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Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends That Retailers Embrace In 2017

Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends That Retailers Embrace In 2017

Mobile commerce- The next Gen E commerce is taking the world over as mobile usage is amounting to gazillions.

The year 2016 witnessed the amazing growth in online selling through mobile apps, and 2017 is anticipated as the most promising and exciting for mobile commerce.

According to the smart insights report, “The mobile commerce is expected to get double and projected to become a $250 billion market by 2020.”

The interesting stats stimulating the retailers to get prepared for the shift to keep pace with the changing customers’ trends. Here are hard-to-resist 5 mobile commerce trends that more and more retailers will be following in 2017.

Investment for amazing customer experiences

In a survey, it’s concluded that customers are ready to pay for better experiences. Understanding the influence of new technology, the retailers are embracing augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable technology.

Augmented reality allure the customers to do shopping, virtual reality let the customers feel the product before making actual purchase and wearable technology eliminate the hassle of taking out the mobile out of the pocket.

Analytics and predictive technologies takes important place

A push to the personalization is on the rage and increasingly retailers are crafting the solutions that’re tailor-made to the customers’ needs and interest.

The analytics solution will be highly in 2017 used to recognize the customer’s needs, the shopping behaviour, and the preferences to take the intelligent merchandising decisions.

Consequently, the customers will get delighted when instead of bombarding of discount notifications, they get messages related to what they are looking to buy. It makes the online marketing worth rewarding and don’t forget the personalized retargeting as well.

Mobile wallet will become new standard

During Ecommerce web development or M-commerce app development, the retailers integrate the myriad of the payment options to enable the users checkout with a  great ease.

Mobile wallets like- Apple pay, Walmart pay, PayPal, or Google wallet are highly in use and expected to account 60% of the gross transactions happen in 2017. Even, it’s predicted that customers will drift away if they will be asked to enter the plastic card info to make the payment. Ensure your store allows the customers pay using the wallets.

Leveraging social to sell more

Social channels are the biggest drivers that are helping the retailers to tap into social to widen the reach to the customers and improve the conversion rate. On an average 60% of the USA adults spend most of their time on the social media using mobile.

With social feeds, the gross sales and traffic volume can be uplifted to an unimaginable level. See how.

The Facebook store or social posting are the best examples of it wherein the products’ description appear on the Facebook, or Instagram and when the customers click on the product they will be redirected to the online store.

Adherence to the timely delivery

With mobile usage, the customers prefer to get the things in the real-time, but it’s not possible with online shopping.

However, same day delivery or delivery within a few hours has become a trend that customers look for and even ready to pay extra for such services. To stay ahead in the competition, Amazon has taken an initiative of drone delivery where the orders can be delivered in 13 minutes.

It’s all about what customers expect and what E-retailers are trying to do. With multiple shipping options and timely delivery, the retailers can win more customers in 2017.

Top 15 Irresistible Things To Make Most Out Of The WordPress In 2017

Top 15 Irresistible Things To Make Most Out Of The WordPress In 2017

WordPress- the potent CMS website development tool is powering the websites from the time when it was considered as the most beloved platform to build the online presence. With time, other technologies have also emerged that are giving the tough competition to the old-aged platform.

To step in with the changing website trends and businesses needs, the platform has also evolved and upgraded many times to enable the websites to offer rich functionalities to the users of which they are in the pursuit of.

Take a look at the versions on which the WordPress websites are running that in total boasts of having 27% of the market share.

WordPress platform is offering various opportunities to the WordPress Development Company and the WordPress Developers to experiment with the technology and bring forth some innovations.

Let’s outline all the things that one can achieve with WordPress:

Website development: Certainly, you can take a plunge to the platform to go online and make your presence on the webbed world.

Begin blogging: Knowledge sharing is good. If you start writing the blog posts about the expertise you have in the area that others may have a need of. Your services will soon get viral.

Open an Ecommerce shop: The online shopping is all the rage. Leverage the platform and the tools it offers like- WooCommerce to create an E-shop where you can sell anything. Besides, integrating the physical store would improve the footfall.

Start offering marketing services: Once your website starts getting the huge traffic, you can turn it to revenue generator machine by providing a space on your website for the advertisements.

Build a membership site: When the user base reached a certain level and you got enough loyal users who love to access and read the content regularly. Make the service premium by providing access to the special content only to the members.

Form a subscriber email list: Email marketing is an obsolete marketing technique that still works and for that, you always have a need for email id, which you can easily get from the members who have subscribed to your website.

Ride on the website success: No matter what you are good at, either in WordPress programming, website designing, SEO, digital marketing or security aspects, you can display the expertise you have and captivate the business.

Bring the keyword at #1 position: Ranking the organic keywords on the top of the search engines is quite a task. But, if you can make it done, the number of the leads in the funnel would increase.

WordPress beta version testing: You can make the valuable contribution to the WordPress community by installing and testing the beta version released, and reporting the bug if found any.

WordPress theme development: Although thousands of the themes are available, but every theme holds a significance. So create a theme that’s valuable and offer great benefits when integrated because this utility will bring the revenue.

Craft the WordPress plugin: If you are proficient in PHP coding, then the plugin development would be easy peasy for you. When you find any problem to fix or the code that makes the work better, create the plugin.

Active participation on WordPress forums: Many people put the questions on the support forum to get the right answer. By generously helping others with right answers, you are making a contribution to the WordPress community and building the authority.

Engineer the website that loads in 1 second: It sounds impractical, but you can create such website by installing the Hummingbird plugin to improve the website performance.

Make a record of building a hacker-proof website: Don’t let any bad guy make the life miserable with the injection of malicious software at ease. Make their efforts impossible with a robust website development.

Remove the malicious software: As a security geek, you can help the businesses get rid of the software that are stealing the crucial data with a proper research.


The leading WordPress Development Company are looking to hire WordPress Developers that have the ability of to build WordPress websites tailor-made to the business needs. Even, there is a lot more that you can do with WordPress. So take the challenge and keep innovating.

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing WordPress Development Company

Factors to Considered Before Choosing WordPress Development Company

WordPress has developed as the title holder Content Management System in the late circumstances. WordPress is giving a rich working platform and an incredible client experience to a large number of clients.

On the off chance that you need to have a dynamic site all stuffed up with the most recent components, then WordPress is the best decision of substance administration framework for your business.

Despite the fact that WordPress stage is anything but difficult to utilize, still it requires a specific level of mastery to build up a productive site. The greater part of all, you require an impeccable WordPress site advancement organization that can satisfy your necessities and guarantee you to get what you need. For the enlisting procedure, there are sure pointers you should consider while picking the correct company which can meet your requirements.

Here is a rundown of 4 things to focus on:

1. Experience of the Company

General nature of the last site will for the most part rely upon the experience of the WordPress organization you would contact. This must be the primary element you ought to search for in your WordPress development company. Focus on organization which has demonstrated outcomes in the field of WordPress by its activities of the past.

Just an accomplished WordPress engineer can concoct the prescribed procedures and strategies for your venture and hand over an effective site.

2. Innovation and Methods Used

Check if the organization you are thinking about is rehearsing the most recent innovation and patterns as per the worldwide market. Request the capability by and large languages utilized for WordPress development such as

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • XML
  • HTML5
  • MY-SQL

All these coding languages are vital in a WordPress web Development. Ensure that the organization you want to hire has designers who are master in these areas. You can likewise approach them for accreditations that can be a declaration of the aptitudes they assert.

3. The Reputation of the Development Company

The notoriety of the organization is a standout amongst the most essential things to check for particularly on account of Custom WordPress developer. The past results of the organization will enlighten you regarding the level of administrations you can anticipate.

While enlisting an organization, research the market and get some answers concerning their notoriety in the business. You can counsel the past customers and clients of the organization.

4. Boost

Clients augment amid and after the development process assume an essential part in the profitable association with the specialist organization. Ensure what sort of post-venture bolster the organization offers and what is the time for which they offer free support.

Customer support, provided by a company, points at the level to which you can rely on it. You need to confirm that the terms and conditions of support are clearly laid out in the contract to avoid any future controversies.

20 WordPress Plugins – A Road To Successful Internet Marketer

20 Wordpress Plugins - A Road To Successful Internet Marketer

Majority of people dream of becoming a successful internet marketer, however there is immense competition in this sphere and it requires a lot of effort to accomplish it. One has to be careful in selecting an appropriate affiliated program.

Apart from this there are various other factors to be taken into consideration. You have to not only be an expert with great knowledge in this area but also have the ability to react promptly to the changing scenario.

For instance, in today’s era where mobile web dominates, your website should be compatible with various devices, browsers and platforms, responsive and flexible. To provide you a clue of what under wraps, we bring to you 20 wordpress plugins development that are essential for raising your revenue. These various tools will enhance your project and make you a successful Internet marketer.


Association or affiliates is a great option for monetizing your blog. It has important functions like automated affiliate enrolment and interaction with e-commerce projects. It is perfect for shops and owners and sellers of membership sites.


It is a strong instrument to establish control on the stats of the website. It exhibits effective marketing analytics and provides a secure environment. It has an association with various analytics services such as Google, Facebook, etc.

3.Market optimiser:

It is customised to raise the conversion rates enhancing A/B testing of the projects. It is well suited with all well known cache plugins such as W3 total cache and WP super cache.

4.Floating Banner ad rotator with tracking:

This plugin exhibits many advertisements simultaneously. It is immense and wisely used. The audience can enjoy it as it demonstrates various options to them. It also helps to keep a track on the statistics.

5.Live chat on Formilla:

This plugin enables you to build connections with potential customers without any delays. It helps to build trust in relationships and makes the project more dependable. It has a clear and instinctive interface supporting mobile devices.

6.Popup Plugin-ITRO:

Usually pop up banners are very irritating for the users, yet it is a productive way to capture attention to the product. ITRO is designed for this very purpose. It can speak in different languages and is customizable.

7.Ticket tailor:

WordPress plugin development has added this plugin for selling online tickets. You can earn a little more through corresponding channels. It has many features right from multiple ticketing for one event to a complete order management tools.

8.Widget for rotating Images:

It is an ideal instrument for logos. It covers many ads simultaneously and works properly as a banner rotator. It enables you to set the speed, aim a new window, loop images, etc.

9.Google Trends Widget:

Google Trends Widget is a mini plugin that enables you to target visitors as per the country and enhance your index in the search engine.

10.Uji Pop up:

This plugin helps to build different stylish, customisable and clean window pop ups. They can exhibit HTML content to an advanced multimedia player. It has option of close or skip button, timer, different available languages and much more.


This instrument is essential for those websites which values its subscribers. It affiliates with AWeber, Mailchimp and many more. It has a instinctive backend and enables complete control on the list of readers.

12.Add – to – any Share Buttons:

A modern website requires this plugin. It has over hundred vector icons which connects your projects to the social media. It is a responsive, customisable and flexible widget.

13.Shareoholic- share buttons, posts and much more:

This plugin is made for the purpose of huge exposure. This also enables you to interact with the social media. It has clean designed counters, floating bar option, supports short URL’s, etc.

14.Click funnels:

It enables you to take the advantage from your account in service of the similar name. It helps you make custom URL’s, order and manipulate pages, etc.


It improvises your websites in terms of making it mobile friendly. It enables you to acquire more users through app stores like Google play and apple. You are required to create a push up notification so that you can inform the users of your updates.

16.Google Keyword suggests:

It is a plugin that suggests keywords to be used in the content to fulfil the customer’s needs. It enables you to use different European languages.

17.Updraft Plus backup and restoration:

It is the most widely used plugin. It helps to back up providing automatic and manual mode. It also enables restoration of data and files. It associates with dropbox, google drive, FTP and many others.

18.SEO ultimate:

This is the most looked for component. The essential ones are over more than 20 modules, rich snippets, open graph integrator, etc.

19.Smart Manager for WooCommerce and WPeC:

It is a reliable and quick plugin for making a complete dashboard for dealing with the e- stores. It has more than 200 features providing you with the opportunity to take charge of different factors of the project.

20.Google analytics on your Dashboard:

It shows real time stats in adequate portions and giving a pleasant view. It has features like link tracking, full control of site and components, short codes, graphs, etc.


In order to be a successful internet marketer, you need to reinforce your website from different aspects by integrating the above plugins.

Unravel The 8 Most Beautiful WordPress Themes For News & Magazine Blog

Unravel The 8 Most Beautiful WordPress Themes For News & Magazine Blog

If you are one of those bloggers dreaming to have your own news or magazine website, then the time is up for you to wake up to the world of WordPress Themes. Unbelievable Right? With no efficient resources, it might have been difficult to even think about developing a news website.

But the community of talented wordpress developers has unveiled exceptional WordPress themes for users who are looking to build amazing and stylish website for news, fashion or magazine. As the world is now more relying on virtual news, it is the right time to create your own space in online news industry.

Whether you want to gossip about Hollywood stars or share about the latest trends in the fashion world, these themes with their wonderful features and tools empower you to create your own news and magazine style blogs. Explore here some of the extensive WordPress themes and pick the one that best suits your requirement for web development.


When looking for magazine or news website development, Spartan stands out as one of the best WordPress themes. With a palette of unlimited color options embedded with amazing ad banner management features and sidebars, Spartan offers a unique edge for news or magazine website designing. Using these options along with live customizer, you can make changes to the website. The theme also offers exceptional options to upload videos, audios and pictures within the posts.


Embellished with drag and drop homepage builder, Noticia also marks its place in this list. Work on those customization options provided by this theme to get a dramatic look. With 3 custom post types, it provides more opportunity to customize to attract your target customers. With awesome ad banner management features, Noticia is an excellent theme to scale your ROI higher.


Thinking to build website for all the gossips and reviews about film industry, MightMag is your best pick. With its tailor-cut features, you can create the most engaging news publishing website or magazine. Want to make play on monetary gains, then this theme can work well with WooCommerce.


Parallel to MightyMag, ScopeMag is a traditional yet modern WordPress theme for news blogs and magazine websites. In this theme, you have the option to select between 3 header post styles and 2 blogroll styles.

Mister Blogger

Want to have an ideal media blogging features, Mister Blogger can be your perfect partner. Along with news publishing, you can use it for photography purpose also. This theme supports all media formats to build an attractive news or magazine website. Mister Blogger is also a perfect choice for personal blog.  


Want to create a print media type newspaper webite, Multinews can be the best option.  Loaded with WooCommerce and BuddyPress integration, this theme provides extraordinary flipping layout feature, which can keep the visitors engaged. You don’t have to work on Multinews much as it embedded with MailChimp, mega menu and numerous layouts integration.


Want to have a blog with mega menu display, go for DailyMagazine. In its mega menu option, it will show the articles, latest posts and categories. The visitors can easily browse your website for information and latest happenings. Along with WooCOmmerce tool, it also enables you to handle ad spaces with banner management.


Want to create your own style mark in industry, Revival helps you. It is a perfect option, when you want to give a trendy look for your website. Embossed with 4 kinds of layouts and sidebars on the right, it offers an opportunity to bring out your own imagination in the virtual world. Providing amazing customizing options, it helps you customize 33 widget areas. No doubt, it is an ultimate option for a fashion blog or a magazine.

Stay in touch, as with the onset of the New Year, we will be up with some more interesting and informative blogs on WordPress to enhance your knowledge.  Have we missed any theme, do share with us in the comment box. You can also contact us to request a quote for your wordpress development and regarding queries related your wordpress website.

Top Rated Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2015

Top Rated Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2015

Real estate is always in demand and the business is forever at the peak. Below are some stunning WordPress Themes for Real Estate.

Real estate is always in demand and the business is forever at the peak. People’s requirements for shelter will never come down. They want the best abode to live a peaceful and happy life. As a real estate business, you can help people get the house of their choice as per the requirements of your clients. We create exciting real estate WordPress themes which offer flexibility with customizability.

Real estate WordPress themes are user-friendly and offer value to your clients. You can avail of different layouts which can display multiple properties. With a number of useful plugins, you can get the most from brilliant and eye-catchy WordPress themes for real estate.

Some stunning WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Estate Pro

Real Places


Quick Sale



Sweet Home

Dream Home

To get that creative and attractive WordPress Theme for your website get in touch with us today!