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Stunt Rider – Be The Crazy Flip Master

Stunt Rider – Be The Crazy Flip Master

Experience the joy ride like never before! Developed by Potenza global Solutions, Stunt Rider is a chart-topping bike stunt and racing game with pleasant aesthetics and vivid backgrounds.

This bike stunt game offers real-world experience with outstanding 3D graphics, realistic physics, and soft background music. Drive your way completing various levels performing stunts and flips through superbly evil track designs and unlocking mysterious secrets. These track designs are elevated and roller-coaster-like and will reward the drivers for acrobatic flips and jumps.

Flip and Win

With fourteen high-powered bikes and cars in eight attractive themes, this attractive bike stunt game is interesting, different, and addictive. Control the speed and accuracy of your chosen vehicle with a single tap to explore the difficult terrains, deep trenches, and steep pathways. However, take note that even with a single tap it’s not that easy; one poor landing and you could potentially wreck your vehicle. Whether you prefer to ride a bike or drive a car, do it carefully and do it like a pro to pass through longer distances on the treacherous landscapes and tracks. Collect gems to earn high points as you race through the track. But make sure you don’t waste time or slow down to collect these gems as the time you take to finish the track will reflect in your final ratings. Moreover, each successful flip through the track clocks the timer back a little offering bonus time. Just make sure you don’t fall on your back while doing it. So flip around like a flip master but do it cautiously. Your race will be rated out of the three stars at the end. If you’re happy with your rating, continue to the next level. If not, restart and take on the challenge again till you achieve the top score.

Unlock and Unveil

You stand chance to win unlimited prizes that will boost your gaming experience. Unlock new levels with soaring difficulties and new themes as you finish one level to keep the adventures coming. Moreover, you can unlock new features as well as powerful bikes such as Grit and Specter to experience the ultimate thrill of speed. Also, don’t forget to collect the gems and power-ups as the added bonuses in your race. These gems and power-ups will contribute to higher score and stars at the end of the race.

Compete with your friends

Why limit the biking experience to a single player? Invite your friends and compete with them to advance higher on the leaderboard. You can also challenge and compare your scores with players worldwide. Keep track of your scores and progress with the detailed scorecard. You won’t want to stop playing Stunt Rider till you beat your friends’ high score.

Ultimate Control

This interactive game offers superior control. The slightest touch will make the fascinating flipping action possible. But the real challenge lies in achieving that perfect flip. It demands highly-focused hand-eye coordination and will help you gain supreme control of mind and senses. You’ll be jumping high on your seat with a sense of satisfaction when you finally achieve that perfect flip and gain maximum points.

Gain a sublime riding experience with Stunt Rider with gems on the go, crazy front, and backflips, daily rewards, unlockable, powerful bikes, stunning themes and so much more. Stunt Rider is designed to entertain the crazy flip masters and the next gen riders with the aim to nurture their love for an adrenaline rush with adventurous stunts and challenging races. So take on these punishing evil stunt challenges to be the ultimate and crazy flip master.

Stunt Rider is developed by Potenza Global Solutions utilizing unity game development engine. It is available for download on Android. Click on the link below to play Stunt Rider today: 

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