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Top Features of the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

Choosing the right car to buy requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. It is that one big decision a person will make in his life after conducting thorough research. And with every bit of information available on the internet, potential car buyers spend most of their time researching online.

It is enough to signify why car dealers should invest in a high-quality WordPress theme that will help in building a feature-rich and aesthetically appealing website. A perfect kind of theme has all the necessary features and information that the buyers need for making informed decisions.

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

In this blog post, you will learn some of the top features of the car dealer WordPress theme, which makes it the leading choice in the automotive industry.

Design Options

The car dealer WordPress theme extends 14 different layouts that let you build a creative and unique website without having to code. It will help you create beautiful pages with elegant design and style that will help you attract audiences.

The theme offers six different types of listing page layouts and three styles of car description page that will allow car dealers to list their inventory and its details in a professionally appealing manner.

Not only this, the theme has seven predefined header and three predefined footer styles that let you create an eye-catchy website, head to toe.

Call to Action Listings

Once visitors reach your listing page, you will want them to perform some actions to understand their interests. The theme’s three different vehicle description page templates include detailed vehicle information, attractive photo galleries and a finance calculator that will give buyers compelling reasons to buy from you.

The theme offers six different forms on the car details pages that will allow buyers a convenient way to contact you. If everything that a potential buyer needs is readily available to them, they are more likely to get in touch with you.

WooCommerce Support

With WooCommerce, adding a store to your website has never been that easy. The Car Dealer WordPress theme. supports WooCommerce integration that will allow you to convert your WordPress site into an e-commerce store.

Once you enable WooCommerce, you can start selling products on your website. You can choose to sell anything from cars and accessories to automobile parts and solutions.

With WooCommerce integration, you get numerous features and add-ons, using which you can offer products and commercialise your website.

Allows End-users Listing

One thing that is so unique about the Car Dealer WordPress theme. is that it lets you monetise your website and converts it into a marketplace.

The themes front end submission plugin allows users to register as a dealer on your website. Post-registration, you can set the number of cars that the users can list and the number of images they can upload on your website.

You get the option to monetise your website by offering paid subscriptions to users, with which they can list the number of cars and images as per their will.

Documentation and Video Tutorials

Car Dealer WordPress theme. comes with detailed documentation that makes it all the easier for you to configure your dealership website.

The step by step documentation has all the information that you will need to understand the theme’s features and functionalities. Not only this, but it also has easy to follow video tutorials in case reading is not your cup of tea.

Exceed your business expectations with the Car dealer WordPress theme

The above are some of the main features of the car dealer WordPress theme. This theme will give a highly professional appearance to your dealership website that provides it instant credibility. It has all the core features that you need to list your inventory in style, generate leads and achieve your targeted sales with much ease.

If you want to learn more about the theme offerings, you can visit this page and, if you have any doubts, you can contact us or write to us in the comments section below.

How Car dealers can turn their website into a marketplace using the Car dealer WordPress theme

What’s interesting is that the plugin will not only turn your car dealer website into a marketplace but also lets you monetise it.

The Car Dealer WordPress theme lets you create a seamlessly beautiful and fully customisable website for your car dealership business. This theme has been designed considering the automotive industry needs and offers exceptional features and user experience to end-users.

One such great feature comes packed in the form of their car dealer front end submission plugin, which you can enable to let visitors add their car on your WordPress website. This plugin will let you turn your WooCommerce site into a marketplace by allowing users to register and submit their car on your website with the help of a frontend submission form.

Once a user registers and adds a new vehicle, its status will remain pending until you approve it. This way, you have complete control of what goes on your website, and the cars will be available on the car listing page only after you publish them. Thus with this, the end-users get the benefit of selling their car on your platform.

The visitors will also get an option to sell their cars in exchange for a trade using the theme’s Trade-in Appraisal form. The visitors can fill up this form available on the car details page, with details of the car they would like to sell. In return, they get to sell their car or trade a car in exchange from your dealership website at a discounted price.

Monetising your website with the Car Dealer Front End Submission plugin

What’s interesting is that the plugin will not only turn your car dealer website into a marketplace but also lets you monetise it.

Yes, you heard it right! Car dealers get the advantage of monetising their website with the help of this add on feature.

You get the option to set the default number of cars and images a user can upload once they register as a dealer on your website. You can then monetise the site by offering the users the option to pay and subscribe to various pricing plans if they want to add more than the default number of cars and images on the listing page.

What else do you need? If you are looking for creating an online presence for your dealership business, the car dealer is one of the best WordPress themes to design your website. Apart from the beautiful design and aesthetics, the theme offers excellent features and functionalities, including but not limited to:

  • Creates a fully functional and customisable website with a flexible layout
  • Offers Speed Optimisation
  • Effective Lead generation through Forms (Learn More)
  • Vehicle Front End Submission
  • Site Monetisation through Pricing Plans
  • Review Stamps (Displays certificate or review/ratings of vehicles)
  • Dashboard with Google Analytical tools
  • Properly structured inventory listing (Offers unlimited vehicle listing comparison)
  • Easy Import and Export of Car feeds

If you plan to get into the dealership business, you can visit our website to learn more about the car dealer WordPress theme. If you have any queries, write to us in the comment section below or email us at info@potenzaglobalsolutions.com.

How to start a Car dealership business using the Car Dealer WordPress Theme?

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

The internet has transformed the way customers shop across all industries. Today, with a wide range of options and limitless product information on the internet, more people tend to choose online shopping over traditional.

And this stands true for all retail industries, including the automotive industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, if you plan to start a car dealership business, you must have a cutting edge website that can draw and retain customers.

According to a report by Google and Kantar TNS, more than 90 % of the people intending to buy a car do research online. That is why you need a website that is informative, appealing and highly competent at driving traffic. But when it comes to building a website, what car dealers do not know is that they can make a professional car dealership website without having to code. But the question is, How?

Whether you are into the car dealership or planning to get into the business, WordPress will help you create a beautiful website with just the right aesthetics and features to improve user experience. And with the perfect WordPress theme, you can build a feature-rich website quickly and digitally manage car dealerships with much ease.

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

Let’s explore the features that make Car Dealer the most preferred WordPress theme in the automotive field since its inception:

Complete Customization

Car Dealer is more than just a WordPress theme! It is a complete design framework that offers 14 customizable homepage layouts and a wide range of customization options. It lets you customize every page of your website through a visual editor that helps you create a perfectly personalized website for your customers.

Advanced filter functionality

One of the core features of this theme is its advanced filter functionality. Using this feature, visitors can generate customized queries by setting filters and search as per their requirements. Not only this, due to its integration with AJAX, the search results are instantly updated on the same page, thus no more additional page loads. What else do you need?

Easy Import

The Car Dealer WordPress theme is compatible with WebManager that easily lets you manage and import your entire inventory database using a CSV file. Also, you can easily import the information about the vehicle to the listing page by simply entering the VIN.

Review Stamp

Buying a car could be a complex decision-making process. Due to the wide range of options available, it becomes tough to make the right choice. Car Dealer WordPress theme has made this easy for your customers through its review stamp functionality. Using this, car dealers can display certification and reviews of different vehicles from various vehicle valuation providers like Carfax.com, Kelley Blue Book, PureCars.com and many more.

Today, lots of people are leaning towards online shopping. Thus it has become crucial for businesses to create an online presence. If you want to start your car dealership business, then a website is essential, but that alone is not enough. You also need to make sure that your website is engaging, feature-packed and well-equipped. Here’s when the Car Dealer WordPress theme comes to your rescue and helps you build a cutting-edge website all on your own!

Top WordPress Theme By Potenza Global Solutions

Going digital has become a part and parcel for the businesses to sustain and skyrocket the growth. There are multiple platforms that allow businesses to power the website, but the obsolete platform- WordPress is yet known as the most popular cms till date and enjoys the virtue of powering 35% of all the CMS based websites.

Even, you might have heard building a WordPress website is not quite a task as the platform offers a plenty of free themes, plugins, support, which are enough to build a WordPress website. Beware! The free themes may let you save a few pennies, but the issues that your business will confront once you start developing the website using those ‘freebies’ are terrible.

Oops! The businesses are in great trouble. Neither the small businesses have the budget to outsource the WordPress website development nor the business can afford the intricacies which come to the later stage leveraging free themes. What to do now?

In a nutshell, the free stuff is not a good idea, and premium themes are not as expensive that lets you go out of the budget. But, again, the plethora of premium WordPress theme options muddies the water. It becomes tricky for the discerning website owner to choose the one.

To reduce your hard work and save the hours you end up wasting in searching for the best-in-class theme for your WordPress website, we have hand-picked and enlisted the best themes that meet your all the website development and design needs, no matter what niche they come under.

Scroll down the list and see which theme can be tweaked to suit your online business needs:

1) Car Dealer – The Best Car Dealer Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme

The massive investment to sell, rent or service the cars online lets the car dealership give up the idea of going online, but the car dealer theme won’t let you do so. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution for the car dealers that make the car dealership website ready in a couple of minutes and a few clicks.

The responsive and multi-purpose automotive WordPress theme brilliantly get synced with the range of online business requirements with an array of features, extensive customization, and unmatched support.

The theme is packed with 10 best layouts, 6 listing pages, 3 style detail pages, 6 working PHP forms, 16 preloader GIFs, and visual composer. Everything, from navigation and menu to the images can be customized to build a one-of-a-kind website.

What’s more? Performance is a key that can make or break the user experience. Understanding the same, it’s ensured that website built using CarDealer loads at speed with image compression, content caching via plugin integration, tiny compress, and WP Smushit.

It allows the users to generate and download the vehicle brochure at ease with a vehicle brochure generator. The intelligent Ajax based autocomplete search to enhance the user experience. The intuitive import feed tool to keep the inventory up-to-date by importing the products directly through CSV feed files.

There is something to fuel up the marketing efforts and improve sales.

The inbuilt google analytics tool to view and gain insights into the user behaviors on the central dashboard for intelligent merchandising decisions.

Inventory vehicles can be stamped with certification badges or review/ratings to catch more eyeballs. The local marketing can be leveled up with Geo-fencing and marketing campaigns successful with promo code and Ajax based URL rewriting. The advanced export feed integration to export the vehicles to the myriad of the platforms as a part of the comprehensive sales strategy.

Live Preview

2) The Corps – Multi-Purpose And Responsive WordPress Theme

It’s pretty clear why the corps that’s built on the top of the bootstrap V3+ framework will be one of the top trending themes in the coming years. With 10 different homepage designs, visual composer support, lots of cool portfolios and blog layouts, 100% WooCommerce compatibility, WPML plugin integration, a stack of shortcodes, 10+ header style and a bunch of free stuff (revolution slider), this theme is ideal for anyone looking to build a comprehensive website.

Additionally, it’s bundled with infinitely customizable theme options, stunning colors, and audio and video support, paramount mega menu, parallax effect, MailChimp support, and retina ready plugin, which makes it a perfect fit for the corporate, business, portfolio, eCommerce, blog, agency or service based website.

The one-click demo import allows you to start tailoring the website in your way in a matter of seconds. The clean, commented and clear code, and detailed documentation makes it super easy to understand the features and build the website without getting wide of the mark.

Going forward, responsive layout, and cross-browser compatibility makes the website looks outstanding on multiple platforms across all the browsers.

Live Preview

3) Sam Martin – Personal Vcard Resume WordPress theme

Sam Martin is making its mark in the professional landscape where a business or an individual procrastinating around getting their work portfolio or resume online. It features a great masonry grid, lots of shortcodes, minimalistic design, 12 pre-built theme options and 3 layout options to customize the theme that suits the branding.

With no crazy feature, but the theme is a winner with its drag and drop customization (thanks to visual composer and ultimate add-ons). That’s the reason, it’s highly preferred by the lawyer, writer, wedding planner, model, saloon, trainer, doctor, and other professionals.

It’s WooCommerce ready which lets you set up an online store and sell merchandise in a couple of days. The great SEO optimization comprises of schema markup and responsive design, which ensures your website content gets easily indexed by the search engine.

Besides, it has all the features you need to showcase the expertise and experience in the website with the modern section and pages that include promotional image and header, about yourself, resume, my skill, portfolio, testimonials, error 404, and contact section.

Live Preview

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing WordPress Development Company

WordPress has developed as the title holder Content Management System in the late circumstances. WordPress is giving a rich working platform and an incredible client experience to a large number of clients.

On the off chance that you need to have a dynamic site all stuffed up with the most recent components, then WordPress is the best decision of substance administration framework for your business.

Despite the fact that WordPress stage is anything but difficult to utilize, still it requires a specific level of mastery to build up a productive site. The greater part of all, you require an impeccable WordPress site advancement organization that can satisfy your necessities and guarantee you to get what you need. For the enlisting procedure, there are sure pointers you should consider while picking the correct company which can meet your requirements.

Here is a rundown of 4 things to focus on:

1. Experience of the Company

General nature of the last site will for the most part rely upon the experience of the WordPress organization you would contact. This must be the primary element you ought to search for in your WordPress development company. Focus on organization which has demonstrated outcomes in the field of WordPress by its activities of the past.

Just an accomplished WordPress engineer can concoct the prescribed procedures and strategies for your venture and hand over an effective site.

2. Innovation and Methods Used

Check if the organization you are thinking about is rehearsing the most recent innovation and patterns as per the worldwide market. Request the capability by and large languages utilized for WordPress development such as

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • XML
  • HTML5
  • MY-SQL

All these coding languages are vital in a WordPress web Development. Ensure that the organization you want to hire has designers who are master in these areas. You can likewise approach them for accreditations that can be a declaration of the aptitudes they assert.

3. The Reputation of the Development Company

The notoriety of the organization is a standout amongst the most essential things to check for particularly on account of Custom WordPress developer. The past results of the organization will enlighten you regarding the level of administrations you can anticipate.

While enlisting an organization, research the market and get some answers concerning their notoriety in the business. You can counsel the past customers and clients of the organization.

4. Boost

Clients augment amid and after the development process assume an essential part in the profitable association with the specialist organization. Ensure what sort of post-venture bolster the organization offers and what is the time for which they offer free support.

Customer support, provided by a company, points at the level to which you can rely on it. You need to confirm that the terms and conditions of support are clearly laid out in the contract to avoid any future controversies.

Unravel The 8 Most Beautiful WordPress Themes For News Or Magazine Blog

If you are one of those bloggers dreaming to have your own news or magazine website, then the time is up for you to wake up to the world of WordPress Themes. Unbelievable Right? With no efficient resources, it might have been difficult to even think about developing a news website.

But the community of talented wordpress developers has unveiled exceptional WordPress themes for users who are looking to build amazing and stylish website for news, fashion or magazine. As the world is now more relying on virtual news, it is the right time to create your own space in online news industry.

Whether you want to gossip about Hollywood stars or share about the latest trends in the fashion world, these themes with their wonderful features and tools empower you to create your own news and magazine style blogs. Explore here some of the extensive WordPress themes and pick the one that best suits your requirement for web development.


When looking for magazine or news website development, Spartan stands out as one of the best WordPress themes. With a palette of unlimited color options embedded with amazing ad banner management features and sidebars, Spartan offers a unique edge for news or magazine website designing. Using these options along with live customizer, you can make changes to the website. The theme also offers exceptional options to upload videos, audios and pictures within the posts.


Embellished with drag and drop homepage builder, Noticia also marks its place in this list. Work on those customization options provided by this theme to get a dramatic look. With 3 custom post types, it provides more opportunity to customize to attract your target customers. With awesome ad banner management features, Noticia is an excellent theme to scale your ROI higher.


Thinking to build website for all the gossips and reviews about film industry, MightMag is your best pick. With its tailor-cut features, you can create the most engaging news publishing website or magazine. Want to make play on monetary gains, then this theme can work well with WooCommerce.


Parallel to MightyMag, ScopeMag is a traditional yet modern WordPress theme for news blogs and magazine websites. In this theme, you have the option to select between 3 header post styles and 2 blogroll styles.

Mister Blogger

Want to have an ideal media blogging features, Mister Blogger can be your perfect partner. Along with news publishing, you can use it for photography purpose also. This theme supports all media formats to build an attractive news or magazine website. Mister Blogger is also a perfect choice for personal blog.  


Want to create a print media type newspaper webite, Multinews can be the best option.  Loaded with WooCommerce and BuddyPress integration, this theme provides extraordinary flipping layout feature, which can keep the visitors engaged. You don’t have to work on Multinews much as it embedded with MailChimp, mega menu and numerous layouts integration.


Want to have a blog with mega menu display, go for DailyMagazine. In its mega menu option, it will show the articles, latest posts and categories. The visitors can easily browse your website for information and latest happenings. Along with WooCOmmerce tool, it also enables you to handle ad spaces with banner management.


Want to create your own style mark in industry, Revival helps you. It is a perfect option, when you want to give a trendy look for your website. Embossed with 4 kinds of layouts and sidebars on the right, it offers an opportunity to bring out your own imagination in the virtual world. Providing amazing customizing options, it helps you customize 33 widget areas. No doubt, it is an ultimate option for a fashion blog or a magazine.

Stay in touch, as with the onset of the New Year, we will be up with some more interesting and informative blogs on WordPress to enhance your knowledge.  Have we missed any theme, do share with us in the comment box. You can also contact us to request a quote for your wordpress development and regarding queries related your wordpress website.

Top Rated Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2015

Real estate is always in demand and the business is forever at the peak. Below are some stunning WordPress Themes for Real Estate.

Real estate is always in demand and the business is forever at the peak. People’s requirements for shelter will never come down. They want the best abode to live a peaceful and happy life. As a real estate business, you can help people get the house of their choice as per the requirements of your clients. We create exciting real estate WordPress themes which offer flexibility with customizability.

Real estate WordPress themes are user-friendly and offer value to your clients. You can avail of different layouts which can display multiple properties. With a number of useful plugins, you can get the most from brilliant and eye-catchy WordPress themes for real estate.

Some stunning WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Estate Pro

Real Places


Quick Sale



Sweet Home

Dream Home

To get that creative and attractive WordPress Theme for your website get in touch with us today!

List of Top WordPress Themes for Car Repair Service

Below are some stunning WordPress Themes for Car Repair Service.

Cars are the vehicles which drive our dreams and take us safely to our destinations. Car Repair services are essential for a smooth journey. They ensure that there are less number of hurdles in our personal and professional life. Good car repair services ensure that you don’t miss a day in office or at an important meeting. They ensure that your vacations are less troublesome and more enjoyable. Online Car repair services are indispensable these days.

WordPress Themes for car repair come in various colors and help display high quality images. These themes can highlight the professional image of your business.

Below are some stunning WordPress Themes for Car Repair Service.

AnyCar – WordPress Theme for Automotive & Business

Auto Repair Shop – Car Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme

AutoDoc – Car Repair Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme

Mechanic – Car Service & Workshop WordPress Theme

Garage – Auto Mechanic & Car Repair Workshop Theme

Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop Responsive Theme

CarPress – WordPress Theme For Mechanic Workshops

Car Care Responsive WordPress Theme

Car Repair Services WordPress Theme

Auto Repair Service WordPress Theme

For create various WordPress Theme Contact Us

List of Outstanding WordPress Themes for Medical and HealthCare Websites

Some of the winning WordPress Themes for Medical and HealthCare Websites

HealthCare has always been an important field for humanity as it helps improve lives with new discoveries and medications. Running a medical facility is not an easy task these days and has become challenging than ever. The patient is becoming more aware about the health concepts and personal health. In this era, where almost everything is purchased online, having a good website which informs patients about your services is imperative. With an outstanding website for your medical facility or hospital, you can prove the worth of your medical facility and also reflect your desire to support your patients.

In this post, I am presenting you some of the winning WordPress themes for your medical care facility website.

Welcare – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme

Medico – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

Care – Medical and Health Blogging WordPress Theme

We Care – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

Health Care – Responsive Health WordPress Theme

Doctor+: Responsive Medical WordPress Theme

Medicom – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

Healther – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

MedicalPlus – Health and Medical WordPress Theme

MedicalPress – Health and Medical WordPress Theme

The Most Efficient WordPress Theme Till Date – Six Box By Potenza Global Solutions

Potenza Global Solutions, which has been providing top-notch IT solutions to businesses for more than a decade, has come with an innovative WordPress theme, Six Box.

Do you want a website that excites its visitors? Do you want a website that gives you word-of-the-mouth publicity? Who doesn’t? Utilizing the best of the current technology, you can deliver brilliant user-experience. A website is surely a place where your online audience gets introduced to your business. It is the first virtual handshake with your prospective clients. It must surely be the one that catches the eye and keeps visitors lingering on it.

A website with rich features definitely has more users than a namesake website. The theme of the website determines the user experience. Potenza Global Solutions, which has been providing top-notch IT solutions to businesses for more than a decade, has come with an innovative WordPress Theme, Six Box. It is a unique WordPress theme which has six main features, which change the overall look and feel of a website on which the theme has been loaded. Six Box theme offers users with more information, in a less space. Following are the main features of Six Box WordPress Theme.

  • WordPress 4.0 Compatible
  • Responsive Layout
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Six Box Animation
  • 3 Column Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Wide Layout Style
  • Clean, modern design
  • Well Organized layers make it very easy to update
  • Google Fonts and Vector Icons
  • Minimum Adobe CS Version : CS3
  • Pixel Dimensions : 1140×2529

General Features: The best thing about Six Box theme is that it offers responsive design which implies that, irrespective of the device, your website can be viewed perfectly. Moreover, Six Box theme comes with a number of useful features such as gallery and wide layout style. Owing to its clean, modern design it allows users to navigate through the website with ease. Website owners can update content easily, without any technical help, because of the well organized layers offered by this theme. 

Six Box Animation: One of the main features of this theme is the Six Box animation. Through this theme, website owners can present more information in less space. It offers a creative way of presenting information. As the name suggests, six boxes are present on the web page with some content in each box. When user clicks on one of the box, it elongates itself to present more information available in the hindsight. In same way each box, when clicked upon, presents more information. This is a very useful feature as it assures viewer interaction with the website and lets website give more information in less space.

Three column portfolio: Another feature that stands out is the three column portfolio. With this feature, a website can display the projects accomplished in the past in the form of three column portfolio. Each column presents the project on which the company has worked previously. By clicking on one box, users can view the details about the project. 

When it comes to font, Six Box utilizes font Open Sans in different weights (regular and bold).

WooCommerce Compatible: The biggest advantage that comes with Six Box theme is that it is WooCommerce compatible. If you are planning to sell products on your website currently or at any time in the future, then this WordPress theme will be very useful for you.

Gallery:  The ‘Gallery’ feature allows you to post images related to different events on a single page. Images to a specific event can be grouped under a single block. This makes the site look more organized and neat. 

Six Box WordPress theme is indeed a boon for a number of websites as it promises exciting features. Making it convenient for users to navigate through your site, it ensures high traffic and ranking on search engines.