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5 Golden Rules To Build The IOS Application Like A Pro!

5 Golden Rules To Build The IOS Application Like A Pro!

iOS- the one of the leading platforms is profoundly known for having high-quality apps and stringent requirements that must be met to upload the app onto the Apple store.

The innovations are made and adherence to the standard practices is mandated by the Apple store to ensure that the users find the apps usable enough and can use the app with a great convenience.

Although half of the iOS apps submitted on the Apple store faces rejection may be due to the low-quality or they are designed by not paying attention to the guidelines. It indicates there is a dire need of following the certain tips while developing and designing the application by iPhone application development Company.

Take a look at what are the tips that guarantee the submitted app get the clearance of Apple’s review team and score high popularity among users:

Ensure the app is bug-free

In the hush of completing the app before the deadline, the QA and testing team pass the app without testing it rigorously, which in turn leaves some flaws in the application. The bugs don’t let the app to function fine and consequently, the app crashes. Sometimes, the broken links are also left in the application which annoys the users.

This should not happen. The development team makes certain that the app must not get submitted unless it passes all the quality checks and declared flawless by the testing team.

The interface must be intuitive

Apple is very clear about the app’s layout and as a rule of thumb, it’s already declared that there should not be any scrolling, the content should get fit into the screen and the designs must have clarity, depth, and deference so that users can seamlessly navigate through the app.

Additionally, to keep the users remain hooked and keep using the app, the app must have visual appeal, right sized buttons, appropriate icon, standard buttons and more.

Include outstanding design elements

Along with the remarkable image designs, the images included in the app must be of high resolution to offer the consistent experience to the users across all the iOS devices. But, the iPhone app developers need to keep in mind that the simple UI design elements work very differently from the UI design elements with 3D touch, so the images must be crafted accordingly.

Adding the accurate description in a simplified way and best screenshots are must, to let the users better understand the app and its features.

Proper documentation

Without documentation, understanding about any application is implausible. The developers should prepare the comprehensive documentation that includes every detail of the app such as the tools used, app’s usability, app’s functionality, contact information and so forth.

The documentation builds the trust in the developers and ensures the review team that app is reliable enough to accept and delivers value to the users. Increase the chances of getting the app uploaded onto the Apple store with good documentation. 

Prohibit the Spamming

It’s a no-brainer to create the clone of the app, submit it to the Apple store and expecting it to get approved as no app store approve such apps. At the Apple store, the spamming is clearly an offense and still if the developers or business make the attempt of creating multiple versions of the same app, then all the time and effort investment goes into the vain.

The reason behind is the Apple store not just reject such applications, while terminating the developers’ account from the iOS Developer Program if they make the endeavor to build and submit the application’s clone.

Last thought

Well, building an iOS app is not extremely taxing, while there are just a few things that developers need to carefully consider and follow to engineer the iOS app that creates a major breakthrough. Tap into the lucrative iOS app market with best-in-class iOS application and enjoy the advantages in abundance.