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DotNetNuke CMS Meets Needs of Organization, Developers, and End Users

DotNetNuke CMS Meets Needs of Organization, Developers, and End Users

DNN is a web content management system. Built on ASP.Net. DotNetNuke has many features which are suitable for Organization, Web Developers and End User.

Almost everybody from the web development world has heard the name of DotNetNuke (DNN). It is a popular platform in the web content management world. DNN offers extensible and flexible modules and skins. Its features are so vast that they can be useful for individuals as well as organizations. DNN functionalities can be utilized to develop websites, online publishing portals, intranets, extranets, and custom vertical apps on IIS.

DNN for Organizations:

The website of any organization must be regularly updated with fresh content. DNN is the right fit for organizations as it provides great flexibility, humble start up cost, and quick deployment time. With these features, companies can implement strategic moves without facing any hindrances. With DNN, website owner gains total control over the content as well as the overall look of the website.

DNN for Website Developers:

Using DNN’s versatile architecture web developers can conveniently extend the functionality or modify the way your website appears. DotNetNuke development presents an innovative way of changing the commercial sites and conveying their message to the prospective clients. Being a powerful web application framework and CMS, DotNetNuke is the first choice for website developers.

DNN for End Users:

DNN is an easy to use page editing tool that enables end users to change content without any help from a person with technical background. With the granular security model, the system administrator can define access rights for different users. This provides the end users with complete flexibility and freedom to post and modify content. However, they will have restricted access to the remaining areas of the site.

DotNetNuke offers the content approval workflow functionality in its Professional and Enterprise Edition. Using this functionality, web content can be taken a step forward. Though the free community edition can be downloaded from the net, it doesn’t offer any technical support.