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Top Blog Modules for DNN Development

Top Blog Modules for DNN Development

Blogging is the buzz word in this era where constant communication is the key to success. It is one of the top most social media tools, which helps a business draw the attention of prospects. A blog is a core part of a website. Almost all businesses, whether big or small, usually include a blog on their website. Blogging offers a number of benefits by disseminating product/service information, valuable thoughts or suggestions, news and much more. Simply put, blogs play a significant role in publishing content which can be used further on social media channels to draw more traffic to your website.

Blogging is the buzz word in this era where constant communication is the key to success. It is one of the top most social media tools, which helps a business draw the attention of prospects. A blog is a core part of a website. Almost all businesses, whether big or small, usually include a blog on their website. Blogging offers a number of benefits by disseminating product/service information, valuable thoughts or suggestions, news and much more. Simply put, blogs play a significant role in publishing content which can be used further on social media channels to draw more traffic to your website. Blogs are also important for eCommerce websites as they help in sharing product information. DNN developers, who have worked on DNN development projects, find blog modules very useful. Following is the complied list of some of the best DNN blog modules.


This DNN blog module has all the required blogging features apart from multi-author support, sophisticated comment system, versatile feeds generator, search engine friendly, and integration with a number of services including Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Disqus, Twitter, and Live writer. Being easy to manage and install, it delivers consistent user experience by emphasizing on UI/UX and usability patterns.


Offers a number of widgets for Archives, Featured Posts, Popular Posts, Authors, Calendar, Categories, search, Blog rolls, etc.

  • Versatile comment system that facilitates comments moderation, nested comments, Gravtar integration, Akismet integration, Notification services, and Captcha support
  • Multiple author support
  • Remote publishing/Live Writer
  • Ping services
  • Trackbacks and Pingbacks
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Shows related posts and summaries at the end of the post
  • SEO optimized
  • Facilitates live Campaign integration
  • Performance focused
  • Offers free conversion from another blog module

EasyDNNnews 7.0:

EasyDNNnews is one of the most powerful DNNblog modules, which makes it easy for non-technical users to both manage and publish articles. It enables them to add pictures to articles in an easy way. It is versatile and so it can be used for product catalogs, RSS feeds, news websites, events, blogs, etc. It is an ultimate and omnipotent publishing platform that eases managing articles, images, video and audio. It can also help you run a complex newspaper website.


  • Easy to use
  • Delivers positive user experience
  • Makes it possible to work fast through quick access toolbar
  • Can be used for multiple purposes including FAQs, online tutorials, online user instructions, product catalogues, knowledge bases and many other purposes
  • Template driven layout and design
  • StyleWizard to adjust CSS without manually changing the code
  • Magazine layout
  • Advanced media management
  • Integration with EasyDNNgallery
  • Responsive layout

Post IT blog module:

This simple yet powerful helps in creating exciting websites. It is ideal for news and articles. Allowing you to create posts, it helps you categorize them. You can also create posts feed and SEO friendly URLs for your posts.


  • User friendly interface
  • Tags and categories
  • Offers social features
  • Helps track and manage comments
  • Keeps posts SEO-optimized through justified URLs
  • Uses latest posts feed on your pages with auto-generated previews
  • Free updates

DNNGo xBlog:

This DNN based blog program comes with powerful functions and an exceptional design style. It not only allows you to manage articles but it also provides different functions for managing themes, editing templates, and pinging. The theme and template have implemented Velocity template language, which is popularly used. When combined with HTML, it can help create different types of blog interface. It makes it easy for you to import and export themes.


  • Multiple sets of themes
  • Multiple Banner Slider effects built in each set of theme, which can be displayed freely through Views module
  • Support Friendly URL of articles to reinforce SEO efforts
  • Allows random installation or export of your themes and switching between them freely
  • Ability to edit template file for corresponding theme
  • Enables to own powerful blog function as WordPress
  • Provides ability to setup various article states or timing release function
  • Supports comment’s avatar service from Gravatar.com site and also avatar rating, different default avatar, random avatar and other features
  • Supports sharing service from addthis.com allowing you to change and customize sharing icons freely
  • Supports impeccable comment management and spam comments filtering functionalities
  • Supports multiple authors to maintain the blog simultaneously, support administrator to review the posts
  • Supports import/export data which contains articles, categories and images etc.
  • Permits use of sitemap, the module has separate Sitemap containing categories and articles.
  • Provides support for Windows Live Writer to compose blogs, support MetaWeblog API

DNNArticle Blog:

This superb blog application is based on powerful DNNArticle. Easy to set up and use, it permits multiple users to create their own blog headers with links to their sites. Users can also create their own website list, which be shown for active blog. Thus, it inspires users to keep their blog alive. DNNArticle Blog includes 13 sub modules which provide powerful features as well as flexibility.


  • User web sites and blog header that inspire users to keep their blogs alive
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Supports blog categories and entry categories
  • Administrators can set roles that can create blog
  • Admin users can feature blogs and blog entries.
  • Blog List sub module to display featured blogs and most active blogs.
  • Blog Entry List sub module to depict featured blog entries as well as the most popular entries.
  • Blog owners can define their own blog header
  • Blog owners can add their own Web sites that can be shown on the blog home page
  • Templates: It fully supports templates and allows you to define your own user interface
  • SEO friendly

SunBlogNuke 6.x:

This ultimate publishing tool is used extensively for DNN or DotNetNuke websites. It is simple to use and follows web standards. It is an excellent assortment of modules for blogging on DNN site. It is an advanced blogging platform that comes with interactive features.


  • 100% XHTML 1.0 compliant controls
  • Features social bookmarks, Ajax, gravatars, email notification, tag cloud and other web 2.0 features
  • Multi-language support
  • XML-RPC interface
  • COmes with full theme system to make designing easy
  • Flexible
  • Highly configurable
  • Multi-author support

LGI Blog:

This amazing blog module is flexible and offers a number of features. With a nice and clean admin panel, users can easily add new posts. With a perfect comment management system, it permits you to prevent comments for being visible on your site before you approve them. You can also notify other users of new comments through email.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Tags and categories
  • Social features
  • Helps track and manage comments
  • SEO-optimized URLs
  • Uses latest posts feed on your pages with auto generated previews
  • Free updates
  • Provides monthly calendar highlighting days with published posts
  • Displays a hierarchical view of categories with the count of published posts
  • Displays list of recent posts and comments
  • Quick search within posts
  • Multiple categories
  • Enables to put widgets in any page

DotNetNuke CMS Meets Needs of Organization, Developers, and End Users

DotNetNuke CMS Meets Needs of Organization, Developers, and End Users

DNN is a web content management system. Built on ASP.Net. DotNetNuke has many features which are suitable for Organization, Web Developers and End User.

Almost everybody from the web development world has heard the name of DotNetNuke (DNN). It is a popular platform in the web content management world. DNN offers extensible and flexible modules and skins. Its features are so vast that they can be useful for individuals as well as organizations. DNN functionalities can be utilized to develop websites, online publishing portals, intranets, extranets, and custom vertical apps on IIS.

DNN for Organizations:

The website of any organization must be regularly updated with fresh content. DNN is the right fit for organizations as it provides great flexibility, humble start up cost, and quick deployment time. With these features, companies can implement strategic moves without facing any hindrances. With DNN, website owner gains total control over the content as well as the overall look of the website.

DNN for Website Developers:

Using DNN’s versatile architecture web developers can conveniently extend the functionality or modify the way your website appears. DotNetNuke development presents an innovative way of changing the commercial sites and conveying their message to the prospective clients. Being a powerful web application framework and CMS, DotNetNuke is the first choice for website developers.

DNN for End Users:

DNN is an easy to use page editing tool that enables end users to change content without any help from a person with technical background. With the granular security model, the system administrator can define access rights for different users. This provides the end users with complete flexibility and freedom to post and modify content. However, they will have restricted access to the remaining areas of the site.

DotNetNuke offers the content approval workflow functionality in its Professional and Enterprise Edition. Using this functionality, web content can be taken a step forward. Though the free community edition can be downloaded from the net, it doesn’t offer any technical support.

Why Go For DotNetNuke Skins Custom Development

Why Go For DotNetNuke Skins Custom Development

DNN or DotNetNuke is an ASP.NET framework that helps in building and maintaining websites. The website can be easily maintained by you with the creative tools offered by the DNN platform, you can get a website which has a unique style and meets the web standards.

Web designing and development has always been a field of innovation. New technologies have always surprised us owing to the amount of innovation they reflect. DotNetNuke or DNN is the new open source Content Management System (CMS) that has awed the world. It comes with rich features and also brings down the overall development costs. It offers a number of benefits to the users. A website gets a novel look with the utilization of DNN skins. DNN custom development can help your business get SEO friendly and attractive skins.

Utilizing DotNetNuke development technology, you can set up a website. However, if you wish to apply your own branding to the website you can avail of something called as skinning. Every DNN solution will involve the use of a skin. The DotNetNuke Development environment is supported by a selection of a number of off-the-shelf skin designs. You can choose from the range of number of ready made skin designs. However, it would be a rare scenario wherein a specific skin will match perfectly with your corporate identity.

DotNetNuke development companies can develop customized DNN skins that suit your brand. Custom skinning helps you frame your design flexibly. It will also be designed to meet the latest technical standards, accessibility, requirements and is also SEO friendly.

DNN skin process can be utilized for enhancing the look of your current site or your corporate branding guidelines. You can also use it for creating a new website altogether. Following are the benefits that can be gained from custom DNN skins.

  • Tailor made navigation/menu controls: With custom DNN skins you can get maximum performance. It ensures search engine visibility as well as site accessibility. You can also meet XHTML and CSS standards.
  • Greater Performance: Owning to light-weight coding you can enhance the speed performance of your site.
  • Accessibility: You can avail of accessibility testing and reporting.
  • Compliance to standards: DNN skins are developed and also tested for compliance with existing standards.
  • Cross browser as well as Cross platform testing: By utilizing DotNetNuke development services, you can test skins for consistent appearance and performance across a number of browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

One of the major benefits delivered by DNN is that the content is separated from the design. This enables to modify the website and also to alter the overall visual appearance of the website without having to go for content modification. In this way, with DNN development you can enhance the look and feel of your website without going for a total change.