Remember when you are ordering food online and you have to wait for quite some time while the portal corroborates your credentials given in the payment gateway?

While there is just one thing going on in your mind- FOOD, there’s a lot happening behind. Or recall a time where the portal is loading the requested page and you have to wait. Tiring, isn’t it? Well, these situations have got into our nerves at some point or the other. And all we have been taught since our childhood is being impatient and anxious. Also, recall a time when you come across an interesting anime or image with an equally catchy caption while the page is loading. Don’t you forget about the food you have ordered or the payment you were trying to make for a moment? Especially, when those tiny little images or anime has a touch of humor, it gets way more interesting than expected.

Ever tried the dinosaur game that appears while Google has issues loading its page owing to the bad network? If you have tried your hands on it, you must know how addictive the game gets once you are in the middle of it. People are even found wishing the google page doesn’t gets loaded somehow. That’s the effect of web design in a humorous and fun way! And that’s an apt example of influential responsive website design.

While offering responsive web design services, humour becomes an important aspect. After all, it adds all the fun and vibrancy to a different arena. Studies and researches have found so many positive benefits of humor. It aids to a person’s psychological and mental well-being, improves tolerance and reduces stress. We have all come across certain instances where humor has uplifted our mood after a tiring deal of the day. Humour adds colors to relationships and emotional good beings as well.

The slowing down method!

In what way you utilize humor is an attempt to engage users during the entire slowing down process and not let them feel for even a second that their online proceedings got slowed. Researchers address to this as “elaboration”, a one-word substitution for paying keen attention. Users elaborate to humorous texts, images, and even small anime because any incongruence or violation in the guidelines requires closer scrutiny to proceed the message. It is also acclaimed that implementing comedy or humor in order to slow users down can actually enhance the all over experience. Also, in terms of processing of information, we should not doubt about the outcomes or impacts on the usage experience. Once engaged the users with proper humor and comedy, they are least likely to notice the delay in information processing. This is valid until the user does not find the humor offensive or inappropriate. The benefits of engaging users in elaboration while they visit your portal are that it leads to an increase in the processing. It also makes easy for the user to recall your portal. If users are interested in the elaboration of your content and experience and they engage themselves for a longer period, then it is believed that users will have a much more memorable experience.

Humor: right place, right audience

During responsive website development, it is always advisable to use humor at the right place and amidst the right audience. Always keep in mind that humor can improve your relationship with your clients and users. Amalgamate your brand with humor as well as the needs of the user and make it look relevant enough. That’s all that is demanded by your humorous content. Humor is often found efficient as well as appropriate in benign situations like emails, newsletters, placing an order for food, updating profile information, to name a few.

What experts suggest is, no need to go overboard or let humor get over the top of your actual content until and unless it is not recognized and given attention towards. Therefore balancing between the quality of factual data of your content and the humor added to your content to engage users at time of slow processing is the key to an effective responsive web development.

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