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Looking For Magento Developers? The 7 Things To Ponder!

Looking For Magento Developers? The 7 Things To Ponder!

With time, Magento platform has evolved and powered by the advanced tools, extensions, secured third party integrations, payment gateways, and other resources.

The list of its sweet spots like- customization, SEO, user capabilities, up-sell, coupons and so on will never end. Though, it’s still considered as complex to play with.

Despite the high-level of complexity, the Magento Ecommerce solutions rock in the Ecommerce development era. It means, kick starting the Ecommerce project demands the expertise of the developers who have a great knack in Magento development.

Moral of the story is having a unique app idea, vivid picture of the features to include, technology to use, and finalizing the decision of outsourcing the Magento Ecommerce project is not enough. Yet, a major roadblock is left to cross and that’s recruitment of Magento developers.

This is the decision that requires you to devise a cost-effective plan so that you can hire Magento developers that suit best to your business needs and lets you stay in budget as well.

Here we have enlisted a few things that you should focus on before employing the Magento team:

1) Be Clear About Your Project Needs

Before asking for quotes, you should be ready with the hand-written plan that includes all the requirements for the features and functionalities you want to include in the Magento project. The explicit needs’ clarification help in analyzing the difficulties and sweet spots of the store. Also, it gives a broad picture of how much time it takes, the number of professionals the project requires and the budget needed to set aside.

2) Interview The Magento Teams

The professional networking platform like- LinkedIn, freelancer’s portal such as Upwork or other references will bring the array of Magento development companies options before you. The very next step is to narrow down the choice to one from the uncountable Magento service providers.

To better assess the talent, it’s good to take the personal interview of the team which aids you in quantifying the knowledge and skills in Magento development team.

3) Visit The Magento Partner’s Website

No matter how much the Magento team have bragged about the services in a personal interview, but the reality comes before when you look at the portfolio on the website. It’s the reflection of the professionals’ prowess and the experience into Ecommerce development and designing.

Also, the testimonials in the form of client’s feedback speak a ton about the type of services delivered and the commitments made.

4) Look Into The Location And Cost Of Hiring Developers

The place where you are outsourcing the project is very significant that impacts the quality of the project and the cost it incurs. There are some nations where you may find the professionals that are ready to work at cheaper rates like-$20-40 per hour, while some costs high up to $80 per hour. Well, it’s not like that the resources available at low rates won’t produce good quality, but you have to be alert before recruiting them.

Besides, know about the timing zone and cultural difference of the resources you are about to hire, as the communication will be the biggest problem.

5) Experience In Building The Website That’s SEO And Mobile Optimized

Ensure that team has in-depth knowledge of the mobile responsive website development and the latest SEO trends so that your website has all the elements such as Alt tag, heading tag, permalinks and 301 and 404 redirects that search engines look for. This way the Ecommerce store will become future-proof and you can easily get the traffic to the store.

6) Cloud Hosting Can Also Be Considered

If you don’t want to spend huge bucks to store the data on the local server, then the cloud is the best fit for you. Hire the Magento team which is proficient in hosting the website on a cloud server that’s scalable, reliable, keep multiple backups of the data and reduce the expenditure.

7) After-Development Support

It’s not necessary that once the Ecommerce website is developed, you will not get into the trouble with new upgrades, bugs or other mal-functionalities. To better handle all the issues, you need the technical team’s assistance which you need to ensure from the Magento service providers. Get partnered with only such team that’s ready to provide the on-going support and maintenance forever.

Final take

What’s your choice? Surely, the Magento development company that fulfills all the criteria and guarantee the impeccable website development alongside appealing designing. Of course, it is the major cornerstone of the journey that leads you either to the path of heroic success or a big failure. Take the decision smartly to get to the point where you want to be. Good luck!