With the changing technology every day, the accessibility and awareness of technology have increased amongst the users tremendously. The technology has reached people in various forms and devices. Depending upon the affordability, people own different types and sizes of devices.

Due to the increased awareness, accessing the social media, online shopping and browsing internet has become a habit for almost every person, whether he is coming from the corporate world or is a student. In the light of this, it is quite not possible that the websites are designed separately for each device type and compatible with the software used on the device.

Responsive web development takes care of the variations concerning the screen sizes and the software applications by adapting itself to the different devices. Responsive website design enables the users to access any particular website on any device without any hassles.

Responsive web design services should be in conformity between the design and development. The user’s action and environment depending on the type of devices, mechanism and arrangement should be taken into account while developing a responsive website. The highest accessed web search leader, Google has affirmed it prefers to use responsive web design as the mobile configuration.

Most picked cues for creating a responsive website design effectively

Approach based on mobile devices

Due to the changing technology, every individual affords to own a smartphone or portable tablet device for keeping himself abreast of latest developments. So, it becomes imperative to target the audience owning the mobile/tablet devices for designing of the responsive website.

Emphasis on the touch technology

The latest smartphones are produced based on the touch-enabled design. The touch technology enables smooth navigation through mobile for the users. Designing of buttons for easy selection and click can be efficiently created for navigating the page in all directions using the touch technology.

Employ Design Prototyping Software

Design prototyping software is primarily used to provide actual time performance, the record of changes, mapping the audiences. The software simplifies the interaction between the client and the designers. It becomes easier to analyse the responsiveness and interactivity of the website design.

Bootstrap – a free and open-source front-end framework

Bootstrap is a front-end web framework used for designing of websites and web applications. Bootstrap supports responsive web design in which the layout of web pages changes dynamically, bearing in mind all the features of the device used e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile phone.

Google’s Resizer Tool

The Google’s Resizer tool offers the capability to test web design across different platforms and devices and identify the breakpoints therein. Resizer is a helpful tool used to modify the web designs apt for various devices.

Responsive Web Design Typography

Responsive Typography is introduced in Responsive Web Design such as column width, type size or line height across various devices to use of graded fonts that match with the tone of the website.

Media Queries

Media Queries is useful in deciding the width of the design layout in disparate devices. Three media queries should be determined for a web design considering mobile, tablet and desktop.

Fluid Grids Layout

In a responsive web design, the layout of a website needs to respond and adjusts to the size of the device on which it is laid out. A fluid grid layout presents a visual approach to create different layouts analogous to devices on which the website is visible.

Effortless Navigation

Without having an effortless navigation, it does not matter how creative the website is. Navigation within the responsive design is distinctive because there are varying screen sizes for which the navigation options need to be provided.

Enhance the creativity of website

In order to engage more audiences to the website, it is essential to create an attractive content and layout. The content and layout of the website including images to the typography must be aligned with the theme of the website with a spark of creativity.

Content congestion

Too much of a content can destroy the creative look of a website. The information presented on the website should be useful, relevant and placed in an organized manner. The content should be structured under appropriate captions that hold the interest of the users.

Retaining Quality with Efficient Download Speed

Users want to have high-quality images loaded fast on a webpage. In order to attract more audience to the website, it is essential to integrate Google AMP to enhance the SERP for faster loading of the webpages.


Flexbox is a container that holds internal elements. Flexbox is extensively used for mobile devices and responsive content for influential layouts and web apps. The internal elements are left fluid and are not given definite width values but instead, the content adapts with the page based on proportions.

Material Design framework

Material Design Framework is a user focused approach which utilizes elements and principles of Material Design. Using Material Design, a framework can be created that integrate components and animations for providing additional feedback to users.

Along these lines, it is acknowledged that creating a responsive website is a prudent initiative for building an attractive website and at the same time getting higher conversions by applying the above-mentioned cues.

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