There is a huge difference between using mobile technology and having the cognizance about including mobile strategy into your profitability plan, specifically when it comes to your manufacturing business.

There is a huge difference between using mobile technology and having the cognizance about including mobile strategy into your profitability plan, specifically when it comes to your manufacturing business. However, with a number of manufacturing companies using mobile technology in their business strategies, it comes imperative for you to do the same.

When it comes to mobile strategy, one of the biggest blunders that businesses make is to utilize the existing software platforms for smaller screens. Mobile application development is a long and complex process which involves the use of a number of screens. This will bring down the speed of the sales force and hardly leave any savings which could justify the shift. When it comes to mobile productivity relies on breaking down complex tasks into simpler units.    

Designing only for mobile and delivering unique experience must form the founding stone for a new mobile strategy.

Position of Mobile In The Manufacturing Arena:

A survey, conducted at the end of 2014, in manufacturing and related industries to find the ways in which mobile apps were used to depict the following results.

  • 8 percent of businesses get real-time data on their inventories over mobile
  • 15 percent of businesses curb paper costs by allowing the sales team to generate mobile invoices
  • 28 percent make use of mobile to streamline sales teams’ checklists.

Apart from the above, with mobile your sales team will have an edge over competitors as it can quote projects in real time. On the administrative side, mobile helps in bringing down the time spent on a duplicate work of recording information on paper and then typing the same into the system.

Sales managers get empowered with the latest statistics on the performance of their sales team. This is essential to get real-time reports for metric based decision-making.

Areas Where Mobile Plays an Important Role in Bringing More Profits:

Over a short run, a mobile platform can elevate levels of efficiency and productivity by 5-10 percent. In the long run, the upper limit is limitless. With time mobile devices are getting super powerful and one can only imagine the effects they can have on business profitability.

However, mobile can positively impact three major areas of your manufacturing business to bring down costs and enhance profitability.

Disruptive Sales Models:

This is an area which yields major benefits. Using mobile devices to funnel marketing and sales can lead to the establishment of a novel retail and sales network. The sales force becomes empowered to view SKU information as well as stock levels. The Sales force can also have access to real time data related to distribution, fulfillment, profitability levels and dealer-specific order status.

Transformation Drivers:

Apps under this category have a profound impact as they help eliminate obsolete business processes. These apps help in the collection and analysis of data on consumer behavior whilst inviting new products and/or services to redefine the market.

Effectiveness Builders:

Under this category those apps are included which modify the set business processes, streamline workflow, and generate statistics to facilitate transparency into reports. They highlight the company’s top sales performers.

Customized Mobile Development Platform:

The real power of mobile lies in creating a competitive edge by joining hands with experts and the internal IT team. By consulting major mobile app development companies, you can enhance key metrics, including earnings, return on equity, sales per employee, and productivity.

Working with a mobile apps development company can ensure you the following results:

  • Bring down time and resources by eliminating obsolete processes
  • Enhance the impact of revenue to your bottom line by curbing operating costs
  • Bring in productivity to help your company transform into a thought leader

All in all it can be said that mobile adaptation strategy helps in gaining competitive edge. This is the work of constantly changing technology for all business sectors. One who walks in sync with the changing technology emerges as the winner. Make your winning move by joining hands with a mobile apps development company.

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