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River Fun 3D – Get Thrilled by Exciting Game created by Potenza

River Fun 3D - Get Thrilled by Exciting Game created by Potenza

Potenza Global Solutions with its expert team of android game developers has come up with this superb game application. This app named River Fun works on Android devices. It is not only engaging, but also has a beautiful natural scenic environment.

The game is so intuitive that while playing the game you may actually feel that you are sailing a boat. The android developer, from Potenza Global Solutions, who has developed the game, has used the latest Android game development techniques to get a perfect application. River Fun has 3D features and this makes the game all the more thrilling. This engaging game will change your experience of gaming. It will leave you hooked to your smart phone and you may not realize that time flies so soon.

Let us First Look at What ‘River Fun’ is All About:

You sail through a river in a boat. Amid your journey you will be collecting golden coins while avoiding the fishes which may draw your blood and leave you with less power. All through the game, the screen will display the distance travelled, number of coins collected, and lifes (which you will score through coin collection).

Let us look at Some of the Exciting Features that this Game has to Offer

  • Amazing background music that fills you with confidence and passion to persist.
  • Capability to share scores on Facebook
  • Engaging sailing journey which comes with different barriers for you to overcome
  • Different types of barriers included in the game to increase your presence of mind while ensuring that you have great fun with the game
  • Easy titling to steer away from the barriers
  • User-friendly and self navigatory app
  • 3D features make the game all the more exciting and pleasing
  • Gives ‘Real’ experience even though its reel owing to the attractive ambience created by the game developer
  • Help section to guide you about how to play the game

In conclusion, River Fun can give you can stimulating break from your routine and prepare you for the rest of the day ahead. All the above features give you a deep insight about the game. So, wait no more! Get it downloaded from the Google Play app store into your smart phone right now!

Download River Fun 3D for thrilling features.