The Internet has become a crucial part of our lives, and it has given a headstart to our passions. After the pandemic, many people started purchasing online. It means that various small and large businesses were encouraged to list their services and products on the Internet. It’s said that the online shopping industry will be a trillion-dollar industry till 2022.

You should know the perks of listing your products on the right platform if you’re a new business. One of the famous platforms is WooCommerce, with around 3,876,748 websites using it. The Elementor WooCommerce themes will be your key to building an engaging website. We have a few examples of the potential themes you could use for your website. To know more, please keep reading ahead.

Top Elementor WooCommerce Themes

What do you think are the qualities of the best WooCommerce theme? One of the essential features is a fast load time. The page load time affects the user experience, conversion rate, and SEO ranks. Next, the theme should be flexible. It’s vital to customize to make your website look according to your preferences. Most of the Elementor WooCommerce themes have customizer settings and Elementor integrations that help customize the smallest aspects of the online store.

Finally, a theme with a tremendous WooCommerce integration creates a fantastic shopping experience for the visitors. A good integration may include optimized checkouts, trust badges, optimized carts, off-canvas filters, quick product view, flexible sales badges, and more. Now, let’s look at the available themes for your eCommerce store.

Elementor Hello plus Theme Builder

The most lightweight and flexible theme for WooCommerce is Elementor Hello plus Theme Builder. You’re free to use dedicated widgets and features of the template in the Elementor theme builder.

It will assist in designing your shop and the needed product pages. Moreover, you’ll have complete control over the design, like adding buttons.

However, you’ll need CSS to style your checkout pages and the cart. You can also choose another theme from the list below to retain optimum flexibility.


Many users choose GeneratePress because of its features and popularity. It’s a great lightweight multipurpose theme for your WooCommerce store.

This theme leverages you with a detailed WooCommerce setting in the WordPress Customizer that aids in configuring things like a drop-down shopping cart and distraction-free checkout mode.

Some notable features of GeneratePress include the display of add to cart panel on scroll, customization of the column of upsell/related products, and WooCommerce breadcrumbs.


If you’re looking for a quick loading theme for the WooCommerce store. It’s highly compatible and has importable demo sites powered by Elementor.

This Elementor WooCommerce theme comes in a free version and works with WordPress. However, if you need in-depth Woocommerce integration, invest in Neve Pro. The paid option helps you customize your site and control your pages. 

Jupiter X

This theme has 270 pre-built templates powered by Elementor and Jupiter X’s unique customization settings. It’s not considered a lightweight theme; however, it has a fast loading time.

Moreover, it stands out as one of the gorgeous demo sites. You will get your hands on various e-commerce features to control your site in the WordPress customizer. Besides, you should know that this theme is paid and includes the theme and all demo sites.


If you need a site with a 100% focus on E-commerce, Woostify is the theme for you. It’s a lightweight and attractive theme for your store. Some of its prominent features are ajax add-to-cart (with slide-out panel), built-in product variation swatches, autocomplete product search, product quick view, buy now button, urgency countdown timers, built-in size charts, and more.

Not only this but also this theme includes pre-built demo sites for various niches. You can build many of these demo sites with Elementor and customize them easily.


Another site theme that has its complete focus on WooCommerce is Shoptimizer. It’s very lightweight and looks attractive. The valuable part of this theme is its focus on conversion rate optimization. Shoptimizer has data-backed techniques that are useful for your site.

Some of its features include an optimized distraction-free checkout, a good microcopy under the add to cart button to add data on shipping, return policies, a sticky bar with product details, and an add to cart button that displays as users scroll.

Furthermore, it has trust badges on the shopping cart, checkout page, sales countdown timers, animated stock counters, autosuggest product search, and more. All in all, it’s an excellent option for your website. 

Did you find your theme?

The suggested Elementor WooCommerce themes provide an excellent base for your online store. They have impressive benefits for the site. However, choosing the right site according to your needs depends on you. 

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