The present era has witnessed tremendous growth via the internet and various E-commerce applications that are operating over it. E-commerce is a huge market and is still growing all over the world. Many software companies provide a versatile platform for web development and application development.

Let’s have a look at the most trending e-commerce platforms. Magento, Woocommerce, PrestaShop are the most-trendy CMS platform while Shopify, big commerce, and volusion are the most popular hosting platform.

Best E-Commerce Platforms

1) Magento

Magento offers flexible and scalable E-Commerce platforms for web development and app development that allows businesses to grow wide. As per our survey, Magento website development technology powers more than 260,000 websites, including a few of the leading global brands and retailers like Pepe jeans, Helly Hansen, Huawei, etc. Listed below are a few advantages and disadvantages of Magento in terms of e-commerce web development and e-commerce app development.

* Advantage

a) Magento, which is available for free, offers the functions which are certainly not available in other Content Management Systems.

b) Key features like multi-store functionality, multi-language, multi-currency support, search engine friendly and mobile compatible designs are a few amazing traits available for free.

c) Fully Scalable

d) Provides high security

e) Multiple plugins

f) Easy to use and user-friendly

* Limitation

a) Costs for Enterprise version : The basic version of Magento is available for free. However, the enterprise edition is chargeable annually.

b) Time Consuming Development: To build functionality, it normally takes more development time.

2) Woocommerce

It is an open source E-commerce plugin for WordPress. It provides the best solution for small businesses as well as large. Companies like designboom and Men’s Health box are using Woocommerce plugins.

* Advantage

a) It is fully customizable.

b) It is easy to manage.

c) It provides you multiple free E-commerce plugins.

* Limitation

a) Sometimes the plugins don’t work properly.

b) The plugin needs regular updates.

3) Prestashop

Prestashop provides free e-commerce solution. You can also enlarge its functions if you want some additional modules. Companies like Theme Forest and Hot Jar use Prestashop for their web development.

* Advantage

a) It provides an open-source platform.

b) It supports multiple languages.

c) It is user-friendly as the user can easily understand the code generated by Prestashop.

* Limitation

a) It is not suitable for large-scale business.

b) It has a number of bugs in it.

c) It provides paid plugins.

4) OpenChart

For beginners, it is the best CMS to opt for. Companies like Stellar and Fans by Fans are using this platform.

* Advantage

a) It is user-friendly.

b) They provide thousands of modules.

* Limitation

a) They do not provide SEO for free. You have to purchase the SEO module.

b) It is meant for small to medium scale businesses. With more number of products, the website might slow down.

Enlisted below are few of the renowned hosting platforms:


Shopify is the best option for setting up the store online where they can sell their goods. It is becoming very popular day by day. Companies like Tesla and Red bull are using Shopify. Organizations can hire Shopify Web developer for their website development. When you have a lot of customers, you have to be very careful about the security. Shopify provides high security for their users.

* Advantage

a) It is very secure and reliable.

b) It is user-friendly and even a newbie can operate it with great ease.

c) They are always available to support their customers. You can ask for help via web chat, Email or Phone.

d) In addition, it has strong SEO feature.

* Limitation

a) Limited content and shipping options.

b) It is cost effective. Mostly your cost will depend on your preferred plan- basic plan/standard plan/advance plan.


Companies like Toyota, Yeti, and Pandora are using Big Commerce. It has very strong and powerful features. It totally depends on your requirement.  You get to choose between standard, plus, and pro as your monthly plan.

* Advantage

a) It’s easy to use and its flexible features make it more preferable.

* Limitation

a) It is non-reliable


Volusion is a widely-used platform in the USA.

* Advantage

a) It provides many built-in functions like SEO, Email marketing tool, easy editor etc.

* Limitation

a) It is quite difficult to customize the template and it provides limited design features.

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