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Top 9 SEO Surefire Success Tools For Online Businesses

Top 9 SEO Surefire Success Tools For Online Businesses

It is a given that SEO is a pivot for improving your site visibility and reach. However, it is not a cake walk to get to the top of a search results page. It takes a lot of effort, expertise and strategy for it to yield results.

There are umpteen number of tools that actually give you a giant leap towards your SEO results. It is indeed recommended that a few tools are in place from the beginning to build a solid foundation. So, have a checklist and bucket your priorities.

Here is a list of nine important SEO tools we think will help:

1.Authority Spy:

This tool basically helps you with filtering the top influencers in a specific domain and a given niche. It performs a lookup and collates data from all the top online resources to give you the best results. It cuts the slack for you in manually skimming social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. Influencer marketing is catching up great speed according to the latest research and AuthoritySpy helps you extensively.


BuzzStream delivers high quality service and one of the best there is for link building. Most of them miss the point that link building needs to be an inane part of a marketing strategy. The goal is to achieve targets without making your links look like spam. Its outreach is effective, efficient and gives you the bandwidth for working on link building rather than monitoring or working on spreadsheets.

3.Help a Reporter Out (HARO):

Not many know this tool since it’s not stereotypical, but if optimised well this an SEO gold mine. All you need to do is sign up with your company or personal profile, and that will get you three mails per day. If you come across something that is in your domain, you get to contact the journalist as a source for a potential story. Once your story is accepted, your profile can be published in the article or linked to it for wider reach and it’s absolutely free.


This tool propels your site to the top of the search page by notifying you when you gain or lose a link. We know by now the importance of link building. It also alerts you when your competitors get new links so that you could probably try incorporating that as well.

5.Muck Rack:

There is a gray area about back-linking, and not many know that not all backlinks are created equally. Creating backlinks with good quality is tricky to achieve and the reason Muck Rack is rated best in doing this job. It will help you in getting links from some of the top websites like Forbers, NY Times etc in a given domain and build a rapport with journalists by connecting directly.


Give this tool a try and it will let you tell them what exactly you are chasing and help achieve desired results like your competitor blogs. The search will come up with a data dump in a spreadsheet for you to work and decide how to take it further. It will help you discover hundreds of back linking partners and thus a great tool.


This is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference to your SEO ranking. Features like Site Explorer that will let you explore your own site or a competitor’s site by back linking to the profile. The position tracker that enables you to track your SEO rankings on desktop and mobile devices as well and thereby play with keywords.

8.All in One SEO Pack:

WordPress is by far the most friendly CMS that is available in the market. It just needs to have the right plugins. It is daunting to manually understand what you need in order to achieve better SEO results. This is where you need a tool that can help you with everything you need for the page optimization.

9.Raven Tools: 

This is practically all you need in place to succeed with your marketing plan. It is a package with numerous tools that improve your website overall. The suite includes tools like SEO Auditor, Marketing Reports, Keyword Rankings and numerous others that boost your site ranking. You just need to know how to sort out this data and everything else is taken care of.

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How To Establish An Online T-shirt Business in Short Time

How To Establish An Online T-shirt Business in Short Time

Ability to work online was something we preferred the most because it could give us ease and freedom to manage our personal tasks as well.

I have always wished to be self-dependent. I didn’t prefer working in the regular nine to seven shift with a break of half an hour. I always wished I could have flexible work timings. And, this was possible only if I started my own business. Ability to work online was something I preferred the most because it could give me ease and freedom to manage my personal tasks as well. Banking upon this dream of mine, I decided to plunge into online business. An online business not only gave me the opportunity to have flexible work timings but also empowered me with the ability to increase my earnings in proportion to my hard work.

An online business gives you a lot of benefits including the following:

  • Ability to earn more instead of a moderate, fixed income
  • Flexibility
  • Future expansion possible
  • More skills can be honed in comparison to a job
  • Own timings
  • Work as you wish

Whilst thinking about the different opportunities for starting  an online t-shirt business, I came across a T-shirt Design Tool called DYO-Do Your Own T-shirt. I found that this business is very lucrative as it allowed me to design customized t-shirts. Everyone these days wants personalized t-shirt which has a fabric, logo, text, and color of their own choice. This T-Shirt Designer Software can be very helpful for anyone who is good at designing and wanting to start an online t-shirt business. This is because the tool is very easy to use and t-shirt designing can be accomplished in minimal number of steps.

Do Your Own T-shirt is a fantastic tool that helps create and design t-shirts right from the scratch. It gives the freedom to select different aspects for personalized t-shirts. Many teenagers would want to have their t-shirts, custom made as it allows them to choose color, text, logo, and color of the t-shirt.  And, why not just teenagers, many adults, kids, companies, etc, would want their t-shirts to be personalized as per their unique choice.

This Online T-shirt Design Tool can be truly utilized to start a full time online t-shirt business. With t-shirt designer software, you can create customized t-shirts in no time.

How to Get Personalized T-shirt with DYO T-shirt Tool

Step 1: Getting the Online T-shirt Design Tool

At the outset, you need to download the t-shirt designer software from Here

Step 2: Designing the T-shirt:

Once you enter the t-shirt designer software, what you can do is start designing your t-shirt. The entire online T-shirt design tool consists of five different sections. You need to go through them to completely design a personalized t-shirt.

Step 3: The First Section is Product:

Here, you need to select the category for the T-shirt. You will be able to the select the fabric that you want for your t-shirt. There are some inbuilt t-shirt styles in the tool. You can select one of them after selecting the fabric.

The Second Section is Color Embellishment:

In this section, you can select color for the customized t-shirt you were designing. The best thing was that for different elements you can select different colors. You can also select from a range of different patterns.

The Third section is  the Logos:

Here, you will be able to select a logo for your t-shirt. This can be specifically helpful for your business when you are designing t-shirts for business entities or a specific campaign. The good thing is that you can define the size of the logo selected and also can decide its position on the t-shirt.

This step not only involves choosing logos, but also deciding the text that you want to be imprinted on the position of my choice on the t-shirt. The ‘Rotate’ option helps to select the position, front side or backside, of the t-shirt.

The text you choose to imprint can have the style you want. You will also able to define the font size, style, and color for the text.

The Fourth Section is Preview:

Once you arrive in this section, you can preview the t-shirt designed. This section is very helpful as even if you don’t like the color or text chosen, you can go back to the previous section and make the necessary changes. This way you can have a perfectly designed t-shirt.

The Fifth Section is Save:

This section  doesn’t not just allows you to save the design you had created, but also helps you send product inquiry by simply filling a form having basic details, and submitting it.

It is so simple to utilize this online T-shirt design Tool to create a personalized t-shirt in a small time. The time and effort it took to design a t-shirt was so minimal that it encourages you to create other t-shirt designs and start an online business from it.

This t-shirt designer software is the best and the shortest route to create an online business without any hassles. Time saving and affordable!

What would be your next business idea using an other such DYO Tools offered by Potenza Global Solutions?