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Why is custom android app development a boon for your business?

Why is custom android app development a boon for your business?

Android app development has gradually become the big cheese in today’s tech-savvy era, and there is no denying the fact that android application development has turned into an integral part of the technological world and is the backbone of every business.

With the hike in the demand of customized Android applications for individual business and organizations, it is also essential to not just follow the trend blindly. Before deciding to create a customized app for your business, you must know what the rage is all about and how beneficial can a customized Android app actually be for your business. And when you are well versed about the relevance and importance of an android app for your business, you can certainly go ahead with your design and development requirements for a completely personalized app

Here we share with you a few advantages of customized Android app for your business.

1) Hiking efficiency- as we are talking about customized android apps, the application will be developed as per your requirements and functionalities in mind. Once you are done with an effective application development, the app is sure to function as expected and cater to all the needs of the client. A customized app is tailor-made to fit into your working pattern and generate optimal results. Thus, the improved efficiency.

2) Improved scalability- ordinary applications are programmed to respond to a limited number of inputs. Whereas, when you get your personalized android application made, it is made to deal with the load. And thus, thus custom-made apps are crafted keeping in mind the parameters needed and can be easily scaled up if need be.

3) Data security- regular Android applications may or may not have security features to safeguard user data and ensure that there won’t be any threat to their business data privacy. When you have a custom made android app for your business, it is also security specific and safeguarding your business data holds utmost importance.

4) Software integration- an ideal android app should be compatible with software of all sorts and function efficiently when collaborated with any of them. However, these features are promised in case of a general application. They are developed keeping just one software or two in mind. That might make you app software specific. This will turn down your business’ appeal in the market. Customized android app development can be helpful in providing you an app that is compatible and can function on all kinds of software.

5) Easy maintenance- using a regular Android app might make you risk your business into the clasps of unknown mobile app development And if at all, the developer ends up quitting, you might jeopardize your data and business reputation in the market as you will have to switch to a new business app. Customized Android app saves you all these efforts and offers ease at maintaining consistent operations.

6) Better relationships with the customer- this is a two-way If you consult an android app development company, you are their customer. While the individuals interested in your products or services are your customer. And having a customized app strengthens reliability and loyalty among the client and the service provider.

7) Real-time project access- custom-made Android app development gives you opportunities to work and experience a real-time project and learn the titbits of customized android app development.

8) Project management made easy- with customized Android app development, you can keep a check on your project’s progress and deadlines with great ease. Thus project management gets easier and hassle-free.

9) Better accountability- you can maintain an account for your customers’ ideas, data, feedback’s and much more, store them in a secure location and access them as required. Thus, accountability gets better with the custom-made android

So now, when you know the importance and efficiency of a customized Android app or a customized android app development company, it’s high time you get a personalized app for your business if you do not have one yet. Having a personalized android app for your business is quite essential and is much needed in this digitized era.

How Can Agile Development Be A Game-Changer For Mobile App Development

How Can Agile Development Be Game Changer For Mobile App Development

In the mobile app development companies, project failure is commonly heard due to the array of reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to the rigid deadlines, lack of transparency, time limitations, or evolving scope to be completed within the stipulated time interval.

The project failure is mainly due to the poor project management wherein the project scope, time and costs involved are kept invariant with the increasing features and functionalities requirement for the mobile app development project.

It creates a total mess when none of the scope, time and costs can be adjusted to deliver the end project that thrives the users. The lack of adaptability of the certain leads to a total disaster due to which the project suffers. 

There comes the agile development that has a big room for the changes adoption which may arise when things won’t go as planned. The agility in the development allows the mobile app developers to follow the roadmap without any hiccups and reduce the risks of diminishing product value due to the amazing flexibility it offers.

It implies the agile development is making the companies ready for the contingency.

The modifications are the part and parcel of the app development for which the companies need to set themselves. The alterations may be due to the changing needs of the customers or product evolution. What’s more important is the level up to which the mobile application development company gets success in allowing flexibility. 

When the team is ready easily adapt the changes in time, scope or budget following agile principles, then definitely the projects is built on time without deteriorating its value and going out of the budget. 

Isn’t it a win-win situation for both mobile app development company and the end users? Certainly, as both of them delighted by building the successful project on time and getting the mobile app that holds significance respectively.

Take a look at how Potenza global solutions follow agile method to easily bake the flexibility in the mobile app development:

At first, the team is assigned to the project that includes developers, designers, QA & testers, project manager and account manager who are liable to better engineer and handle the project. The whole team sits together to understand the client requirement, do analysis, and plan the sprints in which the project will be delivered after every two weeks.

The project manager would ensure that the team works dedicatedly on the project as planned and stay in communication with the client 24/7. Also, the client would have access to the project management system using which client can easily access what’s going on in the project to maintain sheer transparency.

Meanwhile, if the client demands some changes, then the team is flexible enough to make fine adjustments in the scope, time and cost accordingly. The resources can be scaled up or down to ensure that changes are responded without losing the pace at which team is working.

With agile development, at first flexibility is integrated into the project and then actual development begins. What are the key things in the mobile development where the team has to be flexible? Here is the answer:

1. Scope

There are situations, when the client demand changes without affecting the time and cost, then it becomes highly important to manage the project scope. It is possible by creating a minimal viable product (MVP) of the project, which can be built in speed and help in determining whether the changes will add value to the users or not.

Supplementary change requests unquestionably put a strain on the resources and the product quality may impact, but with agile development, change management is done impeccably so that the changes can be introduced at any stage during the development as a natural break.

2. Time

During any device launch or any event, the client wanted the app to get released at pre-scheduled date and time. During the development, they may need more changes wherein keeping the flexibility in scope and cost is a must to get the desired product.

Due to time rigidity, the team either needs to work for extra hours that will scale up the billing hours or extra resources need to be included to not sacrifice the project quality.

3. Cost

Before project kick-off, the scope and the timeline for the app development to be completed within the set budget is pre-defined. When project functionalities are extended by the client after the app went into the development stage, then more resources will be required to accomplish the requested changes.

There change in the budget is obvious, however, defining the exact figure at the outset is implausible. Based on the resources and the efforts involved in the changes, the extra amount can be easily computed.   


Jumping onto the agile development bandwagon is a good start that makes the mobile app development a smooth journey. Besides, it adds flexibility that enables adaptability, which in turn enables flawless project progress without losing the velocity. The probability of project success increases with the fine wavering in scope, time and cost during expected or unexpected change requests. Let your stakeholders prosper with agile development.

Why Building Useful Mobile App Is Essential?

Why Building Useful Mobile App Is Essential?

Building bespoke, high-performing and scalable applications is good. But, the whole worth of the application becomes zero if the app lacks utility or users won’t find it useful enough to meet their needs. Furthermore, to make the app future-proof, it’s essential that app fulfills the users’ unpredictable needs.

Building bespoke, high-performing and scalable applications is good. But, the whole worth of the application becomes zero if the app lacks utility or users won’t find it useful enough to meet their needs. Furthermore, to make the app future-proof, it’s essential that app fulfills the users’ unpredictable needs.

Certainly, to achieve the objective, you need to get teamed up with a mobile app development company. No matter whether they are superior in Android app development or iOS app development, just what you need to look at the developers are proficient in engineering the apps that your target audience like.

These things play a critical role in making the apps create a buzz in the market. Here are the things that you should consider and discuss with the development team before heading to app development.

Optimized for all the screens

In the market, from 16’ desktop size to the 4’ size smart phone is available. The range of devices makes it extremely difficult for the developers to create the applications that works perfectly well with high resolution on all the devices. This is crucial, which, if not fulfilled garnering the large user base traction remains mere a dream only. 

It’s good to include the limited features on one screen so that even on the smaller screens, the users can access the app easily. Also, the images, text or other features should be optimized for the myriad of screen size.

Buttons functionality – it’s in your control

The mobile users spend 60% of the day time in using their mobile phones. So, they are quite familiar with all the buttons and the symbols used to represent them. Make sure in the mobile app all the buttons and their functions used should be similar to the icons used in the mobile device. 

Besides, the font size is also taken care of as the texts should not look so small on the mobile screen, otherwise the mobile users would not remain interested in accessing the app through mobile.

Aesthetic color and contrasts

The usability quotient of the apps directly vary with the visual appeal that the mobile app offer as the pleasant combination of color, fonts, contrast and icon engages the user. It’s a good effort. However, the latest mobile devices have LCD screens which may tempt the users, but when mobile app is accessed in varying light conditions, the experience would not remain same. 

The best practice to follow- leverage high contrast color schemes, simple graphics, and blocks of solid color to keep the widgets look different.

Cursors – to keep or not

The difference between mobile device and desktop is not required to be illustrated. In the era of touch screen technology, the users no more like to drag and drop the objects on the small screen size and simultaneously they find it full of hassle. Eliminate such functionalities. Instead, keep the tiny screen clickable and resizable with a single touch.

Don’t keep keyed inputs

It doesn’t matter, if the audience possesses the mobile that has a qwerty keypad or not, but the users always find it full of trouble to use the keys to the input. If it’s unavoidable, try to keep it as lesser as you can.


Hire Android App developers or iOS app developers are the bare bones for the mobile app development. The developers need to cater the diverse needs of the audience spanning across the globe to uplift the utility factor in the mobile application. Be it is Android application or iOS application.

In such scenario, getting partnered with the right app development team that can build the right app packed with all the usability features is a must. What’s your take? Do you find all the points important enough to focus on? Let us know your views in the comments below.

Modern Technology Used To Build Mobile Application

Modern Technology Used To Build Mobile Application

The transition from mobile phones to smart technology has generated a new market niche in the mobile application industry. Smartphones now hold a unique place among the great innovations of our time. There has been a dramatic increase in demand for mobile app development since the introduction of smartphones, and this trend is expected to continue. 

According to a recent study, application development is still in its inception and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As an example, consider Android and iOS. Despite being direct competitors, both companies have seen significant development as viable mobile platforms. 

Apps have now become a part of our everyday routines for a variety of reasons. This is because mobile apps are being used by both individuals and businesses. As a result of this, the communication between a brand and its consumers can now be facilitated more effectively. 

Getting a mobile application built is not enough. We think it’s important that modern businesses know which technologies they should employ to develop mobile applications for their business. We have covered some of the best technologies for mobile app development in this article; keep on reading to know more about them.

What are the top modern technologies used to build Mobile Application?

1. Flutter

Created by Google, Flutter is a free, open-source SDK for developing mobile apps. Developers can use it to build great and dynamically compiled applications for the web, smartphone, and desktop from a single source codebase using this toolkit. Like Google had promised, Flutter provides the following features: 

  • Quick Development 
  • Adaptable and an Intuitive UI
  • Exceptional Native Performance 

2. Java 

As a result of the open-source libraries available, Java is among the most widely used programming and inspires many developers. In addition to being an object-oriented programming language, it is also an official Android development tool. Getting an app built using Java has many advantages, not the least of which is the availability of excellent documentation and community support. This language has a lot to teach and grow from. 

3. Swift 

Swift is an object-oriented programming language for iOS and OS X developed by Apple Inc. It is a free and open-source programming language based on C, and Objective C. Programmers throughout the world love it because it uses a safe programming style that is both comfortable and adaptable. Applications like Hipmunk, Lyft, and LinkedIn are built and updated using Swift. 

4. Python

Python is by far the most widely used language on this list. As a result, the language is both simple to implement and easy to use. Python is the programming language of choice for some of the world’s most popular web apps, including YouTube and Instagram. Python has a number of advantages that make it stand out from the rest of the list. 

  • Massive Libraries 
  • Secure
  • Modular
  • Effortless Integration 

5. C++ 

C++ is an excellent programming language to use when creating mobile applications. As a general-purpose programming language, the language is considered to have low-level memory manipulation capabilities. Android and iOS app development are two of the most prevalent implementations of this technology. 

Some of the most notable advantages of C++ include: 

  • Diverse collections of features 
  • It’s also case-sensitive 
  • A plethora of built-in features 
  • Extremely adaptable 

To Sum It Up 

Since each programming language has its own set of advantages, it’s hard to pick a winner from this list. Modern languages like Flutter have begun to show their worth as the world of technology continues to advance. However, Python, C++, and JAVA continue to be the constant choice of technology for mobile application development. We would be happy to assist you if you’re unsure of what kind of technology to use to develop a mobile application for your business.

Representation Of The Patterns In The Mobile Apps

Representation Of The Patterns In The Mobile Apps

Before knowing about anything, we need to know about the concept of the design patters. Christopher Alexander who noticed the patters behind an individual’s daily activities published a much popular book named “A Pattern Language” which proposed the presence of the design patterns in people’s life as well as in the user interface too. These design patterns are solutions to the most common problems which the designers as well as the developers come across.

Definition of Progressive Disclosure

The strategy proposed for the management of the complexity of the information is known as Progressive disclosure. With the use of progressive disclosure, you need to disclose the important information which shall be required at the interaction time. Along with being simple, it is a powerful pattern:

  • The patterns initially display only a small quantum of the necessary options
  • Further show a wider option set as per the user’s requirement.


  • Grading the content – A designed application with the help of progressive disclosure displays an important box for the users in the beginning. By this, the user focuses on the important items.
  • Advantageous interfaces – If you hide the not in use features, the UI clutter is removed and not the features. This app helps the users to indicate the inputs which the user has an access to. The user pays attention to a particular element and decides their need on the basis of the same.
  • Frequency of error – Very less amount of errors tends to occur because the novice users generally opt for steps which are easy as well as manageable.

Knowledge about the users

The primary threat of this is the mistaken supposition that you comprehend what is the most well-known, normal or critical undertaking. At the point of planning an application, it’s anything but difficult to expect that everyone resembles you. You apparently know a ton about your application, since you’re enthusiastic about it. Yet, most likely your clients do not care that much.

This is the reason you ought to plan to advance the client experience for outcasts, not insiders. Clients have objectives and need to complete things utilizing your application. To plan a decent and a dynamic revelation, you have to find out about your clients, include them in the outline procedure, and communicate with them.

Use in mobile application

A basic “take in more” connection that uncovers more data is one of the easiest types of progressive exposure. In any case, there are more mind boggling and intriguing cases, as said beneath.

Dynamic organisational socialization

Dynamic on boarding is a decent case of dynamic revelation. It’s a client guided visit where clues are just activated when the client achieves the fitting point.

Duo lingo utilizes an intelligent method for dynamic exposure to show the clients about how the application functions: clients are urged to bounce in and do a brisk test in the chose dialect.

Vivified Hints

A more involved methodology can be found in diversions which frequently bargains extremely well with dynamic revelation, uncovering amusement mechanics as you move further into an amusement. Such clues are just activated when the client achieves the suitable point as far as they can tell.

For instance, Pudding Monsters utilizes an energized hand to clarify a sliding movement and it turns out to be clear for clients what to do next.

Play area

A play through is another case from the amusement business; it’s an instructional exercise like involvement in which the client is taken into a devoted stream to finish assignments that speak to the primary cooperation. Playthroughs regularly set up an objective in advance and are performed with regards to the application’s typical communication. Clients progress at their own particular pace, while UI guides them and they learn by doing.


We’re continually attempting to get the most out of our interfaces and boost whatever space is made accessible to us. Progressive disclosure is a capable configuration design that can keep the client interface perfect and uncluttered and help the individuals to oversee the application. To wrap things up, when outlining instructional overlays and some other sorts of indications for progressive disclosure, the primary concern to recall is to keep them as short as would be prudent.

Contact us if you have any question regarding mobile app development we always ready to help you.

Extremities To Enhance Your Mobile Application Designing

Extremities To Enhance Your Mobile Application Designing

Mobile application development is an advancing field which is uncovering great potential day by day. It is a process which can take from months to years depending on the type of application being developed or created.

Each app development process is a lesson to be learnt. It comes with a number of lessons for developers. In this blog, we will discuss some ideas which can augment your mobile apps development process.

Begin With Visually Pleasing App Icons

Application Icon Design needs to give clients motivation to dispatch your application – an outwardly satisfying focus to help your active visitor clicking percentage. Different logo marks that speak about your image and its related properties are generally a sure thing for application symbols. Below are a couple of ideas to remember:

Toning it down would be ideal – abstain from utilizing photos or a considerable measure of composed content unless it is completely important. In the event that your image dispatches numerous applications for various use cases, utilizing logo marks for each application isn’t as pivotal expecting the illustrations are infectious.

Select distinctive hues – For some clients, like me dull application symbols can regularly lose all sense of direction in shoreline sand, skin tones, or some other foundation picture I’ve picked. It’s generally a smart thought to choose the brightest hues from your image’s shading palette, or just utilize a white foundation behind your logo.

Stay away from content-Too much content can be difficult to peruse on some screen sizes, so it’s best to keep content to a base if at all conceivable. Some brands can escape with this since they depend on a logotype as opposed to a logo mark.

Hues Schemes and the Splash Screen

The picture that shows up for around 2 seconds after you dispatch an application (the sprinkle screen), is more critical than you may might suspect – leaving an impression each time your application is propelled. Keep sprinkle pictures light to maintain a strategic distance from expanded burden times – and attempt to evade forthright enlistment that dismisses clients.

Your UI is everything, so once a client reaches the home screen, the diversion changes a bit. Blending in splendid hues like yellow green, and red are extraordinary for communicating feeling. Level, or pastel hues are picking up footing for brands needing to accomplish a more impartial in-application experience. For application stores, an elegantly composed portrayal and eye-getting screenshots ought not to be ignored for most extreme introduction!

Fun Stat: While not a generally accepted fact, in light of an A/B test of 2,000 page visits, Hub spot found that red suggestion to take action catches beat green catches by 21 per cent.


We see how vital the mobile application development is and therefore the above stated information can be used for your sprinkle screens, application pages as well as the application symbols. If you want to improve your web presence then contact us.

How To Shield Your Device From Nasty And Malware Infected Apps

How To Shield Your Device From Nasty And Malware Infected Apps

These days, so many activities and works are being done through the mobile phones and laptops because the user installs applications in these gadgets that makes the work easy.

Phone and Laptops are incomplete without these apps, that is why the gadget user always looks for the new apps for installation. But not all apps are safe for the phone’s software and also for the personal safety of the user. Because there are so many apps that are developed which might cause harm to the gadget.

Important things that one should know about faulty and malicious apps

Google Play store is inbuilt in all android phones which provides free apps for the phone. There is no android phone which does not have the app. But recently, Google Play store was under threat because it has been found out that there are some apps which got infected by malicious virus which originated from a Chinese brand. The infected apps are known to be important apps for any Android phone.

The apps that causes malware in the phone,  seems to have a large popularity, but they end up, after one has installed the app. They have infected the whole software of the phone by slowing it down. Such apps first entices the user by showing a great number of downloads and best ratings by the other users in the information manual. It makes the user think, that it will be good for the phone, but slowly these apps start sending a virus or malware into the whole system and causes lagging in the device.

Possible harms that the apps malware can do with the gadget

The following are some of the possible harms that the malware infected apps can do to phone:

  • First, it takes a large hold over the phone and the virus takes all the information available there and sends to some far away servers which are inaccessible to the common users. Not only information about the phone is passed, but also like email-id, saved phone numbers, photos, and memos, etc.  are also passed which can cause a problem to the user through his/her personal information.
  • Secondly, the virus or malware has access to all versions of the android which can corrupt the whole system and also restoring the factory system.
  • Once the malware gets the hold of the entire system, then it will surely affect the functioning of the phone by slowing it down, lagging, problems in operating the phone, etc. sometimes it end ups destroying all the data on the phone and the software itself.
  • The malware also makes the user to download other apps in a hope that it will start working properly.
  • It also effects the functioning of the other apps.

How to avoid such problem of malware in the phone

Once the malware gets the hold of the phone, then it becomes hard to make the phone virus free, but the technology expert gives suggestions regarding these malwares and how to get away from it. The following are some advices that one can use to stay away from the phone virus. The points are as follows:

  • While downloading any app make sure about the information and reliability of the app. Do not rely on the stars and the reviews given by different users because they can be fake, to hype the status of the app.
  • Some app developers are also working on making apps malware free for the safety of the user.
  • One should not save personal information like credit card number, personal photos, important phone numbers, email id and account numbers in any installed app because it encrypts the whole information into some codes and sends it to faraway servers.
  • One should not download such apps that asks for acceptance regarding the accessibility to the personal information on the phone.
  • These were some of the advices that one can follow to save the device from such malwares and viruses because if the malware effected apps gets installed then there is no other way to delete it. So one should be careful while downloading the apps.

Contact us to know more about app security. Also get the affordable services of mobile app development.

Mobile App Development Tools For Creating User-Friendly Apps

Mobile App Development Tools For Creating User-Friendly Apps

Nowadays, technology has opened gates for the developers with the increasing development and usage of smartphones. The smartphone users are increasing so rapidly that the developers have a great chance to reach several users with their app provided the app is worth the appeal.

One cannot think of attracting users by making just a simple app but by developing an app which has super quality and is excellent to use. Making such an app is definitely not an easy task and will take a lot of time and effort. So, to make the work a little easier for the developers, here we are with 10 tools which can be used in the mobile app development process so that you can make your app stand out amongst others.


For smartphone users, video and voice calling in the real-time environment has become a necessity and this necessity is being fulfilled by most of the mobile app development companies. These companies launch their apps with voice and video calling feature to attract more of the audience. SO in order to make your app come up to their level, you can use Agora.io for voice and video call integration. With around 65 data centers around the world this tool not only helps in integration but also checks the network issues being generated and decides how to maintain the call quality.

With its user friendly environment, it is easy to directly integrate calling into your app. In order to maintain high performance, Agora.io keeps a check on the traffic between the nodes of the network paths and chooses the one which does not disturb the quality of the call.

2.Intel XDK

This tool is a very powerful tool developed by Intel which is normally famous for making hardware items. With the help of Intel XDK a developer can experiment with their code in the browser itself with the help of a simulator integrated in it. This tool is works as an assistant to HTML5 and is used as an extension in Chrome. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of time of the developer by avoiding switching between programs.

3.Sencha Architect

This is one of the easiest to use tools which can be used in HTML5. It comes with features like customizable templates, drag and drop facility, etc which make this tool easy to use for beginners as well as pro developers. One can ensure error free code as it provides the facility of automatic code generation according to the design which the developer makes.


PubNub is one of the most powerful tools used to develop real time apps which can support communication for collaborating businesses worldwide, tracking location, group chats, multi player games, etc. With this tool developers can easily integrate interactivity into your app.


With the help of Appscend you can create apps, the designs of which are focused on templates. It is basically used to develop apps with XML or PHP which are content- based. It also provides the developers with a cloud based CMS. With Appscend developers can easily integrate ads into their apps and upload their apps directly onto the stores.

6.New Relic

It is true that an app will be useful only if it is developed keeping in mind the user’s needs. New Relic is a tool which helps you analyze your software by assessing metrics of various apps and providing information like user clicks, transactions, user experiences, mobile activity, etc. Therefore using this tool in your app can help you provide your user with what he needs.


Parse is a development tool which makes the multiple apps development experience very smooth by allowing the developer to develop and maintain powerful mobile apps. It provides facilities like cloud database and comprehensive analytic data using which you can assess the overall performance of your mobile app.

8.Telerik AppBuilder

Telerik AppBuilder was earlier known as Icenium Mist and it is a very effective tool using which a developer can test his app on any mobile platform. It makes the development process almost automatic by eliminating the need to buy extra hardware, debugging using reusable HTML5 code, deployment and integrated simulation.


Intercom is basically used to improve developer’s communication with the user. It helps in tracking user activity with features like in-app and email messaging. Intercome lets you build a strong and impressive relationship with your user by allowing you to send a welcome message as soon as your user joins your app.


This tool is based on Javascript and provides both, frontend and backend services. You can use it for building any native app by using various widgets provided by the tool. According to the versions, developers can design, test and manipulate their apps easily. The cloud based apps developed in Appcelerator can send emails, check data and also manage social media accounts.

If you want to make any kind of business apps then you are at the right place for mobile app development services. Our highly skilled app developers creates the best apps.

Unwrap The Best 9 iPhone Apps For High Productivity In 2016

Unwrap The Best 9 iPhone Apps For High Productivity In 2016

We get trained and tamed with those innumerable apps on the iOS store. Many of them enhance our skills in using email, to-do list and further they save our time to utilize it in other works. These apps acquitted with numerous excellent features not only improve our work culture but also improve our productivity.

From the desk of our editor, taking inputs from mobile users as well as the top 100 iOS apps, we have brought you this top 9 ranked iPhone productivity apps to explore.  Standing on their own caliber, these apps provides unfathomable experience with tireless features helping every iPhone user to enjoy the fruits of using these apps.

Let us not wait but jump in to the polished stack to know more.


In 2009, Dropbox made its debut in iPhone apps world. It was one of the first cloud services that allow access to your files wherever you are on whatever device you are working on. Taking backup of iPhone photos and sharing them was not simple task then, but Dropbox gave a simplistic solution for backing and sharing on other devices. Though the company was in its fold, it had a taken huge step in introducing many companies outside Silicon Valley to the advantages of cloud storage and sharing. Rather, it was through iPhone app the Dropbox has gelled up the service making it a major utility for everyone.


New to many, but Sparrow is the best alternative email apps. Embedded with amazing features like gesture controls and platform for numerous accounts long before the Apple, Google have added and later the others added to their email apps. Due to its dominant features, Google bought it in 2012 to improve Gmail experience. Though Google didn’t occlude it immediately, it has taken over 3 good years for the service to close down.

3.Fantastical 2

Fantastical is a customized calendar that helps you add events, create reminders and develop and manage your own calendar. Taken its breath in 2011 in Mac app store, it was a big hit due to its user-friendly design and low click ratio for browsing or creating a new event or reminder. With fantastical 2 as the new update, it has taken its place in iPhone app store in 2013. The new version has added support to iPhone reminders and to-do list, which can allow adding your calendar to to-do list. The finest feature of the app is that it understands the natural language, which was yet to be understood and mastered by developers around the world. This amazing feature helps you add the events the way you want rather than adjusting every detail. For eg: Meeting Sherilyn at Hotel Maricot between 2 pm to 3 pm for lunch.


With dozens of to-do list apps in app store, and Apple adding its own Reminders app on all iPhones, Clear was already there standing high on peak. Simple yet powerful to-do and reminder app, Clear now bags more than 2.5 million downloads. Clear is highly popular for its classic flat interface, its unique gesture approach to mark items as done and a design language which has been now accepted by major tech companies.


As people wait in a long queue for getting new iPhone version, such was the case of Mailbox when it announced its launching in app store. With more than 250,000 people signed the service before it unveiled and even more added to the list after its opening in app store, Mailbox email service hit the email apps list in store. Powered with gesture-based control, it made it easy for people to quickly deal with the incoming mails. Moreover, the push idea has backed power users to have inbox zero on mobile. Dropbox acquiring it has given backup of increased server power, which helped it to wave away with lengthy waiting list. Though the fate not in its favor, Mailbox is soon going to shutter down, Dropbox declared.


Just pushing a green PLUS button, add up a new note. This is what Evernote people are used to do. Starting with simple to-do list app, now it has grown into a giant hub giving access to collaborate projects, to-do lists, business cards and important notes. Though the app is the swirl of high competition with other OS apps, it is incomparable. The app has remained on the top category in spite of many challenges it faced from syncing problems to turning existing users to paying customers.


Born as an idea of two designers at Foursquare, Sunrise turned out to be most rising smart calendar. Adding up extras like weather forecasts and maps, the iPhone app popularity rose above the bar. Sunrise helps to connect with every other account like email, social media and productivity to get access to information you need. With Microsoft buying its share in 2015, the Sunrise definitely has to set down beyond the horizon.


The name itself is enough to know about its popularity. Outlook, once dumped due to its sagginess on mobile devices, was acquired by software giant. Now, it is gaining power due to its sleek email manager that can effectively manage all your email accounts even if you have not signed up any Microsoft account. Outlook has some of the best features like a built-in calendar and file-management system, which it has borrowed from Acompli – the company that gave it birth.


Slack not less than skype is the best business communicating platform for chatting and getting work done with lots of team members. On fore, the app allows creating channels to send messages but the hidden secret about its popularity is its power to hold huge teams, highly customizable and allow connections to services like Giphy. With unbeatable user experience design, the app effectively streamlines web-based clients and native apps. And its outstanding feature, Slackbot is so intelligent that it can change lurkers into power users.

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