Potenza Global Solutions, which has been providing top-notch IT solutions to businesses for more than a decade, has come with an innovative WordPress theme, Six Box.

Do you want a website that excites its visitors? Do you want a website that gives you word-of-the-mouth publicity? Who doesn’t? Utilizing the best of the current technology, you can deliver brilliant user-experience. A website is surely a place where your online audience gets introduced to your business. It is the first virtual handshake with your prospective clients. It must surely be the one that catches the eye and keeps visitors lingering on it.

A website with rich features definitely has more users than a namesake website. The theme of the website determines the user experience. Potenza Global Solutions, which has been providing top-notch IT solutions to businesses for more than a decade, has come with an innovative WordPress Theme, Six Box. It is a unique WordPress theme which has six main features, which change the overall look and feel of a website on which the theme has been loaded. Six Box theme offers users with more information, in a less space. Following are the main features of Six Box WordPress Theme.

  • WordPress 4.0 Compatible
  • Responsive Layout
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Six Box Animation
  • 3 Column Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Wide Layout Style
  • Clean, modern design
  • Well Organized layers make it very easy to update
  • Google Fonts and Vector Icons
  • Minimum Adobe CS Version : CS3
  • Pixel Dimensions : 1140×2529

General Features: The best thing about Six Box theme is that it offers responsive design which implies that, irrespective of the device, your website can be viewed perfectly. Moreover, Six Box theme comes with a number of useful features such as gallery and wide layout style. Owing to its clean, modern design it allows users to navigate through the website with ease. Website owners can update content easily, without any technical help, because of the well organized layers offered by this theme. 

Six Box Animation: One of the main features of this theme is the Six Box animation. Through this theme, website owners can present more information in less space. It offers a creative way of presenting information. As the name suggests, six boxes are present on the web page with some content in each box. When user clicks on one of the box, it elongates itself to present more information available in the hindsight. In same way each box, when clicked upon, presents more information. This is a very useful feature as it assures viewer interaction with the website and lets website give more information in less space.

Three column portfolio: Another feature that stands out is the three column portfolio. With this feature, a website can display the projects accomplished in the past in the form of three column portfolio. Each column presents the project on which the company has worked previously. By clicking on one box, users can view the details about the project. 

When it comes to font, Six Box utilizes font Open Sans in different weights (regular and bold).

WooCommerce Compatible: The biggest advantage that comes with Six Box theme is that it is WooCommerce compatible. If you are planning to sell products on your website currently or at any time in the future, then this WordPress theme will be very useful for you.

Gallery:  The ‘Gallery’ feature allows you to post images related to different events on a single page. Images to a specific event can be grouped under a single block. This makes the site look more organized and neat. 

Six Box WordPress theme is indeed a boon for a number of websites as it promises exciting features. Making it convenient for users to navigate through your site, it ensures high traffic and ranking on search engines.

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