Having a website has become all bread and butter for the businesses to reach the target users and woo them.

The website plays an important role in bringing epic success or big failure to the businesses. That’s why the companies ensure that the website has all the necessary features and functionalities in place or not, which enable the users to walk through the website easily.

Puzzled about what are the things needed to be included? Here, we have rounded up the list of features that the responsive website development Company must implement on your website.

  • Domain name 

Not to mention, but the domain name is the most common thing that every website have, which reflects the business. Most often the domain name is kept same as the business name so that it can be easily identified by the website URL, and users won’t forget it easily.

  • Logo that illustrates your brand

Before heading towards the UX/UI Design, the logo design is a must, as it is the identity of every brand. The logo must share the resemblance with the business nature and the offerings. Also, it can be updated with time, but most of the leading brands keep one logo for years with which the users identify them.

  • Tagline that tells your story

The tagline is a statement which displays the business, business goal and their services in a few words, and set the business apart in the world. Design the tagline carefully as your business will be remembered by the tagline. It can be displayed at the center of the top banner.

  • Content that converts

The content appears on the website must be qualitative and vividly illustrate the products or services that the business offer. Also, the usability and engaging element should be there in the content which compels the users to read and comprehend it easily.

  • Features to display what the brand offers

Everyone who lands on the website wants to view the services or product that your business provides at first. The offerings of the brand should be displayed at the top using the best layout so that users can easily find them.

  • Seamless Navigation for easy walk through

Allow the users to quickly get to the point where they want to be on your website through smooth navigation. For this, the app flow, icons, and designs should resonate the way users browse the website and figure out different features. Also, unbroken navigation experience should remain on every device through which the users access the website.

  • Contact information to connect

Let the users communicate with you through phone calling, email, address or live chat. It’s possible when the website displays the contact information at the place that’s highly perceived by the users. For instance: The IT companies showcase the contact information at the bottom of the web pages.

  • CTA to initiate an action

The investment of dollars, time and efforts are done by the businesses to gain the users’ information, that’s possible when the users click on the call to action (CTA) button. The CTAs can be- subscribe to the newsletter, appointment scheduling, item purchase or querying for the product.

  • User reviews to display what users speak

Testimonials are the powerhouse that has the potential to make or break the business. Most of the users before making any purchase, review what the existing users speak about the brand’s offerings or services, and this feedback strengthens their decision to either move forward or abandon the website. Keep the genuine user reviews on the website, don’t try to fake the users.

  • Social buttons to get social

The interaction about your brand can be encouraged on the social media platforms by allowing the customers easily get to the brand social page through social media integration. By simply clicking on the social media channel buttons, the users can easily land on the social websites and post their reviews about your brand or communicate with other social users.


The website can only live up to the business and user expectations when it does its job perfectly and drive results. Get in touch with the best web design and development company to build the website that includes all the essential elements and, which an average Joe can easily navigate and understand. Also, the elements enlisted above can be placed in any order depending on your business nature and the users taste to thrive in the market.

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