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Best 5 Classic Automotive Website Templates (HTML5)

Best 5 Classic Automotive website templates (HTML5)

Do you want to use HTML to build a strong online presence for your automotive business? If this is the case, you’ll find many great automobile-related website templates in this article. 

In today’s society, having a car is one of the most highly desired amenities. As a result of growing popularity and demand, it’s a great way to make money for many entrepreneurs. And if you are considering entering or expanding this business, having a professional website will help you promote it. It’s a terrible decision not to have one, especially when car buyers expect you to. 

If you’re in the car business, you should have a website that caters to a specific group of customers. We’ve compiled a list of the best automotive website templates that experts have diligently crafted to assist you in creating a website for your car business. Any premium options on the list would be extremely beneficial for your dealership business. 

Website Templates for Automotive and Car Dealership Websites 

Here is a list of the five best automotive website templates that you can use to create a professional-looking website. Whatever kind of design you’re looking for, you shall find it here:

1. Car Dealer – Automotive Website Template (HTML5)

screenshot of car dealer html5 website template

If you’re a car dealer or a business owner who needs a professional-looking website, Car Dealer is the best choice. The template has been designed specifically for automobile dealerships, car dealerships, car service centers, repair shops, and motor retailers. 

The car dealer template is developed on the Bootstrap 5 framework, making it completely responsive on every device. It comes with a lot of different colors and layouts to choose from. The template also includes well-commented code for each section, allowing you to easily customize it to meet your needs. 

Car dealer includes 14 layouts for home pages, six functional PHP form elements, and an infinite number of color combinations to assist you in creating the ideal automobile website. The template’s modern design, attractive sliders, and cutting-edge tools all work together to help you grow your business online. 

Also, Check Out Car Dealer WP Theme

This advanced and responsive HTML5 template has a variety of features and functionalities to help you build a strong online presence. 

2 Autolist – Car Dealer and Classifieds HTML Template

screenshot of autolist html5 website template

Autolist is an easy-to-customize CSS & HTML5 template that can be used to create any kind of automotive listing website. Using the Autolist HTML template, you can create stunning home pages and inner pages and add advanced search functions to your website. 

It has all the vital aspects to create a functional website for any automotive business. It’s a good choice if you want to create a website for listing categories like car rental, car auction, car services, car booking sites, and so on. 

It has a streamlined user interface with a wide range of customizability options and widgets. You can easily design your car classifieds or any other type of auto listing website just the way you like it with Autolist HTML & CSS Template. 

3. Auto Car – Automobile HTML5 Template

screenshot of autocar html5 website template

This template is powered by the Bootstrap 5 framework. Autocar HTML template designed exclusively for auto enthusiasts (version: v5.0.2). For example, this template is perfect for a website that sells cars or lists cars for sale. The Autocar template comes with three different layouts for each of the six home pages. It has 39+ individual HTML pages, all of which are 100% responsive and W3C HTML validated. 

Each layout consists of several distinct elements like features, offers, feedback, contact forms, and a lot more. And all of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code has been properly documented and commented on. In other words, car dealers can apply their own personal touch to it in any way. 

4. Automotive Car Dealership & Business HTML Template

screenshot of automotive html5 website template

This automotive car template by theme suite doesn’t just look stunning but also comes with comprehensive features. If you run a small car startup or a full-fledged car dealership, you’ll find everything you need to bring your business online.

If you buy this template, you will get a well-designed inventory management system that is easy to set up and customize as per your inventory. The template also comes with a fully customizable, filterable, and sortable search functionality and a loan calculator. Its WordPress version also allows customers to easily filter out cars that don’t fit their search parameters and displays exactly what they’re looking for. 

5. CarForYou – Responsive Car Dealer HTML5 Template

screenshot of car for you html5 website template

This template good fit for creating websites for car dealerships, car resale shops, auto repair shops, and other automobile retailers. In addition to six color options, this template features three different homepage layouts, two listing styles, two listing detail styles, and more than twenty inner pages. The template’s HTML and CSS code have been properly commented on to allow the developer to make any changes they see fit.


We hope this article was useful. So now that you know some pretty good HTML5 automotive website templates to get started with your dealership business online. what do you wait for?

Finaxo- The best business and finance website Template (HTML5)

Finaxo- The best business and finance website Template (HTML5)

Today, every business needs to have a website that sends out a clear and compelling message. And thus it is important to adopt a comprehensive approach to building a website successfully. As a result, a large number of business owners hire web developers to do the job. However, hiring developers can get a bit expensive for many businesses. This is why HTML5 templates have become so popular recently. They are both inexpensive and effective options to build a fully functional business website. 

With these templates, you can create practically any type of design that you can dream of. With HTML5 templates, you can create any kind of website, from a personal blog to a business portal. And if you are in the finance industry, finding the perfect template to create a website is essential for its success. If you too are looking for a website template that would fit your business needs, the Finaxo business and finance template is just what you need. Finaxo will help you manage your business online and develop financial projections to start or expand your business. 

Finaxo is a high-end business and finance website template that you can use for all of your finance and advisory businesses. When you start a new project, you can save time and energy by using this premade site canvas. Moreover, the template provides you with pre-designed layouts and convenient features at no additional cost. Finaxo is designed using  Bootstrap Framework, which means that it adheres to all current web trends for secure and smooth performance. The template also offers ultimate customizability to cater to all your finance business needs.

Finaxo has many features that will help ensure that your website is much more beautiful, and functional and delivers an exceptional user experience. The following are some of the features and advantages of using Finaxo: 

The best features of Finaxo: Business and Finance website template (HTML5)

Parallax Background

Websites with a parallax effect are more pleasing to the eye. Finaxo is a  pre-made parallax website template that will help simplify this process for you. Parallax scrolling templates are based on optical illusion. With a parallax background, sections of the background change at a different rate than the foreground while browsing, giving a visually appealing effect.  

Finaxo template has integrated OWL carousel using which it is possible to make stunning responsive carousel sliders on your finance website. A carousel is a collection of sliding banners or a slideshow displayed on your store’s homepage that gives a brief description of your business. It can show up to five slides of graphics and text, which you can link to specific services or pages of your website. 

Retina Ready 

Increasing numbers of people are buying smartphones with HD and retina displays, making photo and video quality more crucial than ever. But with the Finaxo Template, this isn’t an issue. The template supports Retina displays with which your website will appear great on any device that uses it. In addition to the graphics, the fonts will be sharper and more readable. If you zoom in, retina-ready templates offer better resolution and greater detail throughout the design framework. 

All Major Browser Support

Customers will use a number of browsers to view your website. It is possible for a page to load perfectly fine on Chrome but not on Safari or Firefox. Finaxo business and finance website template offers cross-browser compatibility. This means your website and all its functionalities will load perfectly across all major browsers, hence no compromise on performance.  

Awesome Fonts and Colours

The template uses bright, eye-catching colors throughout the template to ensure that the user’s attention is immediately drawn to the website. The template uses contemporary fonts with vivid styles to make the content visible on this brightly colored design while also maintaining a perfect balance. 

Detailed documentation 

What will you do if you run into issues while installing or configuring the design template? Thankfully this business and finance template comes with detailed documentation that you can stick to at any instance. Finaxo comes with a comprehensive and well-written user guide that gives you complete access to all of its functionalities. 

Sum-UP: Finaxo – Finance Website Template

Finaxo is a flexible business and finance website template that can be customized to match your industry’s specific requirements. Using this well-designed template, you can increase your reach and build a strong online presence. It’s easy to extremely customize the template because of its responsive and user-friendly interface. You can add various components, and widgets, change the fonts, choose from a variety of multilevel dropdowns, and a lot more with this template.

Top 5 features of the Ciyastore responsive html5 eCommerce template

Top 5 features of the Ciyastore responsive html5 eCommerce template

The finest HTML5 eCommerce template can serve as an excellent foundation for your company’s website. They’re highly responsive, flexible, and come in a number of designs and styles. Moreover, building a website for your eCommerce business from scratch can be a real hassle, irrespective of its size. But thanks to evolving technology, website building is not limited to developers anymore.  

As you can see, the internet is filled with website-building tools and technologies. If you’re just starting, you could be stumped as to what you should use to build your eCommerce website. That is why eCommerce website templates are becoming increasingly popular in the modern-day. They enable you to easily design what you want by simply changing a few options. As a result, many website owners choose the finest HTML5 eCommerce template available. Using such a template provides a number of benefits, including: 

Benefits of HTML template

  • Customizable User Interface
  • Inexpensive 
  • Simple navigation
  • Multiple layouts
  • Smart functionality
  • Good accessibility 

Apart from that, using an HTML5 template speeds up the development of your website. They’re also simple to get started with because they don’t require any prior expertise. Even if you just have a little idea of how a website functions, you can easily create a website that meets your requirements. These kinds of templates might also be beneficial to web designers. 

Any HTML5 template will provide you with a wide range of possibilities, thanks to a plethora of customization options. You’ll be able to create a comprehensive website that represents your company’s objectives in just no time. We at PGS have developed one such bespoke html5 eCommerce template called Ciyastore for all your e-commerce business needs. 

Our Ciyastore eCommerce template has been created as a tool that you can use to create your eCommerce website. Designing a website for your business has never been easier. thanks to the newest web design trends and useful features like customizable responsive HTML5 templates, an optimized look for mobile devices, as well as Desktops, compatibility with Windows and Apple operating systems, and much more. In this post, we have listed down some of the top features of the Ciyastore html5 eCommerce template. They are as follows: 

Top features of the Ciyastore html5 eCommerce template

Website builder with drag-and-drop functionality 

Control and customize the entire appearance

Did you know that many customers rely on ready-to-use templates to build their websites? This is due to the fact that their robust drag-and-drop functionality enables you to design a professional-looking website entirely on your own. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge of the Ciyastore template. Our large number of eCommerce layouts available will assist you in creating a design that is optimized for sales. 

Use your typefaces

Use a font that is consistent with your brand

Almost every aspect of the Ciyastore eCommerce template can be customized. Combine components and select from a variety of current color schemes and fonts to create a design that reflects your company’s identity. 

Mobile-friendly and responsive

If you want your eCommerce website to generate a lot of sales, you must use a mobile-friendly template. Your eCommerce website must be flexible enough to adapt to different screen sizes on different types of devices. Our Ciyastore html5 eCommerce template has been designed to have a responsive layout that fits all screen sizes.  

Enhanced cross-browser compatibility

Customers will access your website using multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. As a result, the template will be different depending on the browser being used. With the Ciyastore eCommerce template, your website will easily adapt to a variety of browsers.  

Quick page loading

It’s been reported that nearly half of all clients abandon an eCommerce website if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As a result, having a lightweight website as well as responsive pages is critical. Ciyastore is made using the most up-to-date technologies that will help you create a fast-loading and responsive website. 

Ciyastore HTML5 eCommerce Template by Potenza global solutions for Your Website 

When it comes to website design and development, we at PGS go above and beyond to ensure you get the most value for your money. Our primary goal is to assist you in creating websites in a timely and efficient manner. The themes and landing pages that we provide are tailored to fulfill a variety of requirements. 

They also offer superior performance and a wide range of customization options. Every HTML5 eCommerce template we provide can be customized to match a number of subjects crucial in today’s commercial sector. No matter what industry you’re in, you can be confident that we’ll have a solution for you. 

We provide a wide range of extra services in addition to templates and website themes. The support these services offer is invaluable when it comes to building a professional website. It can help you in increasing the visibility of your website in google and other search engines.

Exclusive Sam Martin – Personal VCard Resume HTML Template

Exclusive Sam Martin - Personal VCard Resume HTML Template

Presenting your skills and creativity just became more inventive and imaginative with this unique HTML5 template, Sam Martin – Personal vCard Resume. This out-of-the world concept took its form in the minds of experts at Potenza.

We came up with this concept to present something different than business cards. When businesses sell their products with their detailed portfolio, individuals should also have a powerful tool to voice out to the world about how skilled they are. Sam Martin Personal vCard Resume is a portfolio template designed especially for those professionals who would love to showcase their professional self in a more creative manner.

Sam Martin-Personal vCard Resume is a brilliant HTML5 template, designed by HTML experts at Potenza global solutions, created to get a unique touch to your professional profile. It is a neat and elegant template, which helps you in placing the details of your career using content and images. It is a perfect way to show the details of your professional life in an organized as well as attractive manner. Bring life to your resume with this breath-taking and exceptional template.

This HTML5 template can also be used by independent individuals who are offering their services on freelance basis. It is also useful for those who wish to showcase their professional self for alliances, even if they are on the personal level. One can display their skills or services they provide in a presentable manner. The template has been created in such a way that it helps you show your expertise and capabilities in a well organized manner. Every part of your professional career can be displayed in different categories. This excellent and top-notch template comes with a responsive design which means that no matter which device your prospective client or profile viewer is using, they will be able to view your portfolio template without any hitches

Exclusive Features:

  • Portfolio template
  • Unique way of presenting your skills
  • Stylish and visually attractive
  • Useful for showcasing portfolio as well as resume
  • For professionals
  • For freelance individuals who offer specialized services
  • Created by Potenza Global Solutions
  • Working PHP contact form
  • Various color options
  • Fast performing
  • Easy setup
  • Reliable support
  • Cross browser optimization
  • Retina ready
  • SEO optimized
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Multiple header styles
  • Exceptional hover effects
  • Social Media
  • With responsive design

Get this powerful HTML5 template from here and let your competitors struggle with hand in their mouth. Get your unique professional profile ready within a few seconds with Sam Martin Personal vCard Resume.

The Corps-The Ultimate HTML5 Template With MultiPurpose Functionality

The Corps-The Ultimate HTML5 Template With MultiPurpose Functionality

The CORPS is an elite multi-purpose 100% responsive format with capable components. Basic and very much organized coding, high caliber and adaptable design, versatile components alongside shading plans, this can be put to effective use to make tailor-cut sites.

With bootstrap, responsive uber menu and different formats including unbelievable online journal topics, The CORPS offers you unimaginable availability to fabricate excellent and client situated websites. Exceptional plans, eye-appealing portfolio and imaginative site building devices work consistently to support your business on the web.

This format is intended for a wide range of organizations, for example, Corporate, Business, Portfolio, Creative, Blog, Agency and some more. You can customize as indicated by your business or customer necessities with a definitive components. In today’s world, customer-oriented websites are a must and for the creation of the same you need an outstanding accessibility which is ideally provided to you by The CORPS.

The template is bound to contain more than a hundred HTML5 pages which will surely leave you spell bound. You can get different kinds of multipage home layouts which provide a unique look to your website. 5 magnificent corporate layout options are available to you so that you can include them in your website page. Also, there are multiple options for a single page home layout which will add to the innovation and differentiation of your site. The features of The CORPS CORE are too something to look out for. Below stated are some of the features of The Corps Core which will impress you in an all new way:

Responsive and Retina ready

The Corps is designed in such a way that it can reduce as well as increase its size so as to suit your screen. This makes it look amazing on nearly all devices.

Inclusion of the slider

This also includes within itself, a revolutionary slider plugin which will create an everlasting impact on the customer viewing your website.

Supporting browsers

All the major and widely used browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome etc. are supported by CORPS which is another addition to the advantages of The CORPS.

Commendable Code

The CORPS has been designed to stand amongst one of the most outstanding HTML5 template. The code of the same is clear, commendable and a lot clear.

Layout Options

There are many options for layout available for instance the blog as well as for the portfolio layouts too.

It is a detailed documentation. There are other remarkable features of The Corps Core which shall be of great benefit to the created website. This can definitely be used to create an out of the box website.

If you want to buy this ultimate HTML5 theme then you can download it from Themeforest.net

Contact Us to our potenza global solutions designing team to design such a fabulous templates for your website.