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SEO And SMO: Top 5 Benefits For A Brand (Updated)

Top 5 Benefits Of SEO And SMO Services For A Brand

If you ever read about digital marketing and its techniques, then you might have come across words like SEO & SMO. SEO and SMO services are two of the most common digital marketing strategies used by businesses of all sizes. 

While SEO has always been an integral part of search engines. SMO is a relatively new concept that refers to optimizing your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website. Even though the acronyms differ by only one letter, the ideas behind SEO and SMO are very different.

In this article, we will explain what exactly SEO & SMO services mean and talk a little about their benefits too. 

What does SEO stand for? 

SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, is a collection of methods and strategies that actually help in increasing traffic to your website. SEO helps improve your website’s visibility by positioning your website higher in search results for relevant terms. For years, SEO services ruled the industry, helping businesses achieve the top rankings on search engines

What does SMO stand for? 

SMO stands for “Social Media Optimization.” It is a type of digital marketing technique that focuses on connecting, engaging, and communicating with audiences via social media platforms. The goal of SMO is to increase the volume of visitors your website receives by utilizing various social media channels. It is a highly effective method of sharing and advertising your content. 

Using SEO and SMO services together has worked like a charm for the most well-known companies. This is because SEO helps to improve SERP visibility, and SMO helps to establish a brand’s online reputation through widespread social media channels. 

Now let’s have a look at what are the benefits of these two services: 

Benefits Of SEO And SMO

Benefits of SEO: 

SEO has many benefits, but we’ve narrowed them down to the following five: 

Attract high-quality visitors 

Since SEO helps improve website ranking, more users browsing for similar business services will see and click on a website. This helps in increasing organic traffic, which is difficult to gain otherwise. 

Improved conversions 

It is possible to attract visitors who are interested in the company’s products and services by using specific keywords and meta-tags. This increases the possibility of converting leads into loyal customers. 

Help enhance brand awareness

Even if a website isn’t very popular, it will be seen more often in the first spot for the most popular keywords. Every time a user searches for a service, the company’s website appears, making the brand well-known to the public. 

Gain a competitive advantage 

It’s important for businesses to have high-quality content and the right amount of keywords in order to stand out from the competition. That’s exactly what SEO helps you achieve for your business. 


Both low-cost SEO services and a high ROI from SEO-based marketing techniques make these services highly useful and cost-effective. 

Benefits of SMO: 

Building a brand 

Using SMO services, one can spread the word about a business, goods, and services quickly and effectively with the help of large social networks. 

Boost search engine ranking 

This may sound strange, but it’s a fact. Having a large number of quality backlinks (coming from popular social media channels) can help a website rank high in search engine results. 

Target specific audience 

Using social media, you can tailor your message to a specific user based on factors such as their age, gender, and interests, as well as their location. Businesses see incredible success with campaigns that are tailored to their customer’s preferences. 

Extremely quick turnaround 

The goal of SMO is to increase user involvement, conversions, and revenue, all of which can be achieved in a matter of minutes since social media is known for making anything go viral. This is the most effective form of marketing that businesses can use. 

Obtaining inbound and outbound links is extremely important and, at the same time, a time-consuming process. SMO makes it easier to add links to your website and blogs. This helps increase the number of people who see your content and click on them. 


Spending a significant amount of money on SEO and SMO services helps companies maximize their potential and stand out from the competition. Both of these services can be customized to meet the needs of a business irrespective of its size. This, as a result, helps businesses build online credibility, increase their brand’s visibility, and increase sales. 

If you, too, need help with social media optimization or search engine optimization for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Potenza Global Solutions provide affordable SEO and SMO services to a wide range of businesses, enabling them to reach new heights.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SEO and SMO in digital marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps your website appear higher in search engine results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. SMO helps you get more followers, likes, and shares on different social networks.

Which is better SEO or SMO?

SEO and SMO both are good and both will help you to increase your website traffic. However, SEO is a long-term strategy and SMO will give you an instant boost in short term. Also, you should always use techniques that are more relevant to your business.

How do SEO and SMO work in the growth of a business?

Both SMO and SEO are important to the growth of a business. SMO works on the public relations and marketing side of a company while SEO works on the development and optimization side of a company’s website.

4 Glaring Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid On Social Media Marketing

4 Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid On Social Media Marketing

One of the major parts of promotional activities is promotion on social media. There are n number of benefits that a business or an entrepreneur gets when he/ she promotes his/ her business on social media.

They can increase their brand recognition, inbound traffic, improve brand loyalty, higher brand authority, better SEO ranking, etc. But, social media promotion can reverse attack if not done in the right way and chosen the right method. It is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, knowledge, creativity and talent to achieve great success via this method of promotion. There are few common social media promotional mistakes that need to be resolved. This article will talk about those mistakes and ways with which you can overcome them.

Starting without any pre-planned strategy

It is a mistake that is committed by those who underestimate the talent and capability required to achieve the targets that they want to. It is very important to prepare a blue print with your team and have a well-planned strategy as of how will you be starting this online marketing and how will you be implementing all your plans so as to get the desired outcome out of it. You need to study all the plans you have executed in the past and the results that were derived from them and you will also need to study the plans that are being executed by the rivals so that you can perform better than what you did in the past.

Relying on past strategies

Another mistake that maximum number of people attempt to do is that they try to implement the same strategies that they used in past. People planning online social media marketing strategies need to understand that as time is passing by trends are changing, demand of people is changing, their needs are also changing, and due to all these changes there may occur a case where they may not be satisfied with the same product as they were few years back. People are attracted towards positive changes and they demand new things every now and then. So, it is important to study the present market condition before planning any promotional activity so as to derive better results instead of relying on past strategies.

Writing Content only for the sake of writing

It is the worst thing a company can do to promote their business. Contents are not written just for the sake of writing, they are written because they play a very significant role in promoting your business and giving it a better SEO ranking. If your content is genuine, creative an attractive then you can easily get a better SEO ranking and promote your business in a better way. But, if you take this aspect lightly then you can terribly fail in this campaign of yours.

Ignoring the public response

You can also terribly fail in your social media marketing if you ignore the public response and do not consider what they have to say regarding your strategy. So, it is very important that you consider their comments and feedbacks so as to satisfy them in a better way and derive better results.

4 Ways To Explore Social Media Beyond Marketing

4 Ways To Explore Social Media Beyond Marketing

We all know and understand the power of social media and the increasing number of users every single day. This number has increased multi-fold in less than a decade, there is data and studies backing this up.

It has been an extensive marketing tool ever since however, there is more than just that it can do for companies. There is a huge dump of data that is directly accessible by marketers, that needs to be analyzed, sorted for product improvement or enhance the customer experience as a whole. You just need to pay attention and listen to your customers. Besides, a strong social media presence increases the face value of the brand. It goes hand in hand with media research and improving marketing efforts to achieve this and vice versa.

Below are four ways to explore social media beyond Marketing:

1) Improving and development products/services: 

This is one of the most effective ways to deep dive and understand the needs of the customers. There is direct access to information on things that are working well and the areas for improvement. This should be the basis for new product development or improve existing products. This holds good for companies that are service based or looking for the brand extension.

2) Take Customer Feedback: 

We cannot think of any better way of gathering customer feedback. There is constant interaction, information sharing that happens and which can be used to extract the pulse. The best method, of course, conducting surveys and sharing questionnaires that are crisp and concise. Sometimes you just need to ask and that is all it takes.

3) Content Management:

 The content that you have been managing on  the web need constant updates and articles to keep up with the latest industry trends. However, there could be content that is old that can come back to life and linked back via the social media websites. There will be some amount of tweaking or updating that will be required, but it’s a great way to keep older articles floating around and the effort will reap evergreen results.

4) Use online content and data for offline marketing: 

There is a lot of research and effort that goes into making content online. It could be a combination of Youtube videos, infographics, meme’s that would have been viral or extensively accessed. This can also be recycled to use it offline as well. The data can go on brochures, flyers, material that be used to conferences and a whole other lot. You just need to analyse the results from your online activity and make it a value addition for your offline presence as well.

It is undoubtedly a great platform for enhancing customer trust, experiencing also gain trust at the same time. The outbound activity will be the videos that go viral on Facebook, the infographics that are shared, may tweeter feed or hash-tags, interactions on LinkedIn, followers on Instagram. However, internalising this data with the technical and analytical approach is what propels the vertical movement, and take giant leaps.

Feel free to Contact us for your query regarding social media and we are here to get you on right track of social media marketing.

Top Five Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media Strategy In 2016

Top Five Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media Strategy In 2016

Exactly how imperative is social networking for lead era and client connections? Is it more imperative than SEO and verbal publicizing, as per Wasp Barcode Technologies’ “Condition of Small Business Report?”

Little organizations rank social networking as their third most imperative promoting strategy for achieving new clients, firmly behind email and having a site.
Starting 2014, 72 per cent of B2C advertisers have obtained a client through Facebook. Contingent upon your intended interest group, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest are immeasurably imperative systems for building brand acknowledgment, associating with clients, and creating new leads.

Is it true that you are prepared to take your online networking amusement to the following level? Once your business has aced the fundamentals, such as picking the right stage and making a consistent posting calendar, it’s a great opportunity to quit fooling around. Here’s the means by which to post like a genius and take your online networking showcasing to the following level:

1. Offer better client administration with “social consideration”

Like any client protest, how you handle the objection is pretty much as essential as the last result. Regardless of the possibility that you can’t settle the issue instantly for your client, recognize and react to the protestation right away. Do harm control: move the discussion off open online networking as fast as could be expected under the circumstances by tailing them and welcoming the client to DM you for more subtle elements.

At that point, you can guide issues to the right division whether it is a specialized issue for your bolster staff or a discount/trade demand for your item group. The rate of reaction is basic! Recognize the issue and let the client know you’re finding a way to correct the circumstance.

2. Hit the right substance blend

In a perfect world, you ought to go for the “80/20” content blend: 80 percent important, shareable posts and 20 percent convincing, suggestion to take call-to-action posts. This blend is basic to accomplishing a feasible, drawing in online social networking nearness.

3. Bring out feeling

Pride is another feeling that Nextiva prescribes advertisers remember: “Every Like, Share, Favourite, and so on is an impression of what every client needs to impart to people in general, and is making a feeling of pride for themselves.” As you build up your image’s online networking content arrangement, consider the feeling that every post will bring out. Actualities, while valuable, are additionally exhausting. Convey some hobby and knowledge to your data by utilizing your genuine voice. In the event that you make them chuckle and make them cry, you’ll make them recall that you, as well.

4. Get found with the privilege hash tags

Limit yourself to close to three hash tags per post. Brand-particular hash tags are alright, however pick short ones and use them reliably to manufacture acknowledgment and a taking after. Tap into a bigger discussion by picking hash tags that are identified with an advancement, momentum occasion, or regular pattern. Not certain which labels are most mainstream for your industry? I like for following slanting labels.

5. Recount a long-frame story over various posts

As your business explores different avenues regarding diverse substance channels and organizations, consider adding long-shape narrating to your substance blend. In a universe of snack able substance, once in a while we as a whole need a remedy to 140-character messages.


Try not to give your online networking a chance to diversion stagnates. From adjusting your hash tags to getting imaginative with your substance blend, this is the ideal opportunity to explore different avenues regarding online networking as you build up your image’s valid voice for most extreme engagement.

How FaceBook’s Latest ‘Reactions’ Affects Brand’s Social Media

How FaceBook’s Latest 'Reactions' Affects Brand's Social Media

In this world that so active in the social media world quickly adapts to any change whatsoever that is made in the social media websites. The latest feature that is the emoji emotion focused like button on Facebook. People have been extensively using this feature to further address their reactions clearly on the post.

Earlier, just the like button never one a chance to be expressive, this new feature however helps them be more expressive about their emotion regarding the most. It might look as a small addition to Facebook’s features, for the users, these additions might not mean much as they use it to express their feeling one some status or photos for better understanding. However, these additions are important for the brands that advertise or post about their product or company on these social websites. There are many things that one might wonder as this concept and new. So, a few points will help one understand this mechanism better.

The points are mentioned below:

There is no need to report each and every reaction

There will a number of reactions to each post, so there is no need to report each and every reaction. So, there is no need to give a detailed report for all the reaction. One should not create a metric that is completely devoted to these reactions. There is no point in doing so as these metrics will anyway not be able to give a complete view. So, there is no point in creating something specifically just for the emoji enabled like button.

Focus on the sentiments

There are love, like and angry kind of sentiments that are available in this featured. So, for example, if one is receiving love and anger as their reactions mostly, so it is something one should consider. What is important to focus here is the target audience. One might be aiming at the wrong or inadequate audience. Thus, in order to correct their actions, one needs to make sure that their audience is apt then they will receive the anticipated reactions from the users.

Do not pay attention to trolls

There are millions of people who sit behind the computer screen and use these social media sites, so it is natural that there will be many trolls and unwanted reaction on the posts, these are meant to upset the posts and also the status quo, but the point is one cannot do much to control these trolls, so the best thing to do is not pay attention to them and one should rather focus on they must make their potential viewers like the post. Also, one should not panic at such undesired situations instead they should only try to get only the desired reactions on their posts. Also, if one gets too many trolls on their posts, it is strongly recommended that one must reconsider what their target audience should be. If they try to re target, they might get lesser trolls on their post.

The Next BIG Thing: Integrate Social Media To Your Website

The Next BIG Thing: Integrate Social Media To Your Website

We know you already have social media pages for your company and you have these icons over your website, but the question here is ‘Are you using the social media channel to your advantage?’!

When a customer visits your website or makes a purchase, they have a potential to inform this to hundreds of their friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinit and so on. The idea is to use these opportunities to your advantage.

When a customer visits your website or makes a purchase, they have a potential to inform this to hundreds of their friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinit and so on. The idea is to use these opportunities to your advantage.

When a customer makes a purchase from your website, ideally they are satisfied with the purchase and are excited about it. At this point if your website allows them to share details of the product with their friends, the chances are good that they’ll share it. Hence ones it is shared by a friend into its social network you get more visitors who can trust your website and can make purchase. It is important to place social media sharing buttons strategically on your product/ article pages so that each sale can become a marketing campaign in itself and drive additional traffic and business for your website.

Strategically place ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Tweet’ & ‘Pin’ buttons on your website.

The more your website is shared over social media pages the more credible it becomes for search engines. Hence everything here will play to your advantage and you can save a lot on your online marketing budget.

There are companies which have offers for its customers if they share the information, product or a deal with their friends. Many deal based sites offer free deal to its customers if on sharing the deal over social network can bring more people who sign up for the deal. There are also companies which give discount on the second purchase by the customer if it shares the first purchase on their social network. Affiliate marketing is picking up through social networks and a lot more.

There is a lot more happening on the social media front then what is visible to the eyes. You surely don’t want to miss on all this action!

Reach to our social media expert today and see what social media has to offer for your online product and take your business to the next level.