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Top 6 exciting features of CiyaShop’s Woocommerce Mobile App

Top 6 exciting features of CiyaShop's Woocommerce Mobile App

Nowadays, every business has a mobile application. What is the reason for this? In order to answer this question, we need to know whether it’s merely a trend or if there is an actual benefit to having one. 

The simple answer is yes. There are numerous strong reasons to develop an app, particularly if you run an eCommerce website powered by Woocommerce. If you have an app for your store, it can help you make more money, make it easier for customers to buy without having to sign in, send out push notifications, and more. 

Furthermore, as WooCommerce is the most widely used eCommerce platform, there are many development tools available to help you turn your website into an app. For example, CiyaShop’s Woocommerce mobile App helps you build a native mobile application for your WooCommerce store in the simplest way possible. 

In today’s post, we’ll talk about some of the best features of CiyaShop’s Woocommerce Mobile App. These features are enough to make your mobile app stand out in the crowd. 

6 Features of Ciyashop’s Woocommerce Mobile App

Synchronization in real-time 

The app will automatically synchronize with your Online Store. If the administrator makes changes to the web backend panel, such as adding products, categories, photos, banners, and icons, the changes will be immediately reflected in the app.

This is going to maintain the integrity and consistency of your data. The Ciyashop woo-commerce mobile app module uses the Rest API in order to sync the data.  

It is a native app

Native apps are faster and more user-friendly than their web-based versions. In addition, there isn’t a lot of work to put the app in the Apple/Android stores, as opposed to hybrid and PWA apps. 

As a native app, WooCommerce Mobile App takes advantage of all of the device’s capabilities. Since it’s compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, it’s very user-friendly. 

Furthermore, it is simple and quick to set up. Every feature of the device, such as the camera, Navigation systems, accelerometer, and contacts list, can be used by this app to its fullest extent. This feature aids in providing the best possible service to the customers. 

Support for Multiple Languages 

Some people from various parts of the world have difficulty reading and comprehending English. Shopping in their native language is more appealing to them. 

This Woocommerce Mobile App builder offers a multilingual feature to translate several of the most popular languages. There are more labels and fields that can be translated as well as phrases that can be changed. In addition, WooCommerce lets you reach out to your customers in any language. 

Streamlined Payment and Delivery Methods 

Payments and delivery should be as simple as possible for the customer. However, if the interface is sluggish, it can be a nuisance. Everyone also has a different way to pay for things. 

The WooCommerce Mobile App has a lot to choose from in terms of payment and delivery options. These options make purchasing pretty easy for customers. 

Similarly, WooCommerce provides a variety of delivery alternatives to suit any budget. As a bonus, it shows real-time prices from shipping companies and fulfillment services. 

WooCommerce makes it simple to pay and ship using the platform’s built-in features. Customers can choose how they want to pay and how they want to get their goods. It also makes the checkout procedure much simpler. 

Push Notifications 

A device does not always have an application running. As a result, clients may be unaware of vital information. A push notification option is included in this app builder, making it easy for your customers to keep track of new products and updates on your online store. Enabling push notifications has many benefits, such as: 

  • There is a higher click-through rate for push notifications than there is for emails. 
  • Engage users at the correct time and increase traffic instantaneously. 
  • It has a greater probability of re-engaging customers. 
  • Notify customers of sales, price reductions, and other specials by sending emails. 

Login with Facebook and Google 

Some clients may be hesitant to open a new account to shop at your online store. There are various reasons for this, the most likely one being the difficulty in keeping track of so many different logins. 

Many clients would enjoy the option of logging in using their social network accounts. So, allowing clients to log in using their Facebook and Google profiles is a convenient feature to have. 


WooCommerce is a free and highly customizable eCommerce platform. Besides that, it has a wide range of features that can help you grow your eCommerce site. WooCommerce app builders may be your best bet if you can’t afford to invest a lot of money developing an application for your store. 

Having said that, the Ciyashop Woocommerce mobile application can assist you in developing a native app for your Woocommerce store. In addition to a website, having a mobile application might help your company reach its goals quickly and efficiently. 

It’s also important to note that Woocommerce Mobile App plays a big part in making customers’ lives better. The features listed above are the top six features any Woocommerce mobile application must-have. 

How Can Agile Development Be A Game-Changer For Mobile App Development

How Can Agile Development Be Game Changer For Mobile App Development

In the mobile app development companies, project failure is commonly heard due to the array of reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to the rigid deadlines, lack of transparency, time limitations, or evolving scope to be completed within the stipulated time interval.

The project failure is mainly due to the poor project management wherein the project scope, time and costs involved are kept invariant with the increasing features and functionalities requirement for the mobile app development project.

It creates a total mess when none of the scope, time and costs can be adjusted to deliver the end project that thrives the users. The lack of adaptability of the certain leads to a total disaster due to which the project suffers. 

There comes the agile development that has a big room for the changes adoption which may arise when things won’t go as planned. The agility in the development allows the mobile app developers to follow the roadmap without any hiccups and reduce the risks of diminishing product value due to the amazing flexibility it offers.

It implies the agile development is making the companies ready for the contingency.

The modifications are the part and parcel of the app development for which the companies need to set themselves. The alterations may be due to the changing needs of the customers or product evolution. What’s more important is the level up to which the mobile application development company gets success in allowing flexibility. 

When the team is ready easily adapt the changes in time, scope or budget following agile principles, then definitely the projects is built on time without deteriorating its value and going out of the budget. 

Isn’t it a win-win situation for both mobile app development company and the end users? Certainly, as both of them delighted by building the successful project on time and getting the mobile app that holds significance respectively.

Take a look at how Potenza global solutions follow agile method to easily bake the flexibility in the mobile app development:

At first, the team is assigned to the project that includes developers, designers, QA & testers, project manager and account manager who are liable to better engineer and handle the project. The whole team sits together to understand the client requirement, do analysis, and plan the sprints in which the project will be delivered after every two weeks.

The project manager would ensure that the team works dedicatedly on the project as planned and stay in communication with the client 24/7. Also, the client would have access to the project management system using which client can easily access what’s going on in the project to maintain sheer transparency.

Meanwhile, if the client demands some changes, then the team is flexible enough to make fine adjustments in the scope, time and cost accordingly. The resources can be scaled up or down to ensure that changes are responded without losing the pace at which team is working.

With agile development, at first flexibility is integrated into the project and then actual development begins. What are the key things in the mobile development where the team has to be flexible? Here is the answer:

1. Scope

There are situations, when the client demand changes without affecting the time and cost, then it becomes highly important to manage the project scope. It is possible by creating a minimal viable product (MVP) of the project, which can be built in speed and help in determining whether the changes will add value to the users or not.

Supplementary change requests unquestionably put a strain on the resources and the product quality may impact, but with agile development, change management is done impeccably so that the changes can be introduced at any stage during the development as a natural break.

2. Time

During any device launch or any event, the client wanted the app to get released at pre-scheduled date and time. During the development, they may need more changes wherein keeping the flexibility in scope and cost is a must to get the desired product.

Due to time rigidity, the team either needs to work for extra hours that will scale up the billing hours or extra resources need to be included to not sacrifice the project quality.

3. Cost

Before project kick-off, the scope and the timeline for the app development to be completed within the set budget is pre-defined. When project functionalities are extended by the client after the app went into the development stage, then more resources will be required to accomplish the requested changes.

There change in the budget is obvious, however, defining the exact figure at the outset is implausible. Based on the resources and the efforts involved in the changes, the extra amount can be easily computed.   


Jumping onto the agile development bandwagon is a good start that makes the mobile app development a smooth journey. Besides, it adds flexibility that enables adaptability, which in turn enables flawless project progress without losing the velocity. The probability of project success increases with the fine wavering in scope, time and cost during expected or unexpected change requests. Let your stakeholders prosper with agile development.

The Destiny of Your Product Lies In the Advocacy of Mobile Apps

The Destiny of Your Product Lies In the Advocacy of Mobile Apps

mobile apps is one of the most powerful technology with the reigns of supremacy under its control to command and rule the world which has made its use mandatory by discriminating itself with the others rather than its attractive features.

It can well be said that in this ‘age of internet’, mobile apps is one of the most powerful technology with the reigns of supremacy under its control to command and rule the world which has made its use mandatory by discriminating itself with the others rather than its attractive features.

From amongst the millions of apps available on Android, the feasible possibilities establish a competitive market, particularly after having examined that more than 90% of them are transferred and unused.

Amongst all the products of the present time, the position of mobile apps is on the forefront. The hope and expectations of the consumers for the product apps are increasing to the extent of complex goods and industries as they are in need of some progressive ways for using products which can be provided only by an appropriate one. An able mobile app can ease the complexities as the companies are focused on the same while developing their apps.

Mobile Apps Can Assemble or Dissemble a Product:

Mostly the mobiles have been targeted by the companies as an outlet for buying their products, as the majority of the time consumed is on apps. One should definitely not be awestricken to know that the products promoted by the companies are through the media of mobile apps.

Unfortunately, the growth and development of the business is being discarded or ignored by such companies. Apart from the sales route, the apps are also involved in the comprehensive business, as they are the sole decision-makers for the purchases made.

The products should be such that it matches with the consumer’s requirements and serve the purpose as and when it is demanded for. Take for instance the Apple Watch, with the fittings of various apps, more value has been added to it because of the facilities and means from e-mail to remote control for Apple TV.

Generating Clarity from Complex Features is What Mobile Apps Does:

An appropriate app satisfies its users by gifting them with the art of using the old products as well as preparing them to do the unbelievable.

Uber, a company driven by app, is constantly modernizing it to supply them with its advanced and up-to-date choice of selection for their customers by centrally focusing on it.

By applying real-time data, Uber’s app has modified and improved the business standards of the transportation industry, granting customers to trace the driver’s progress or to obtain an approximate time of arrival of transportation are some of the characteristics that would have been impossible in the pre-mobile era. The company also balances supply with demand so as to equalize the price flow when the demand is high or set up special allowance and a partnership when needed.

As discussed above, the  company eases the complexities by granting its customers to use the advanced characteristics accessible in their products and also allow altering the business manufacture for increasing both the satisfaction of the customers as well as their individual sales.

To conclude, Apps that fulfill the basics of entertaining and are convenient to boost up the users should be aimed at.

Let Your Manufacturing Sales Team Utilize the Power of Mobile Platform

Let Your Manufacturing Sales Team Utilize the Power of Mobile Platform

There is a huge difference between using mobile technology and having the cognizance about including mobile strategy into your profitability plan, specifically when it comes to your manufacturing business.

There is a huge difference between using mobile technology and having the cognizance about including mobile strategy into your profitability plan, specifically when it comes to your manufacturing business. However, with a number of manufacturing companies using mobile technology in their business strategies, it comes imperative for you to do the same.

When it comes to mobile strategy, one of the biggest blunders that businesses make is to utilize the existing software platforms for smaller screens. Mobile application development is a long and complex process which involves the use of a number of screens. This will bring down the speed of the sales force and hardly leave any savings which could justify the shift. When it comes to mobile productivity relies on breaking down complex tasks into simpler units.    

Designing only for mobile and delivering unique experience must form the founding stone for a new mobile strategy.

Position of Mobile In The Manufacturing Arena:

A survey, conducted at the end of 2014, in manufacturing and related industries to find the ways in which mobile apps were used to depict the following results.

  • 8 percent of businesses get real-time data on their inventories over mobile
  • 15 percent of businesses curb paper costs by allowing the sales team to generate mobile invoices
  • 28 percent make use of mobile to streamline sales teams’ checklists.

Apart from the above, with mobile your sales team will have an edge over competitors as it can quote projects in real time. On the administrative side, mobile helps in bringing down the time spent on a duplicate work of recording information on paper and then typing the same into the system.

Sales managers get empowered with the latest statistics on the performance of their sales team. This is essential to get real-time reports for metric based decision-making.

Areas Where Mobile Plays an Important Role in Bringing More Profits:

Over a short run, a mobile platform can elevate levels of efficiency and productivity by 5-10 percent. In the long run, the upper limit is limitless. With time mobile devices are getting super powerful and one can only imagine the effects they can have on business profitability.

However, mobile can positively impact three major areas of your manufacturing business to bring down costs and enhance profitability.

Disruptive Sales Models:

This is an area which yields major benefits. Using mobile devices to funnel marketing and sales can lead to the establishment of a novel retail and sales network. The sales force becomes empowered to view SKU information as well as stock levels. The Sales force can also have access to real time data related to distribution, fulfillment, profitability levels and dealer-specific order status.

Transformation Drivers:

Apps under this category have a profound impact as they help eliminate obsolete business processes. These apps help in the collection and analysis of data on consumer behavior whilst inviting new products and/or services to redefine the market.

Effectiveness Builders:

Under this category those apps are included which modify the set business processes, streamline workflow, and generate statistics to facilitate transparency into reports. They highlight the company’s top sales performers.

Customized Mobile Development Platform:

The real power of mobile lies in creating a competitive edge by joining hands with experts and the internal IT team. By consulting major mobile app development companies, you can enhance key metrics, including earnings, return on equity, sales per employee, and productivity.

Working with a mobile apps development company can ensure you the following results:

  • Bring down time and resources by eliminating obsolete processes
  • Enhance the impact of revenue to your bottom line by curbing operating costs
  • Bring in productivity to help your company transform into a thought leader

All in all it can be said that mobile adaptation strategy helps in gaining competitive edge. This is the work of constantly changing technology for all business sectors. One who walks in sync with the changing technology emerges as the winner. Make your winning move by joining hands with a mobile apps development company.

How To Use Mobile Application For Benefiting Your Business

How To Use Mobile Application For Benefiting Your Business

Venturing into the mobile world is not so easy for a business. Some companies help their clients in creating sophisticated mobile applications. This is an established trend for businesses that have identified that mobile will change the way customers behave.

When it comes to analyzing the importance of mobile for a business, the growth and engagement numbers must be considered first. Very soon web browsers on wireless and mobile devices will outdo those browsing the web through wired devices. Mobile data traffic is expected to expand three times faster than fixed IP traffic. Whether it is a small, big or a medium sized company, investing in a mobile strategy has become indispensable for all businesses. With the increase in number of people using smart devices for productivity, social media, and other contacts, businesses have to pulled their socks up and geared up to meet the new demand of their customers.

Venturing into the mobile world is not so easy for a business. Some companies help their clients in creating sophisticated mobile applications. This is an established trend for businesses that have identified that mobile will change the way customers behave. However, there are companies who have qualms about the effectiveness of mobile application strategy. The best thing would be launch an application that creates very little traction.

This challenge can be overcome in a simple way by getting close to your customers, recognize their critical pain points, and create a visible roadmap that enhances the quality of their life. In this article, we will discuss four main ways to get started.

Present Information in a Simple Way:

For real-time access to information, B2B and B2C audiences depend on their mobile devices. This makes the audiences time and resource strapped. Instead of going through loads of information, they prefer to trust experts who filter and simplify information needed.

One way in which your application can add value is to provide audiences with quick access to the information they are looking for. Give a resource that serves as a good reason for users to check your application on a daily basis.

Solving a Problem in a Manner that Makes Your Application Predominant:

Building an application that is indispensable for its users is the key to attain success for your mobile strategy. Find a way to resolving one of your audience’s pressing problems through your application. Usually companies create apps as ‘one-off campaigns that have a link to the solutions that the targeted audience is in search for. When you are creating a mobile application, it is essential to first think about your customers.

Augment your Core Brand Experience:

B2B and B2C customers are quite serious about their investments. They undertake extensive research and planning. They will approach the third party sources and review platforms for direction. This serves as an opportunity cost for brands that are looking forward to establish a strong relationship with their target audience. Mobile serves as bridge between a company and its customer.

Find Something more than Your Core Business:

Multiple aspects form your business; your next great application idea may be inspired from a source which is not related to your core product. This new idea can lead to exponential growth of your business. A number of touch points impact both your internal and external business operations. These must be considered for an amazing application idea.

Mobile gives power to brands to explore new opportunities and ecosystems. There are a number of ways in which a company can participate and so there is no definite road map. All you need to do is begin with what your customer’s need and are passionate for. This lies at the core of a successful mobile application strategy.

Potenza Global Solutions definitely helps your business by providing different mobile apps development services.