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Angular JS Vs JQuery – A Quick Comparison

Angular JS Vs JQuery - A Quick Comparison

Nowadays, front end web development is something that requires deployment of most advanced and feature rich technologies to bring out the best results. In this regard, Angular JS and jQuery techniques play an important role in creating and developing modern web applications.

Though some people who are new to front end web development ought to make a comparison between these two technologies on the basis of their functioning, but in reality, both are different in their own methodology and functioning. Let’s find out the difference in detail.


jQuery is succumbed with a wide variety of features. It provides the API that offers compatibility on all the browsers. It serves a proven methodology for manipulating the HTML documents. Not only this, even traversal of HTML pages can be done using this technique. jQuery is suited to create Animation tasks or event handling projects along with handling the requisites of Ajax which seems simple after the implications applied through jQuery. In simple terms, jQuery is mostly used to manipulate the content of the website pages.

Key salient features:

  • jQuery performs well in making the use of JavaScript simple.
  • It is fast and lightweight and carries the feature to make the UI more attractive by using attractive styling concepts.
  • It entails into easing out the complicated things like Ajax.
  • Its library is loaded with many additional features such as DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, etc.
  • It functions well in making frequent changes in the website without posing any variation in the website structure.

Angular JS

Angular JS is defined as the JavaScript framework which when added to HTML documents, its directives turned it into rich HTML attributes. This technology carries the expressions which are further used to bind the data with the HTML files. In other words, it transforms the old HTML document into something holding new and exciting quality traits. In comparison to jQuery, Angular JS performs like a sophisticated layer that is used to add MVC concepts in the projects.

Key Salient Features:

  • Countering the activity in web applications, Angular JS is used to offers various interactive features like data binding.
  • It’s an open source framework that is used to assign MVC concepts on the projects.
  • It can also utilize jQuery to perform the DOM manipulation in its own processing. Further, it helps in converting the features into more interactive ones.
  • It carries the flexibility additive that helps in creating and developing some exciting web applications.
  • It also helps in initiating 2-way binding in the web applications.
  • It carries a fully fledged toolbox that is used to solve several programming queries and problems raised during the creation and development of web applications.
  • It is also used to incorporate the JavaScript with the help of a simple script tag on a website.

Use of jQuery and Angular JS:

Countering the use of both the technologies depend upon the nature of the application on which they are about to get applied. For example, complex applications will perform better when incorporated through Angular JS instead of jQuery. To counter the difference, it’s important to understand the separate usage entailed by both the technologies.

Angular JS is used for the robust and interactive web application development as it works on HTML code. On the contrary, jQuery is fast and highly interactive technique and is used to develop hardcore websites.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that both the technologies work on different parameters and no comparison can be done between them to analyze the superiority. No one among them can replace each other or even compete with each other.

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Coffee Script

Coffee Script

CoffeeScript is a small programming language that compiles into JavaScript. It seeks to make writing JavaScript code better by providing you with a more consistent and succinct syntax, as well as by avoiding the “bad parts” and quirky/irregular nature of the JavaScript language.

Coffee Script is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way. The code compiles one-to-one into the equivalent JS, and there is no interpretation at runtime. Coffee Script does not have the semi-colons and curly braces, similar syntax to the likes js. This means you can write less code and do things faster. It also makes it easier to read and maintain

Why coffee Script

  • variable safety
  • loops and comprehensions
  • easy safe loops using has Own Property: for own x of obj
  • string interpolation: “My name is #{name}”
  • easy closures (do (x) -> …)
  • ranges: for i in [0..10]
  • range slicing: myArray[2..5]
  • existential operator: if x? then use(x), are?.you?.there?
  • readable regular expressions
  • De-structuring assignment: [a,b] = [x,y]
  • binding: => this.foo()
  • Number of lines of code has been shown to be one of the few good indicators for predicting defects. Coffee Script significantly reduces the number of lines of code in a project and therefore the number of defects.
  • Coffee Script improvements: indenting two spaces and using -> plus no closing parents and curly braces makes nested callbacks much easier to read and write
  • When discussing Coffee Script, you need to keep in mind that it is not a replacement for JavaScript. Coffee Script is a “JavaScript generator.” Your browser doesn’t need any new plug-ins or add-ons to utilize Coffee Script.
  • This also means you can use all your favorite JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Knockout.js, Sammy.js and so on) with Coffee Script (and vice versa).
  • With the proper use of whitespace you can make your script more readable as well as maintainable.

How CoffeeScript Works

The code writing and use process of CoffeeScript is simple:
1.Write your code in a .coffee file
2.Compile it into a .js file
3.Include the .js file in your web page/s like you would any other JavaScript file

JavaScript Syntax vs. CoffeeScript Syntax


In javascript

var message;
message = "Ready for some Coffee?";

In Coffee script

message = "Ready for some Coffee?"

No variable declarations
No semicolons


In 2013 it was also ranked 29th among languages, based on number of questions tagged at Stack Overflow.

  • Coffee Script has much nicer, more Ruby-like syntax than JavaScript.
  • JavaScript does some very silly things, while Coffee Script has several safeguards to prevent unwanted behavior. (For example, if you forget to use the “var” keyword to define new variables in JavaScript, they will suddenly get global scope with no warnings! Coffee Script protects you from this behavior).
  • Coffee Script should work nicely with jQuery
  • Python style white spacing
  • Ruby styled lightweight syntax
  • Concise function declarations
  • Class based inheritance


  • Difficult to learn.
  • Switch from JavaScript to coffee script not easy.
  • Coffee script was designed in the vein of Python and Ruby, so if you hate those languages then you will probably hate coffee script.
  • Its compile every time.
  • You’ll need a basic knowledge of JS for debugging purposes. You can’t directly start here, naturally.