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Stunt Rider – Be The Crazy Flip Master

Stunt Rider – Be The Crazy Flip Master

Experience the joy ride like never before! Developed by Potenza global Solutions, Stunt Rider is a chart-topping bike stunt and racing game with pleasant aesthetics and vivid backgrounds.

This bike stunt game offers real-world experience with outstanding 3D graphics, realistic physics, and soft background music. Drive your way completing various levels performing stunts and flips through superbly evil track designs and unlocking mysterious secrets. These track designs are elevated and roller-coaster-like and will reward the drivers for acrobatic flips and jumps.

Flip and Win

With fourteen high-powered bikes and cars in eight attractive themes, this attractive bike stunt game is interesting, different, and addictive. Control the speed and accuracy of your chosen vehicle with a single tap to explore the difficult terrains, deep trenches, and steep pathways. However, take note that even with a single tap it’s not that easy; one poor landing and you could potentially wreck your vehicle. Whether you prefer to ride a bike or drive a car, do it carefully and do it like a pro to pass through longer distances on the treacherous landscapes and tracks. Collect gems to earn high points as you race through the track. But make sure you don’t waste time or slow down to collect these gems as the time you take to finish the track will reflect in your final ratings. Moreover, each successful flip through the track clocks the timer back a little offering bonus time. Just make sure you don’t fall on your back while doing it. So flip around like a flip master but do it cautiously. Your race will be rated out of the three stars at the end. If you’re happy with your rating, continue to the next level. If not, restart and take on the challenge again till you achieve the top score.

Unlock and Unveil

You stand chance to win unlimited prizes that will boost your gaming experience. Unlock new levels with soaring difficulties and new themes as you finish one level to keep the adventures coming. Moreover, you can unlock new features as well as powerful bikes such as Grit and Specter to experience the ultimate thrill of speed. Also, don’t forget to collect the gems and power-ups as the added bonuses in your race. These gems and power-ups will contribute to higher score and stars at the end of the race.

Compete with your friends

Why limit the biking experience to a single player? Invite your friends and compete with them to advance higher on the leaderboard. You can also challenge and compare your scores with players worldwide. Keep track of your scores and progress with the detailed scorecard. You won’t want to stop playing Stunt Rider till you beat your friends’ high score.

Ultimate Control

This interactive game offers superior control. The slightest touch will make the fascinating flipping action possible. But the real challenge lies in achieving that perfect flip. It demands highly-focused hand-eye coordination and will help you gain supreme control of mind and senses. You’ll be jumping high on your seat with a sense of satisfaction when you finally achieve that perfect flip and gain maximum points.

Gain a sublime riding experience with Stunt Rider with gems on the go, crazy front, and backflips, daily rewards, unlockable, powerful bikes, stunning themes and so much more. Stunt Rider is designed to entertain the crazy flip masters and the next gen riders with the aim to nurture their love for an adrenaline rush with adventurous stunts and challenging races. So take on these punishing evil stunt challenges to be the ultimate and crazy flip master.

Stunt Rider is developed by Potenza Global Solutions utilizing unity game development engine. It is available for download on Android. Click on the link below to play Stunt Rider today: 

Game Download Link

Make your game UI stand out of the herd

Make your game UI stand out of the herd

Why game UI matters?

Game UI matters for two most important reasons i.e., either for providing an interactive help for users that guides them all through the game or increase sales for the game. Irrespective of what you ought to aim at, you can get it all by just following a few simple principles of design and witnessing the consequences of the changes you made. UI is referred to as the methods (keyboard control, mouse control) and interfaces (inventory, map etc) implemented in the game through which the user interacts with the game. This is the very reason that you must always consult a good mobile game development company to get ultimate drooling results.

The idea behind an interactive game UI is to lead people throughout the game and never let them end up misled or misguided. An ideal game should be interactive and informative enough so that the user does not end up looking for instructions in the menu. The main agenda of the gaming UI is that the gamer finds his way through the game and can easily focus on the game. And simplified navigation is the key to an interactive gaming UI. It has got nothing to do with the type of game or its difficulty level.

The gaming UI is not just for guiding players throughout the game, it is also needed to create an everlasting impression and generate revenue. Take the example of the shop button that allows the user to unlock an advanced version of the game. If it would be unattractive, users are less likely to show interest or even notice the icon. Web designers from varied mobile game development companies know this very well and thus, they use a combination of analytics and graphic design to create an attractive interface. This idea is used to create almost all the major elements like forms, menus, and buttons.

1) Be consistent

When it comes to a successful design, consistency is an essential key factor. It is important to apply the same set of guidelines throughout for your entire interface. Even if you have to make changes at places, do it at critical circumstances only when there’s no choice left.

2) Defining a precise style guide

We give you following reasons for defining and following one precise style guide:

If all the features look and function similarly, the users will find your UI more intuitive and this will keep them glued to the game.

 It enables you to modularize your assets, reuse the elements and save plenty of time for yourself.

From the beginning of creating your assets, keep in mind what kind of characteristics would you like to share throughout and stick to that.

Precisely, you will need to be consistent with your entire visual and audio cue that your UI provides to the player. This includes positioning, anchoring on the screen, the overall layout, color palette, styles etc. You can also visually plot your style guide. There are plenty of visual style guides that can be taken inspiration from. You can also use it as a reference to understand how to apply the basic concepts of visual design in order to make your UI clear and consistent.

3) Establish visual hierarchy

You can establish a visual hierarchy in your design using variations in size, color and even detailed animation depending upon the prominence of elements. Put on an interesting sound effect and pay attention to details for the icons players will often use or the ones you want them to notice.

4) Position or layout

If all the elements are displayed parallel to one another and are all of the same sizes, it will feel like all of them are of the same priority or prominence. Offset them and put them on a row of their own. That is the key for an ideal positioning in gaming UI.

5) Colour contrast, size, and animation

Use a unique and catchy color for the icon you want the player to notice the most. The same goes for sizing as well. The larger the icon, the more noticeable it tends to be. So, focus on the size and visibility of the icon that matters the most and seeks to be noticed. An animated, glowing spot in your game will grab the player’s attention from a distance and sets that spot apart from the rest. So, if you wish to contrast an element, you can opt for visual animation.

6) Using objective data

Designing interfaces are not at all a cake walk as it might look good but lack functionality or the other way round. The only way to ensure that your design works and whatever further changes you make just optimize your design is analytics. You will have to use A/B testing- the method that web designers and marketers use as well.

7) Use icons prudently

Icons are a critical thing when it comes to displaying it at the right spot. They can be confusing if not exhibited in the right proportion and at the right place. Appropriate labels are a good option when it comes to clarity with the icons. Anyhow, you must ensure that the labels or icons are understood by the user.

Hence, with these simple tips and tricks, we assure that you are all set to make your gaming UI shine.

Reasons Why Your Mobile Game Might Be Abandoned by Players

Reasons Why Your Mobile Game Might Be Abandoned by Players

Mobile games are meant to be engaging and exciting. They are mainly designed for entertainment. Any thing that serves as a barrier between the player and entertainment is surely going to lead to failure of the game. Barriers, such as long intros, long gaming sessions, bugs, tutorials for each gaming session, unforseen difficulty levels, and investment of time and money, must be avoided at all costs.

If you are a game developer, sometimes you must be wondering why players abandon playing your game. It takes a lot of hard work on the part of mobile game developers to create a game that excites the users and keeps them engaged. However, when they see that the game is not performing as expected, then their morale goes down. Bad reviews and ratings bring down the spirits of mobile game developers. Things seem really de-motivating and discouraging when users download their game apps and don’t play it.

Nevertheless, instead of keeping the spirits down, game developers must try and understand the reasons behind such response. This can help them improve their gaming techniques and engagement levels.

Giving Long Introductions:

Players are always excited and they hardly have the patience to go through the long introductions. If you give long intros then expect more players to discontinue playing your game.

Too Long Gaming Sessions:

Today we have smart players who need minimal guidance or direction. Don’t include long game sessions as it will bore them and discourage them from using the application.

No Testing:

Bugs demoralize the players from using the game. To identify the bugs or errors go through the review of mobile games on Play Store. Most of the game players give a review about bugs or issues related to compatibility. If your mobile game is working well on your device it doesn’t imply that its working well on all other devices too.

Tutorial for Every Gaming Session:

The biggest barrier between your game application and your players are tutorials placed amid gaming sessions. A seasoned player doesn’t need any tutorials at each and every session. Players find it frustrating and interfering if they receive different instructions for different levels.

Your Game is Tough:

Your mobile game must be easy to win. For this you need to set different levels. If your game is too tough to crack through then it might discourage players from playing the game. Additionally, the steps needed to play the game and eventually win it must not be too complicated and guidance dependent. Only then user’s engagement levels can be retained.

Unforeseen Difficulty Levels:

With each level, every game introduces a level of difficulty. Nevertheless, at a certain level of game if high level of difficulty is introduced then it might shock rather than please the players. The sudden introduction of difficulty in the game level might make the player feel unfair and go for an alternative game.

Players versus Game Challenge:

Challenge ought to be liable or answerable as it is the basic and prime part of any mobile game that is enclosed in your game too. The challenge must not be too tough that the skills of the players are not enough for meeting it. If the challenges are justified, then the game becomes interesting. An unbeatable challenge can piss of the players.

External Rewards Exceed Internal Rewards:

With your game, you will definitely provide external rewards such as points, weapons, etc. However, you must not be lagging behind in the internal reward section. Sharp polishing, innovative designs, regular updates in design section, and other things form internal rewards. There must be a fine balance maintained between internal and external rewards.

Your Game Demands Money to Become More Exciting:

If your game demands huge requirements of time or money, then users might soon get bored of it. They may not be ready to pay more for it and eventually might abandon it. A Mobile game is meant for giving maximum enjoyment with minimum time and money.

Deficiency of Resources:

Free resources should be available to players. If you don’t have enough free resources to offer then your game is not useful. Offer some resources free of charge and then charge few resources so that you can gain additional revenue.

The Above listed were some of the general reasons behind one time users. If your game is experiencing a down time, then you must go through your game to throw out the bugs.

For the establishment of Mobile Games that are not abandoned by players Contact US

Scope of Mobile Game Development in the Health Care Industry

Scope of Mobile Game Development in the Health Care Industry

Healthcare industry is not an exception. Even in that industry games are being deployed to train medical and administrative staff. Games are also utilized to help patients understand their body and enhance their fitness levels.

Gaming has become an essential part of the entertainment industry. Nowadays, they are not only used to take that refreshing break from the routine but they are being increasingly used as learning tools. Organizations make use of games to train their employees and to increase customer engagement. We are in an era where mobile game development has impacted each and every business niche. Healthcare industry is not an exception. Even in that industry games are being deployed to train medical and administrative staff. Games are also utilized to help patients understand their body and enhance their fitness levels.

Gamification enhances the knowledge levels of patients and helps increase their awareness. Games help them gain awareness about their health status and also help doctors in enhancing their medical skills.

There is a lot of scope for mobile game development in the healthcare industry. Gamification in the healthcare area can help enhance the health levels of a number of patients. A healthcare organization mainly aims to support the use of cutting-edge and latest technologies to enhance the overall health of the individuals.

There are chiefly five gaming categories, as discussed below, for the healthcare industry.

Rehabilitation Games:

These games can be utilized for physical therapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation programs.

Active Gaming and Fitness (Motion Gaming):

This is one of most popular areas of healthcare gaming industry. With Motion Gaming technology is used to track body movement and reaction; for instance Nintendo’s Wii Git. These games make the users more active. Such healthcare apps can be used as a therapy to heal a variety of disabilities.

Medical Training:

With this application doctors can get benefitted through the gaming technology. Training and educational games can help doctors in professional training. They can also derive surgical education through the powers of mobile game development.

Participatory Health:

As the name suggests, Games in this category make patients more active. This makes them caring and responsible towards their own health. A number of game apps, created through the tools and technologies of mobile game development, offer fun and interactive sessions which help patients in keeping track of their medication schedule. Developers can also create customized game apps specifically for specific treatment programs.

Cognitive and Emotional Health:

The games under this category are mainly designed to enhance brain’s health and memory. The users of these games are those having learning disabilities and mental disorders.

Gaming technology has just entered the healthcare industry and we can see the impact it has made. With the increase in technological advancements, we will see more utilization of mobile game development technologies in the healthcare industry.

River Fun 3D – Get Thrilled by Exciting Game created by Potenza

River Fun 3D - Get Thrilled by Exciting Game created by Potenza

Potenza Global Solutions with its expert team of android game developers has come up with this superb game application. This app named River Fun works on Android devices. It is not only engaging, but also has a beautiful natural scenic environment.

The game is so intuitive that while playing the game you may actually feel that you are sailing a boat. The android developer, from Potenza Global Solutions, who has developed the game, has used the latest Android game development techniques to get a perfect application. River Fun has 3D features and this makes the game all the more thrilling. This engaging game will change your experience of gaming. It will leave you hooked to your smart phone and you may not realize that time flies so soon.

Let us First Look at What ‘River Fun’ is All About:

You sail through a river in a boat. Amid your journey you will be collecting golden coins while avoiding the fishes which may draw your blood and leave you with less power. All through the game, the screen will display the distance travelled, number of coins collected, and lifes (which you will score through coin collection).

Let us look at Some of the Exciting Features that this Game has to Offer

  • Amazing background music that fills you with confidence and passion to persist.
  • Capability to share scores on Facebook
  • Engaging sailing journey which comes with different barriers for you to overcome
  • Different types of barriers included in the game to increase your presence of mind while ensuring that you have great fun with the game
  • Easy titling to steer away from the barriers
  • User-friendly and self navigatory app
  • 3D features make the game all the more exciting and pleasing
  • Gives ‘Real’ experience even though its reel owing to the attractive ambience created by the game developer
  • Help section to guide you about how to play the game

In conclusion, River Fun can give you can stimulating break from your routine and prepare you for the rest of the day ahead. All the above features give you a deep insight about the game. So, wait no more! Get it downloaded from the Google Play app store into your smart phone right now!

Download River Fun 3D for thrilling features.