Today, every business, be it small or big, needs an attractive website to create a strong online presence. But the problem is that not every person knows about building or designing a website, especially writing long HTML and CSS codes to build that perfectly designed website. Thanks to platforms like WordPress, business owners can now build a stunning website for their businesses without having to write a single line of code. 

WordPress has thousands of themes available that will help you to create a basic website in just no time. However, how can one customize the website to add features and functionalities without having any technical knowledge? That’s when WordPress plugins come to your rescue.

WordPress has more than 50 thousand plugins that will help you to add all the features required to build a high-tech website without coding. These plugins usually consist of predefined elements that you can use to build and design an attractive website instantly. As there is no coding involved, these plugins let you add elements to your website using a drag and drop mechanism that a layman can easily perform. The main benefit of WordPress plugins is that you can customize your website and add a touch of personalization by selecting the text, colors, and other elements as per your needs. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress tools and plugins that will help you design an attractive website without knowing how to code. But before that, let’s know what some of the benefits of building a WordPress website without coding are. 

Benefits of building a no-code WordPress Website 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Fast and Easy Development 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to Use and Maintain 
  • Faster updates 
  • Reduced development cost
  • And many more

Best Tools and Plugins for WordPress Website


Elementor is by far the best page builder for WordPress. With millions of active installs, it’s the most ingenious drag & drop editor, which is used by professionals all across the globe to design attractive websites in no time. Elementor has many inbuilt widgets that enable you to quickly create every bit of your website, be it sliders, icons, text, images, social media integration, animation, and much more. 

It works flawlessly with pretty much any theme or plugin without affecting the speed of your existing website. You can choose to start from scratch or pick from more than a hundred pre-designed templates that can be installed on any page. Not only this, but it also has a pro version that comes with amazing features like forms, pop-ups, and theme builder using which you can design the header and the footer. 

Gallery by Envira

WordPress comes with built-in standard galleries that are just too basic to be good. But if you want to build a creative website, then this plugin is for you. Here, you will get options far better than the basic layout, and you can display images using their pre-designed templates to customize the appearance of your website. 

The reason behind choosing the gallery by enviro plugin for your website is not only to make your gallery appear attractive but also because it has various templates, easy dragging features, video support, and much, much more.

Now, if we talk about its price, this plugin comes with four different pricing plans, namely basic, plus, pro, and lifetime.

Smart Slider plugin

Well, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot simply stuff your web page with lots of information as it will not only look unsightly but also slows down your website significantly. 

But with the smart slider plugin, you need not worry about that anymore. This plugin has a library of more than 180 customizable templates that let you showcase your information in the form of sliders without affecting the page load time. 

It is visually appealing, easy to install, simple to use, and one of the best slider plugins available for WordPress. 

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

If you’re searching for no-code means to display all your products, services, pictures, blog posts, photos, and every data on your web pages in a clean and attractive grid layout, then this plugin is just for you. 

The essential grid WordPress plugin lets you display any information on your website elegantly in the form of grids. It has more than 50 grid templates that you can choose from and customize as per your business needs.

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Hiring a professional developer and spending thousands of dollars to build a Website is something that isn’t feasible for everyone. Instead, you can build an attractive WordPress website in just minutes without coding by simply making use of such plugins. What do you think of the plugins that we discussed above? Have you installed any of these plugins on your WordPress website? Do you want to give your suggestions? Let us know about it by writing below.

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