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How to start a car dealership business using the Car Dealer WordPress Theme?

How to start a Car dealership business using the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry’s needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

The internet has transformed the way customers shop across all industries. Today, with a wide range of options and limitless product information on the internet, more people tend to choose online shopping over traditional.

And this stands true for all retail industries, including the automotive industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, if you plan to start a car dealership business, you must have a cutting-edge website that can draw and retain customers.

According to a report by Google and Kantar TNS, more than 90 % of the people intending to buy a car do research online. That is why you need a website that is informative, appealing, and highly competent at driving traffic. But when it comes to building a website, what car dealers do not know is that they can make a professional car dealership website without having to code. But the question is, How?

Whether you are into the car dealership or planning to get into the business, WordPress will help you create a beautiful website with just the right aesthetics and features to improve user experience. And with the perfect WordPress theme, you can build a feature-rich website quickly and digitally manage car dealerships with much ease.

The Car Dealer is one such premium WordPress theme that works out of the box. This theme has been specifically designed to meet the automotive industry’s needs and guarantees an excellent user experience for both car dealers and buyers.

Let’s explore the features that make Car Dealer the most preferred WordPress theme in the automotive field since its inception:

Features Of Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Complete Customization

Car Dealer is more than just a WordPress theme! It is a complete design framework that offers 14 customizable homepage layouts and a wide range of customization options. It lets you customize every page of your website through a visual editor that helps you create a perfectly personalized website for your customers.

Advanced filter functionality

One of the core features of this theme is its advanced filter functionality. Using this feature, visitors can generate customized queries by setting filters and search as per their requirements. Not only this, due to its integration with AJAX, the search results are instantly updated on the same page, thus no more additional page loads. What else do you need?

Easy Import

The Car Dealer WordPress theme is compatible with WebManager that easily lets you manage and import your entire inventory database using a CSV file. Also, you can easily import the information about the vehicle to the listing page by simply entering the VIN.

Review Stamp

Buying a car could be a complex decision-making process. Due to the wide range of options available, it becomes tough to make the right choice. Car Dealer WordPress theme has made this easy for your customers through its review stamp functionality. Using this, car dealers can display certification and reviews of different vehicles from various vehicle valuation providers like Carfax.com, Kelley Blue Book, PureCars.com, and many more.

Today, lots of people are leaning towards online shopping. Thus it has become crucial for businesses to create an online presence. If you want to start your car dealership business, then a website is essential, but that alone is not enough. You also need to make sure that your website is engaging, feature-packed, and well-equipped. Here’s when the Car Dealer WordPress theme comes to your rescue and helps you build a cutting-edge website all on your own!

10 Top Tried-And-Proven Tips To Run A Woo-Commerce Site Successfully

10 Top Tried-and-Proven Tips to run a Woo-Commerce site successfully

WooCommerce, a free plugin that lets you sell products and services from your WordPress site. It was acquired by Automattic Inc., WordPress’s principal company recently. It is one of the best-designed e-commerce plugins for WordPress and is considered as a most popular eCommerce solution across all websites.

So now that you’ve implemented Woo-Commerce to your responsive eCommerce website, what are the steps you can take to turn your online storefront into a successful business?

Here are the 10 Tried-and-Tested Tips that will help your Woo-Commerce site run successfully:

10 Tips To help your Woo-Commerce site run successfully

Appeal with Photos

Entice and appeal to your customers with high-quality photographs of your products and take an important step to guide your customers towards making a purchase from your store. When potential customers visit your product page, it’s because they want to have a look at your product; show it to them with large images from multiple angles with a consistent style and settings. Give them complete control by letting them zoom in on your individual images and cycle through multiple images; A Lightbox plugin can make this happen.

Set the Tone of your Brand

Don’t be a plain online store that just sells products or services! Stand out from the crowd and connect with your customers. Show off your brand’s story and personality by setting a tone of voice that is throughout your web pages, product descriptions, and blogs. Show them why your brand is unique!

Always remember that great brands aim for customer’s hearts and not their wallets!

Create Great Content for your Customers

The design of a website is essential in building a good first impression on your visitors, but it’s the high-quality content that helps retain them and gain high ranking on SERPs. Focus on content that talks about your customers’ needs and how they can get the best out of your products and services. Share the story of your brand and elements of your business through your blogs. It is recommended while preparing product description that you focus on content that helps your customer understand you and your products/services better and why you are a good choice for them. Make use of good cases and address questions that your customers may have.

Connect with Newsletter

Believe it or not, Email marketing is still relevant and is still one of the favorite modes of communication for marketers. Marketers still prefer to reach their current and potential customers through Newsletters detailing their products, services, events or offers. Target and customize your emails based on users’ habits and purchase history to get the best returns. Track the behavior of your audience – links they have clicked on, why they choose to unsubscribe and how often they forward your emails.

Grow with SEO

For an online business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to increase brand visibility and credibility. When people search online for your products or services, having your website at the top of the SERP builds trust. Optimize your website by adding the right keywords in the content to generate more traffic from diverse sources and affect the revenue of your ecommerce store.

Use the basic WordPress SEO by Yoast, a complete SEO solution provided by WordPress that adds Meta descriptions, keywords, and optimized permalinks to make sure search engines know where your content is.

Support your Customers

Customer support is crucial to running an online store. It isn’t just about helping them solve problems related to shipping or refunds, but it’s more about making them feel comfortable on your website.

Answer their most common questions related to pricing, guarantees, offers and policies that they might have, preferably in FAQ format and encourage them to contact you whenever they feel stuck through a contact form or live chat.

Give Olark a try; it is easy to install on any Woo-Commerce site and you can even try it out for free.

Special Treatment for Special Buyers

So your business is running like a well-oiled engine and you’ve started developing a strong customer base. Why not offer your customers something special and give them a reason to visit and shop through you again?


Offer your customers a chance to prepare their wishlist so they can choose the keep the product aside and make the purchase later when it’s convenient for them. WooCommerce site Wishlist allows you to create and add products to an unlimited number of Wishlists and so much more.

Vouchers, Coupons and Store Credit

Give your visitors complete freedom on they choose to spend their money whether it’s through vouchers or free credits. Let your customers purchase a product as a gift voucher for them to gift their loved ones. Provide special offers to your current customers and let them know through emails or any social media channels. You can also set up a store credit system to make the purchase process easier for them.

Use Smart Coupons extension for WooCommerce to get an all-in-one coupon solution for your eCommerce site. Whether you want to offer store credits, generate coupons for promotions or allow gifting, this extension will make your life so much easier.

Secure yourself with a Backup

Always remember to backup all your files and content. You never know when your system might need to be updated or when you might fall victim to a hacker attack. It is highly recommended to keep your data updated to keep the downtime to a minimum.

Get your eCommerce site protected and prepared with real-time automated backups through VaultPress specially optimized for WooCommerce websites.

Allow Speedy access with CDN

Fast-loading websites have reduced bounce rates, improved user experience and higher ranking in SERPs. CDN (Content Delivery Networks) services can take care of delivering heavy files like images and CSS sheets from a server geographically close to the user and optimized for speed, thereby substantially reducing page-load times and giving your website a huge boost.

Use MaxCDN which is reliable and offers competitive rates.

Get Users to participate

Today’s buyers love to share their views and reviews, especially on social media platforms. Let your customers share their reviews and ratings on your products and services on your websites and let everyone know what they liked and (what they didn’t). These reviews can give you good insight on what is working for you and where you can improve to increase customer satisfaction. A report shows that 85% of online shoppers will make a purchase only after reading online reviews.

Use Review for Discount and Testimonials by WooThemes that allows your customers to give you reviews and testimonials respectively for your WooCommerce-powered website.


With Woo-Commerce integration and these 10 Tips shared above, we hope you get your eCommerce website up and running successfully.

Potenza Global Solutions is a WordPress Development Company that offers responsive website development and custom eCommerce development among other IT solutions.

CUPID LOVE-The PSD Template Reinventing The Dating Website Development

CUPID LOVE-The PSD Template Reinventing The Dating Website Development

Online dating is all the rage. Increasingly, it’s gaining very much popularity and has become one of the great sources of revenue today.

That’s the reason businesses are showing more interest in building online dating portals. But, the dating website design and development put a bigger hole in the pocket.

There the dating website templates come to the rescue. The templates enable the website development in a completely customized fashion without spending bundles. There are a lot of companies that offer the dating website templates which claim to be the one of the best sources to craft the excellent dating website in the most professional way.

CUPID LOVE is one of such dating website PSD template that’s packed with 11 PSD files. The PSD website templates allow the businesses to create the website with magnificent UI and attractive designs that match the modern dating website UI/UX trends.

Let’s take a look at what the template has in the bucket to offer:

Bootstrap grid: The best development practices are leveraged during template development so that users easily create the layout based on Twitter Bootstrap or Grid 1170 pixels.

Customization: All the layers are organized and systematically named in the template. The pixel perfect designs are easy to edit with photoshop. The free icons and fonts (Montserrat and Remachine) are also provided that can be used. The appealing typography is eye-candy.

PSD files: The 11 PSD files are included in the dating website template package that is Home Page, Sign In & Sign Up, Profiles, Profile Detail Page, Blog, Blog Details, Success Stories, Success Story Detail, About Us, Contact Us, and 404 Error.

Mobile UI: The modern mobile app UI is also provided that works as a base for the dating mobile app just at the measly cost of $8.

Documentation: There is one documentation file provided which aids the client in understanding how to deal with PSD templates and create the website the way they want it to be.

Wow! Isn’t in an amazing and easiest way to create the online dating website wherein the businesses can amalgamate their creativity, designs, and images. Moreover, it won’t require the users to be technically sound or have the programming expertise, while just the photoshop knowledge is enough.

Note: In the PSD templates, the images shown in the purchase package are just for preview to give a demo and users cannot download them for their personal use.


An online dating website needs to have the elementary features that generally date lovers look for and the visual appeal of the website, which stays at the core. Besides, just like the romantic dates, the people like to interact with their dates using those websites that are simple, allows them to easily get connected and communicate with the dates, and make them feel secure by keeping their information confidential. The Cupid Love had it all to offer the users.

What are you waiting for? Buy dating website templates now and start earning dollars.

Top 10 Things That Your Website Must Have

Top 10 Things That Your Website Must Have

Having a website has become all bread and butter for the businesses to reach the target users and woo them.

The website plays an important role in bringing epic success or big failure to the businesses. That’s why the companies ensure that the website has all the necessary features and functionalities in place or not, which enable the users to walk through the website easily.

Puzzled about what are the things needed to be included? Here, we have rounded up the list of features that the responsive website development Company must implement on your website.

  • Domain name 

Not to mention, but the domain name is the most common thing that every website have, which reflects the business. Most often the domain name is kept same as the business name so that it can be easily identified by the website URL, and users won’t forget it easily.

  • Logo that illustrates your brand

Before heading towards the UX/UI Design, the logo design is a must, as it is the identity of every brand. The logo must share the resemblance with the business nature and the offerings. Also, it can be updated with time, but most of the leading brands keep one logo for years with which the users identify them.

  • Tagline that tells your story

The tagline is a statement which displays the business, business goal and their services in a few words, and set the business apart in the world. Design the tagline carefully as your business will be remembered by the tagline. It can be displayed at the center of the top banner.

  • Content that converts

The content appears on the website must be qualitative and vividly illustrate the products or services that the business offer. Also, the usability and engaging element should be there in the content which compels the users to read and comprehend it easily.

  • Features to display what the brand offers

Everyone who lands on the website wants to view the services or product that your business provides at first. The offerings of the brand should be displayed at the top using the best layout so that users can easily find them.

  • Seamless Navigation for easy walk through

Allow the users to quickly get to the point where they want to be on your website through smooth navigation. For this, the app flow, icons, and designs should resonate the way users browse the website and figure out different features. Also, unbroken navigation experience should remain on every device through which the users access the website.

  • Contact information to connect

Let the users communicate with you through phone calling, email, address or live chat. It’s possible when the website displays the contact information at the place that’s highly perceived by the users. For instance: The IT companies showcase the contact information at the bottom of the web pages.

  • CTA to initiate an action

The investment of dollars, time and efforts are done by the businesses to gain the users’ information, that’s possible when the users click on the call to action (CTA) button. The CTAs can be- subscribe to the newsletter, appointment scheduling, item purchase or querying for the product.

  • User reviews to display what users speak

Testimonials are the powerhouse that has the potential to make or break the business. Most of the users before making any purchase, review what the existing users speak about the brand’s offerings or services, and this feedback strengthens their decision to either move forward or abandon the website. Keep the genuine user reviews on the website, don’t try to fake the users.

  • Social buttons to get social

The interaction about your brand can be encouraged on the social media platforms by allowing the customers easily get to the brand social page through social media integration. By simply clicking on the social media channel buttons, the users can easily land on the social websites and post their reviews about your brand or communicate with other social users.


The website can only live up to the business and user expectations when it does its job perfectly and drive results. Get in touch with the best web design and development company to build the website that includes all the essential elements and, which an average Joe can easily navigate and understand. Also, the elements enlisted above can be placed in any order depending on your business nature and the users taste to thrive in the market.

Benefits Of Magento Ecommerce Development

Benefits of Magento ecommerce Development

Magento, a main open source ecommerce stage offers store proprietors with extreme modified alternatives to oversee advance, substance, and working of their stores.

Magento highlights everything required to outline an undeniable online customer-facing facade. It can likewise be incorporated into your current site for the dynamic interface and brilliant user experience for your esteemed customers.

With regards to propound Magento ecommerce development serves as the best decision among others.

It presents you with a few advantages Of Magento Ecommerce Development

For example:

It offers operational flexibility: Magento offers out-of-the-case adaptable components to maintain an effective eCommerce business. The stage is sufficiently adaptable to bolster a wide assortment of installment portals like PayPal, Google, and so forth. It likewise bolsters Checkout by Amazon which is an inventive element.

It offers great response on mobile devices: Magento is mobile-friendly. A responsive design permits clients to draw in with the website benefits on any gadget including cell phones, desktops, and portable PCs. The version of the website, optimized for mobile users offers ease of use on the go and delivers custom-made solutions to mobile users.

It is an SEO-friendly platform: Magento permits you to enhance web search tool rankings by including highlights like content duplication, page activity, SEO prepared connections, and URL’s to get natural help with an expanded number of visitors. It likewise enhances the chances to rank higher on leading search engines.

It helps in managing online business easily: Magento makes it simple to oversee online business in tranquil ways. You can, without much of a stretch, deal with various stores from a sole administrator panel. Included with an interesting item index, it permits you to oversee and manage more than one store without any difficulty and hassles.

It is highly customized: Magento is profoundly adaptable and modular. It’s to a great degree particular innovation permits you to create phenomenal front-end client encounters by changing the designs and formats of your decision.

It owes a great amount of expansion: Magento productively oversees thousands of items at the same time. It can bolster a large number of items in a store. Being a totally versatile stage, it can easily oversee the “n” number of items in your store.

It is a great carting feature: Magento’s shopping basket accompanies a basic, and easy-to-handle page-checkout which is very simple to follow for purchasing selected items.

It entails better functionality: Magento accompanies incalculable components to offer a lovely e-commerce website encounter. A portion of the best elements incorporates layered route, shopping basket mix, item examination, list of things to get, email rundown, etc. These components, when incorporated in Magento Ecommerce Development completely guarantee a superior client encounter for shoppers.

Magento offers the adaptability to rise as an astounding stage for eCommerce web development. From new companies to huge estimated organizations, Magento Development Company can cook for the most stringent of their eCommerce needs. Along with the above benefits, if you require an online store that is custom-fitted to your business needs, Magento will work consistently.

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing WordPress Development Company

Factors to Considered Before Choosing WordPress Development Company

WordPress has developed as the title holder Content Management System in the late circumstances. WordPress is giving a rich working platform and an incredible client experience to a large number of clients.

On the off chance that you need to have a dynamic site all stuffed up with the most recent components, then WordPress is the best decision of substance administration framework for your business.

Despite the fact that WordPress stage is anything but difficult to utilize, still it requires a specific level of mastery to build up a productive site. The greater part of all, you require an impeccable WordPress site advancement organization that can satisfy your necessities and guarantee you to get what you need. For the enlisting procedure, there are sure pointers you should consider while picking the correct company which can meet your requirements.

Here is a rundown of 4 things to focus on:

1. Experience of the Company

General nature of the last site will for the most part rely upon the experience of the WordPress organization you would contact. This must be the primary element you ought to search for in your WordPress development company. Focus on organization which has demonstrated outcomes in the field of WordPress by its activities of the past.

Just an accomplished WordPress engineer can concoct the prescribed procedures and strategies for your venture and hand over an effective site.

2. Innovation and Methods Used

Check if the organization you are thinking about is rehearsing the most recent innovation and patterns as per the worldwide market. Request the capability by and large languages utilized for WordPress development such as

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • XML
  • HTML5
  • MY-SQL

All these coding languages are vital in a WordPress web Development. Ensure that the organization you want to hire has designers who are master in these areas. You can likewise approach them for accreditations that can be a declaration of the aptitudes they assert.

3. The Reputation of the Development Company

The notoriety of the organization is a standout amongst the most essential things to check for particularly on account of Custom WordPress developer. The past results of the organization will enlighten you regarding the level of administrations you can anticipate.

While enlisting an organization, research the market and get some answers concerning their notoriety in the business. You can counsel the past customers and clients of the organization.

4. Boost

Clients augment amid and after the development process assume an essential part in the profitable association with the specialist organization. Ensure what sort of post-venture bolster the organization offers and what is the time for which they offer free support.

Customer support, provided by a company, points at the level to which you can rely on it. You need to confirm that the terms and conditions of support are clearly laid out in the contract to avoid any future controversies.