These days, so many activities and works are being done through the mobile phones and laptops because the user installs applications in these gadgets that makes the work easy.

Phone and Laptops are incomplete without these apps, that is why the gadget user always looks for the new apps for installation. But not all apps are safe for the phone’s software and also for the personal safety of the user. Because there are so many apps that are developed which might cause harm to the gadget.

Important things that one should know about faulty and malicious apps

Google Play store is inbuilt in all android phones which provides free apps for the phone. There is no android phone which does not have the app. But recently, Google Play store was under threat because it has been found out that there are some apps which got infected by malicious virus which originated from a Chinese brand. The infected apps are known to be important apps for any Android phone.

The apps that causes malware in the phone,  seems to have a large popularity, but they end up, after one has installed the app. They have infected the whole software of the phone by slowing it down. Such apps first entices the user by showing a great number of downloads and best ratings by the other users in the information manual. It makes the user think, that it will be good for the phone, but slowly these apps start sending a virus or malware into the whole system and causes lagging in the device.

Possible harms that the apps malware can do with the gadget

The following are some of the possible harms that the malware infected apps can do to phone:

  • First, it takes a large hold over the phone and the virus takes all the information available there and sends to some far away servers which are inaccessible to the common users. Not only information about the phone is passed, but also like email-id, saved phone numbers, photos, and memos, etc.  are also passed which can cause a problem to the user through his/her personal information.
  • Secondly, the virus or malware has access to all versions of the android which can corrupt the whole system and also restoring the factory system.
  • Once the malware gets the hold of the entire system, then it will surely affect the functioning of the phone by slowing it down, lagging, problems in operating the phone, etc. sometimes it end ups destroying all the data on the phone and the software itself.
  • The malware also makes the user to download other apps in a hope that it will start working properly.
  • It also effects the functioning of the other apps.

How to avoid such problem of malware in the phone

Once the malware gets the hold of the phone, then it becomes hard to make the phone virus free, but the technology expert gives suggestions regarding these malwares and how to get away from it. The following are some advices that one can use to stay away from the phone virus. The points are as follows:

  • While downloading any app make sure about the information and reliability of the app. Do not rely on the stars and the reviews given by different users because they can be fake, to hype the status of the app.
  • Some app developers are also working on making apps malware free for the safety of the user.
  • One should not save personal information like credit card number, personal photos, important phone numbers, email id and account numbers in any installed app because it encrypts the whole information into some codes and sends it to faraway servers.
  • One should not download such apps that asks for acceptance regarding the accessibility to the personal information on the phone.
  • These were some of the advices that one can follow to save the device from such malwares and viruses because if the malware effected apps gets installed then there is no other way to delete it. So one should be careful while downloading the apps.

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