In this world that so active in the social media world quickly adapts to any change whatsoever that is made in the social media websites. The latest feature that is the emoji emotion focused like button on Facebook. People have been extensively using this feature to further address their reactions clearly on the post.

Earlier, just the like button never one a chance to be expressive, this new feature however helps them be more expressive about their emotion regarding the most. It might look as a small addition to Facebook’s features, for the users, these additions might not mean much as they use it to express their feeling one some status or photos for better understanding. However, these additions are important for the brands that advertise or post about their product or company on these social websites. There are many things that one might wonder as this concept and new. So, a few points will help one understand this mechanism better.

The points are mentioned below:

There is no need to report each and every reaction

There will a number of reactions to each post, so there is no need to report each and every reaction. So, there is no need to give a detailed report for all the reaction. One should not create a metric that is completely devoted to these reactions. There is no point in doing so as these metrics will anyway not be able to give a complete view. So, there is no point in creating something specifically just for the emoji enabled like button.

Focus on the sentiments

There are love, like and angry kind of sentiments that are available in this featured. So, for example, if one is receiving love and anger as their reactions mostly, so it is something one should consider. What is important to focus here is the target audience. One might be aiming at the wrong or inadequate audience. Thus, in order to correct their actions, one needs to make sure that their audience is apt then they will receive the anticipated reactions from the users.

Do not pay attention to trolls

There are millions of people who sit behind the computer screen and use these social media sites, so it is natural that there will be many trolls and unwanted reaction on the posts, these are meant to upset the posts and also the status quo, but the point is one cannot do much to control these trolls, so the best thing to do is not pay attention to them and one should rather focus on they must make their potential viewers like the post. Also, one should not panic at such undesired situations instead they should only try to get only the desired reactions on their posts. Also, if one gets too many trolls on their posts, it is strongly recommended that one must reconsider what their target audience should be. If they try to re target, they might get lesser trolls on their post.

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