We are all being witnesses to the digital phenomena that Pokemon Go is and is becoming by the day. Just after its much awaited launch by Niantic, it was downloaded a record number of times and increased the market value of Nintendo to a whopping 9 Billion Dollars.

So, this proves there is something to be learnt from the digital marketing strategy of the team of Pokemon Go. The game is simple and that is what makes it extremely catchy. The player just has to take their phones, turn on the GPS and find the various Pokemons hidden in different areas of their towns and locality. Here are listed below six things that Pokemon Go teaches us to enhance the marketing strategy:

Timing is the Key: As can be noticed, Pokemon Go was launched during the summer break, a time when its target audience, the young adults have a lot of free time on their hands. This ensured that the game made substantial impact on its targeted audience. So, this proves that not only unique and creative idea is important for a digital marketer, the timing and proper strategy,along with the demographics play a big part as well.

It’s all about the place: This strategy is similar to the ones we use while playing Pokemon Go. When we need a Pokemon, we go out and catch it, we go to places where there is high density of Pokemons, we don’t usually limit ourselves to any one stop, do we? So is the case with digital marketing, Analytics should be made use of aptly to find the best demographics and to create perfect ads and strategies based on the location.

Being Flexible: Pokemon Go teaches the lesson of flexibility to the digital marketing experts. As in the game, when the going gets tough, the player has to look for other options, methods and strategies to catch the Pokemons, they have to go to other stops, collect more pokeballs, find more routes, etc. In other words, they analyze the situation and then act accordingly to advance in their levels. Same goes for digital marketing, one needs to analyze the key factors that affect the traffic on the said website and make changes accordingly.

Save the site from Team Rockets: As Team Rocket is out there in the Pokemon Universe trying to kidnap all the pokemons, there are bad guys in this real universe who are ready to track down the information of the users of the e-commerce websites. Though Pokemon Go still has issues related to security, the digital marketing strategy should involve programmers who will take care of the security of the website from hackers and phishers, and the users using it.

Virtual World meets Real World: Just olike Pokemon Go has made it possible to combine the Virtual world with the real world, Digital marketers should make use of the virtual world that is the social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to promote their websites and e-commerce platforms through word of mouth. People who have experienced the website can review it and spread the word.

Everything is fun with friends: As Pokemon Go is all the more fun when played with friends, like Ash has Brock and Misty, every website needs a host of people looking after it which includes the programmer, digital marketing expert, content developer and designer. Website should be well made, safe, secure and should run smoothly without bugs.

Pokemon Go has certainly changed the game with its arrival, hopefully it will work on all its issues and be a lesson to all those interested and attentive.

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