It is a fact that a large percentage of people’s time is spent on their phones, and the majority of that time is spent on mobile applications. This is why businesses and corporations are increasingly using mobile applications. There are endless ways in which having a mobile app can be useful for a business. 

Whether it’s an eCommerce website or an online food service, all are merely trying to connect with their consumers through the development of mobile apps. Since smartphones are becoming more and more popular, the number of applications designed for specialized industries has also increased dramatically. 

In addition to enhancing a company’s online reputation, these applications are valuable and helpful in changing the way businesses operate. Over half of millennials want businesses to have an app so that they can access their services quickly and effectively.

The same is true for the automobile industry. Car dealers and automobile manufacturers have also started creating mobile apps for their brands. Mobile app development for car dealerships is on the rise since it provides customers and dealers with direct access to one another. In this article, we will be discussing ways in which a car dealer mobile app can help auto dealerships increase their sales.

5 ways to increase sales with car dealer mobile app

Mobile App users spend more money 

A 2014 DME automotive survey found that app users were 73% more likely to buy and 25% more likely to schedule servicing sessions than non-app users. This provides ample opportunity for car dealers to gain benefits from their investment in mobile application marketing.

Moreover, they spent 7% more money on a vehicle than non-app users, according to research conducted by This allows car dealers who adopt mobile technology to build lifetime relationships with all millennials, leading to recurrent sales. 

Provide clients with the details they need to make informed decisions 

This is an excellent approach for a business to directly connect with automobile buyers since many people use mobile devices nowadays. Mobile users are 72 % more interested in visiting the car dealership than those who don’t use it.

The easiest strategy to gain more customers for your dealership is to provide useful information about it. Consumers typically report feeling driven to visit a dealership after conducting internet research. 

As a result, a car dealership must present prospective customers with all the information relevant to the auto-buying process, such as market price and financing choices and tools for comparing different models of vehicles. This is why having an informative app can be quite beneficial as it can influence a consumer’s purchasing behavior. 

Geofencing Enhances Competitiveness 

While geofencing helps dealerships keep in-store customers interested in the buying process, it also allows them to lure prospects away from competitors. Geofencing is a technology used in apps to create invisible boundaries around a dealer’s property and competitors’ properties in the area.

Dealerships can use geofencing to send special offers to prospective customers within a fixed radius of the dealership and track the prospective customer’s precise location in real-time.

You can even “sweep” customers away from your competition by sending them the correct message at exactly the right time, provided they’ve already downloaded your dealership’s mobile app. Using a push notification to inform customers that they can get a better deal if they act right away can be an extremely effective marketing strategy. 

More conversions 

You can increase conversion rates by sending timely promotional messages that drive customers to take action. All e-commerce businesses struggle with issues like abandoned shopping carts.

Many customers abandon shopping carts before they can complete their purchases. Push notification campaigns can help you overcome this issue and regain lost customers.

Using mobile app features like push notifications, e-commerce businesses can retarget customers who have abandoned their shopping carts by offering them attractive deals right on their smartphones.

This is the most effective strategy to boost sales since you’ll be retargeting individuals who have already expressed interest in your dealership. 

Apps foster long-term customer loyalty 

While dealers are responsible for the initial sale of vehicles to customers, apps can effectively strengthen long-term relations with customers. After purchasing a car, it has been found that owners tend to spend more money on its maintenance.

Customers will undoubtedly seek out routine maintenance for their vehicles and are more likely to pay attention to car dealer applications when it comes to car servicing.

And the ones who have the app installed are often more likely to schedule service appointments for their vehicles than those who don’t.

As a result, with the help of an app, car dealerships can make more revenue through their service departments and build long-term loyalty with their customers. 


Car dealerships have been hesitant to embrace mobile marketing tools for years. When it comes to mobile apps, most car dealerships don’t understand how to get leads and turn them into sales.

New-generation automobile buyers are more likely to purchase from dealerships that have developed effective mobile apps for their business. Thus if you happen to own a dealership, you need to get a car dealer mobile app built for your business without giving it any second thought.

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