these punishing evil stunt challenges to be the ultimate and crazy flip master.

Stunt Rider is developed by Potenza Global Solutions utilizing unity game development engine. It is available for download on Android. Click on the link below to play Stunt Rider today: 

Game Download Link

Enhance Web-Experience with Soft Motion

Flat designs were once in vogue that created appealing websites to give the best user experience until soft motion came into existence. Flat website designs became the trend a few years back with almost all the websites looking similar.

Soft motion has allowed users to engage with the website more brusquely, imparting better clarity which flat UIs somehow failed to deliver. It took long for Web developers to realize the trivial errors they had made in ignorance of inclusion of signifiers in the basic design. Flat UIs lacked creativity and an element that could drive attention of the users to the sites.

Keeping an audience engrossed with the content and the message that the website owners have to convey is not a herculean task. We just need to focus on implementing minor changes. Including motions can easily solve the prevailing issue. Small animations and motions contribute greatly to prep up the website enlivening the whole surfing experience for users. An overload of the same is however not suggested because of the obvious reasons for getting too messy on designs, marring the main purpose of being elegant, simplistic, and easily navigable. Soft motions come as a breather to avoid the fuss of hopping from one animation onto other, which is sometimes quite exasperating. Here are some suggestions wherein you can include soft motions to increase the efficacy of the website multifold. Sure, these are under best interest of the clients, for they have been lured with the interactivity and graphics which soft motion offers.


Nothing can work better than cinemagraph when it comes to giving life to a still image. Unlike GIF, they have subtle motions that look elegant and has a surprising element attached to it. This amalgamation of animation and image is quite enticing to the users, but the developer must ensure that the movement must be natural with perfect timing to reveal itself. Cinemagraphs are commonly used where big images have to be portrayed so that the effect is clearly visible, which is why one can find them on homepages, cover or landing pages that have large formats.

Reveal – on- Scroll

Reveal on scroll feature has been grabbing attention for a while now. If the scrolling is not smooth it can actually backfire the overall look and navigability of the site. Adding subtle animation to the reveal on scroll content or images can help distinguish your website design from the rest.

Background Video

The video is being used constantly to provide great graphics to the website but most of the designers fail to provide a video that is crystal clear and is relevant to the message that has to be delivered. A web developer must use a slow-motion video that helps build a connection between the user and the content. Users must get proper time to read the content and see the video so as to comprehend the message.

Background Images 

A little tweak here and there can result in a totally new effect. A peculiar parallax motion can be tweaked by providing a little animation to the still images thereby enhancing the 3D effect of the motion. This can work as a new trend that uses animations in the scrolling patterns imparting modern feel to the homepage and the complete website.

Landing Page Animations

Page loaders are often used in websites to serve a purpose. Sometimes, it is used to showcase company logo while at times it is utilized to dodge users from the slow loading site. However, think about this from user’s perspective. Page loaders are deceitful, and one shouldn’t be deceitful to the users. If your aim is to showcase your logo or garner attention of the user using cool animation, why not use animated landing page instead? A subtle animation can be easily added to the image, homepage or menu to enhance the appeal.

All of it can be easily done through Wix, a site builder that has more than 400 creative website designs to play around with. If your current website feels outdated in terms of design, guide your current team of web developers or the outsourced website development company to use Wix to rebuild or optimize your website designs. People looking out to get a new website developed with Wix can approach Potenza – a website development company that provides various web design services across the globe.