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What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

You might have come across two of the most used words, “Digital Marketing” and “Online Marketing”, in the emerging marketing world. 

Well, these two terms are often used interchangeably; however, they are slightly different. We will tell you how!

Understanding the difference between these terms will help you in choosing an effective marketing strategy for your business. 

Keep on reading this post to learn the difference between digital marketing and online marketing and some of its types.

Definitions: Digital marketing and Online marketing

Let us first understand what each of these terms means: 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes marketing strategies that use digital channels for advertising your products and services. It is a broad term and uses various digital mediums, from TV and electronic billboards to social media applications. This means digital marketing can be done both online as well as offline, provided that it is over a social platform.

What is Online Marketing?

On the other hand, Online marketing, which is known as internet marketing, is a subset of digital marketing that includes marketing strategies to promote your business online. Thus online marketing is performed over the internet and requires online channels and platforms to generate leads.  In simple terms, online marketing will require a live internet connection and an active audience to connect with.

What are the different types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is delivered through digital offline channels such as 

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Digital Billboards
  • SMS

And it also includes online strategies like

What are the different types of Online Marketing?

Online Marketing, also a subset of Digital marketing, involves promoting your business with the help of strategies including but not limited to:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing

Does the difference between the two matter?

Yes, of course, it does! 

When you learn the difference between digital marketing and online marketing, you get a clear picture of what strategies might work for your business and what kind of campaigns will generate more leads.

Let’s say, for example, you own a local grocery store that’s looking for some marketing strategies. Choosing digital marketing would be more beneficial to you than just internet marketing. An excellent digital marketing company will make use of offline yet digital mediums such as SMS and Electronic billboards to encourage people to visit your store.

Whereas, if you own an e-commerce business, internet marketing will work wonders for you. You will get good traffic from online marketing strategies like search engine optimization and Social media advertising.

Wrapping it up

The most effective marketing strategies are those that fuse both. A good marketing strategy is one that effectively helps to create awareness, reach a broad audience, and generate more leads for your business. 

It doesn’t matter what approach you choose; what’s important to understand is that it is not a one-time job. Marketing requires constant efforts and monitoring to get the best results over time.

There are many marketing tools out there that will assist you in preparing an effective marketing plan for your business. But if you need help on this, reach out to a professional digital marketing company, and they will do it best for you.

Top Features of the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Top Features of the Car Dealer WordPress Theme

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

Choosing the right car to buy requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. It is one big decision a person will make in his life after conducting thorough research. And with every bit of information available on the internet, potential car buyers spend most of their time researching online.

It is enough to signify why car dealers should invest in a high-quality WordPress theme that will help in building a feature-rich and aesthetically appealing website. A perfect kind of theme has all the necessary features and information that the buyers need for making informed decisions.

One such theme that people today rely on for building an effective online presence for their dealership business is the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

In this blog post, you will learn some of the top features of the car dealer WordPress theme, which makes it the leading choice in the automotive industry.

Features of Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Design Options

The car dealer WordPress theme extends 14 different layouts that let you build a creative and unique website without having to code. It will help you create beautiful pages with elegant design and style that will help you attract audiences.

The theme offers six different types of listing page layouts and three styles of car description pages that will allow car dealers to list their inventory and its details in a professionally appealing manner.

Not only this, the theme has seven predefined headers and three predefined footer styles that let you create an eye-catching website, head to toe.

Call to Action Listings

Once visitors reach your listing page, you will want them to perform some actions to understand their interests. The theme’s three different vehicle description page templates include detailed vehicle information, attractive photo galleries, and a finance calculator that will give buyers compelling reasons to buy from you.

The theme offers six different forms on the car details pages that will allow buyers a convenient way to contact you. If everything that a potential buyer needs is readily available to them, they are more likely to get in touch with you.

WooCommerce Support

With WooCommerce, adding a store to your website has never been that easy. The Car Dealer WordPress theme. supports WooCommerce integration that will allow you to convert your WordPress site into an e-commerce store.

Once you enable WooCommerce, you can start selling products on your website. You can choose to sell anything from cars and accessories to automobile parts and solutions.

With WooCommerce integration, you get numerous features and add-ons, using which you can offer products and commercialize your website.

Allows End-users Listing

One thing that is so unique about the Car Dealer WordPress theme. is that it lets you monetize your website and convert it into a marketplace.

The theme front-end submission plugin allows users to register as a dealer on your website. Post-registration, you can set the number of cars that the users can list and the number of images they can upload on your website.

You get the option to monetize your website by offering paid subscriptions to users, with which they can list the number of cars and images as per their will.

Documentation and Video Tutorials

The car Dealer WordPress theme comes with detailed documentation that makes it all the easier for you to configure your dealership website.

The step-by-step documentation has all the information that you will need to understand the theme’s features and functionalities. Not only this, but it also has easy-to-follow video tutorials in case reading is not your cup of tea.

Exceed your business expectations with the Car dealer WordPress theme

The above are some of the main features of the car dealer WordPress theme. This theme will give a highly professional appearance to your dealership website that provides it instant credibility. It has all the core features that you need to list your inventory in style, generate leads, and achieve your targeted sales with much ease.

If you want to learn more about the theme offerings, you can visit this page and, if you have any doubts, you can contact us or write to us in the comments section below.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In Half An Hour

Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills In Half An Hour

Digital Marketing is one of the most upcoming businesses that is very lucrative yet highly demanding. Marketers are facing a lot of challenges as this business needs a detailed analysis of the data on a daily basis. And with such a busy life it is very hard to keep pace with everything simultaneously.

Well, this can be sorted out if your efforts are put in the right direction and things that actually affect the overall business are focused on efficiently without wasting much of your valuable time. There are certain tasks that marketers can perform in a week to revamp and hone their marketing skills and get the best marketing returns from their little efforts.

 Landing Page Tests

Landing Page is a determining step for lead generation. How appealing the offer is, decides the conversion rate. A marketer can spend hours on making a landing page but if it is not enticing enough to the visitors, they may not end up becoming the leads.

Dedicating half an hour every week for this important activity can prove beneficial in turning your efforts into profits. Many landing page testing tools like PPC advisor, CrazyEggUnbounce, etc can be used to check the effectiveness of the page as well as for analyzing the data. One must pay attention to – Call-to-action, Imagery, proper phrasing of the offer to make it attractive, text, colors, and promotion types.

Experimenting with these checkpoints and incorporating it for promotions on other social media platform enhances the knowledge about customer choices and preferences.

Competitor Analysis

In the battlefield and don’t have any competitors? Not possible, right? Yes! Exactly!

Having a track of your competitors, account for a good business acumen and lets you stay ahead of them. You just need to invest half an hour in a week, for gathering information about the competitors. Marketers can work smartly by focusing on a particular area at a time. Backlinks tracking, social media, blogs, article are the ones to name a few. Competitive research lets generate a pattern that aids in determining your own strategy. Searching for the kind of posts gaining more views, likes, and shares, tracking the time of the day those posts are shared on social media, what kind of posts and content is being shared and the type of call to action used for generating leads gives you a strategic view of the competitors. Social media optimization is best possible through such pattern tracking activities that prove to be reliable and insightful.

Quickly analyze your reports on Google Analytics

Google analytics can be treated as the best friend of marketers. This very effective tool helps in analyzing the page performance, campaign performance, sales tracking, revenue generation and many more performance related metrics report. However, it may seem a lengthy and time taking task with a huge dashboard containing graphs, charts, and bars but a quick look at an analytics report can help you save time in future. Analysis of actions is a must, so that you focus on the right track, avoiding wastage of time put in a direction, which may not bring desired results.

Repurposing content for SMO

You must be thinking how repurposing can affect SMO? Ok, so let me ask you a question.

While scrolling down your Facebook page, have you ever come across a very catchy post that leads you to reading entire blog ?

That is the power of a content and the images that marketers strategically put in, to gather more visits on their page.

The sole purpose of Social Media Optimization is to engage the audience with the content and repurposing it can bring attention to Marketers website thus fulfilling their objectives. A well-written content speaks tons about a company and it’s the major deciding factor while tracking the performance of a campaign or offer you are running on various marketing platforms.

Repurposing of content comes into play when you are saddled with other marketing activities.

  • A white paper can be turned into a piece of meaningful blog. Since blogs are easy to share and promote and can be easily written that give knowledge about the company or the industry, they make a good promotional tool.
  • It can be transformed into a responsive content
  • Turning the content into a Podcast is just another way to connect in the industry
  • Infographic is the best option that can appeal the audience as people respond better to visual content.
  • The content can also be transformed into an e-book

Social Media Optimization and content marketing are the two phases of the same coin. If the content is attractive, it fulfills the goals that SMO aims to achieve.

Digital marketing makes the best playground for marketers to showcase their prowess and ability to elevate small businesses to high grounds. All it needs is a committed effort and a strategized approach!

A Simple Guide To Harness The Social Power To Improve Brand’s content

A Simple Guide To Harness The Social Power To Improve Brand’s content

Gone are the days when social media have been just a medium for people to connect, share and communicate. In the last few decades, businesses have also started using the social platforms to connect with customers by listening to their interactions.

Earlier, the Social Media Marketingwas just a matter of novelty for the brands, but with passing time, the scenario has changed. The social channels become the source of digital signals informing the brands about customers. It has helped the brands to deliver the personalized content that engages and emotionally connect the customers.

Consequently,  the ROI and customer loyalty get turned up. But, listening to the data is not all-imperative. Social data- the valuable asset must be understood and leveraged efficiently, otherwise sending the right content to the right customer at the right time become implausible.

It signals social data must be used intelligently in content marketing strategies to get brand’s content off the ground in strengthening the customer relationship. That’s great!

Take a look at how content marketing can be made more powerful through actionable social insights:

  • Keep a pulse on social trends

In the social world, identifying towards what the customers are showing more inclination and interested in, aids the brands in generating right content which resonates with the trends and customers.

Participating in the conversation by posting personalized content offers the golden opportunity to the brands in gaining customer insights, which in turn enable the brands to engage and win more customers. Don’t miss it!

  • Comprehend the social insights

The personalized content can only be created when social data is understood accurately. The brands can go Geo-specific wherein the content targeting different locations and catering customer’s needs can be developed that brings rewarding results.

The right understanding of the social insights helps the brands in creating and delivering the content that appeals to the customers. Placing a bet on the Digital Marketing efforts won’t prove to be expensive. Must give a try!

  • Create the content based on the social results

After singling out the social trends and listening to the customer interactions on social channels, it’s good to develop the content that answers the customer’s questions and concerns, which aids the brands in garnering the positive attention of the customers.

For instance, in 2016 Miss Universe Contest, when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner’s name on the Twitter, the Burger King quickly tweeted- “At BK, everyone gets to keep their crown,” which has brought a good amount of response to the Burger King.

  • Discover brand advocates to share user-generated content

The new customers more often review and trust the user-generated content, so the brands must incorporate the genuine customer experience on social media.

The user-generated content becomes available through social interactions with brand advocates who always speak good words about the brand. Sharing the valuable content enhance the user engagement.

Besides, it’s the best platform to address the customer’s pain points, which hints the new customers that brand offers great customer service.

  • Finally, incorporate the social data

The insights inform the brands about the channels that are engaging the audience most and what type of content aids in increasing the social outreach, which must be implemented in the brand marketing.

But, the use of social insights should not be limited to social media marketing only. Instead, it must be leveraged to design the whole content marketing strategy and launching marketing campaigns for improved customer experience. Integrate the social data in marketing to drive more conversions and engage customers at various touch points.


Certainly, social insights help the brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. But, the content that’s encapsulated in the message must be precise and holds relevance to engineer amazing experiences. It’s all possible when social insights are leveraged efficiently to develop the right content.

If you want your brand to excel with the right content marketing plan that’s created using social power, then you can follow the aforementioned steps and DIY or get partnered with professional SMO Services and enjoy the noteworthy results.

Understanding importance of Site Structure and its SEO Benefits

Understanding importance of Site Structure and its SEO Benefits

When we talk about improving website rankings in the SERP, all we hear is regarding incorporation of SEO practices like content creation and updating with the right keywords, links, metadata, and other optimization techniques. One crucial aspect that we overlook is the importance of site structure to enhance SEO performance.

Whether you plan to employ an in-house SEO team or outsource organic SEO services from the external agency, make sure you instruct your SEO team and developers to create a website with an SEO-friendly structure.

So, let’s take a quick look at a few points that highlight the importance of site structure, and gain understanding on elements that are needed to build a search-friendly website.

Pay Attention to Your Website’s Depth

For any website, depth is defined as, “the number of clicks required to reach any of its pages from the homepage.” A website with a deep navigation structure requires an extensive number of clicks to reach the desired page whereas flat or shallow structures require fewer clicks in comparison.

Shallow navigation structure is preferred, from both usability and crawler perspective, as it prevents important content from getting buried within pages, and makes it easier for a search engine to look for and index your site.

Great Site Structure Contributes to Better Crawling and Improved User- Experience

Google’s algorithm uses information from search parties to rank your site. If a search party finds your website well-structured and logical, then, the probability of him bouncing off early is greatly reduced, and that helps improve dwell-time, which ultimately leads to better ranking.

It is recommended to break down the content into distinct and unique categories that have sub-categories relating to the main one, under which they’re located. Keep your core categories to a minimum number i.e. between 2 and 7, with even numbered sub-categories between them. One category with 10 sub-categories and another one with just 2, can make the site look unbalanced.

Apart from the users, this categorization of the content also helps the crawlers to understand your site better and find your content faster.

Nail the Perfect Website Navigation

Most developers make the mistake of not giving enough attention to navigation elements while structuring a website. It is common, yet huge when it comes to SEO. Avoid using navigation structures that make it difficult for crawlers to search through your pages. The Flash, Ajax and Javascript format may look jazzy; but, they make it difficult and nearly impossible for search engine spiders to parse and crawl through.

When creating navigation, try using schemes based on XHTML or CSS. They can be more easily read and indexed by the search engine crawlers, thus impacting your ranking in the SERP.

Get Your Sitemap Right

A sitemap is a file with a complete list of web pages of a website to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of the site content. This file helps the web crawlers to crawl your website more intelligently. Though most sites use only XML sitemaps these days, it is recommended to have both XML and HTML sitemaps. XML sitemaps are designed keeping search engines in mind; while HTML sitemaps are designed for humans.

To build an HTML sitemap, you need to create a new HTML page with a logical list of all the URLs. This will then be reflected on your site’s navigation. For XML, you can use tools like https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/or any other WordPress plug-ins to create your sitemaps.

Don’t Skip Internal Linking

It is not easy for large websites to get all their vital content accessible to their audience within 3-4 clicks. This is where internal linking plays a huge role. It can significantly decrease your site’s depth and make more content accessible. The basic idea behind internal linking is that every page on the website has one more link to other pages. Here are few points that highlight the importance of internal linking structure in a website:

  • Drastically decreases no. of clicks required to access each page on the website.
  • Provides an opportunity to use keyword-rich anchor texts.
  • Helps establish information hierarchy across the website.
  • Significantly improves the user experience.

Internal linking should be used wisely and not to just utilize the keyword-rich anchor texts. The focus should be on maintaining the hierarchical structure and provide relevant content to the audience via internal linking.


There are a number of factors that impact SEO rankings, and site structure is one of the most important and overlooked methods among the developers and digital marketing agencies. In the end, working on preparing a perfect site structure requires a lot of efforts on planning, analysis, organization, and design. But, if you nail it, your site’s visibility will only be on the rise.

Need help with Social Media Marketing? Looking for unparalleled organic SEO services? Potenza Global Solutions offers complete Digital Marketing Solutions. The world of excellence beckons you!

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn and Implement From Pokemon Go

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn And Implement From Pokemon Go

We are all being witnesses to the digital phenomena that Pokemon Go is and is becoming by the day. Just after its much awaited launch by Niantic, it was downloaded a record number of times and increased the market value of Nintendo to a whopping 9 Billion Dollars.

So, this proves there is something to be learnt from the digital marketing strategy of the team of Pokemon Go. The game is simple and that is what makes it extremely catchy. The player just has to take their phones, turn on the GPS and find the various Pokemons hidden in different areas of their towns and locality. Here are listed below six things that Pokemon Go teaches us to enhance the marketing strategy:

Timing is the Key: As can be noticed, Pokemon Go was launched during the summer break, a time when its target audience, the young adults have a lot of free time on their hands. This ensured that the game made substantial impact on its targeted audience. So, this proves that not only unique and creative idea is important for a digital marketer, the timing and proper strategy,along with the demographics play a big part as well.

It’s all about the place: This strategy is similar to the ones we use while playing Pokemon Go. When we need a Pokemon, we go out and catch it, we go to places where there is high density of Pokemons, we don’t usually limit ourselves to any one stop, do we? So is the case with digital marketing, Analytics should be made use of aptly to find the best demographics and to create perfect ads and strategies based on the location.

Being Flexible: Pokemon Go teaches the lesson of flexibility to the digital marketing experts. As in the game, when the going gets tough, the player has to look for other options, methods and strategies to catch the Pokemons, they have to go to other stops, collect more pokeballs, find more routes, etc. In other words, they analyze the situation and then act accordingly to advance in their levels. Same goes for digital marketing, one needs to analyze the key factors that affect the traffic on the said website and make changes accordingly.

Save the site from Team Rockets: As Team Rocket is out there in the Pokemon Universe trying to kidnap all the pokemons, there are bad guys in this real universe who are ready to track down the information of the users of the e-commerce websites. Though Pokemon Go still has issues related to security, the digital marketing strategy should involve programmers who will take care of the security of the website from hackers and phishers, and the users using it.

Virtual World meets Real World: Just olike Pokemon Go has made it possible to combine the Virtual world with the real world, Digital marketers should make use of the virtual world that is the social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to promote their websites and e-commerce platforms through word of mouth. People who have experienced the website can review it and spread the word.

Everything is fun with friends: As Pokemon Go is all the more fun when played with friends, like Ash has Brock and Misty, every website needs a host of people looking after it which includes the programmer, digital marketing expert, content developer and designer. Website should be well made, safe, secure and should run smoothly without bugs.

Pokemon Go has certainly changed the game with its arrival, hopefully it will work on all its issues and be a lesson to all those interested and attentive.

3 Reasons You Need Automation For Digital Marketing

3 Reasons You Need Automation For Digital Marketing

Marketing is developing vast informative content to educate and build relationships. Now-a-days, customers continuously look for fresh content from time to time. The impulse shopping days are disappearing and no business targets such customers.

For effective management of this task, automation tools are required. They allow content to be produced and reused again and again across new customers. Such targeted campaigns can help to save time and money and live for many years.

The below three reasons describes why you should integrate automation in digital marketing –  

1.Social media

In 2010, social media was quite simple and everyone was on Facebook, it being a primary platform.

But now in 2016, it is a daunting task that can take up a lot of man hours. Companies need to handle and control social media content and customer communication on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Hootsuite, allow you to plan posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This saves a lot of time by minimizing the hassle of copy f and paste of content across multiple platforms. Hoostsuite is definitely a time saver and crucial in maximizing time to let you complete your other tasks in your day.

2.Targeted Emails for multiple customer personas

Generic content which is available to a large audience does not yield great conversion rates. It turns out to be of less importance and irritating to the audience because the message it conveys does not fit them. Targeted content for specific customer personas will attract to their particular style. More is the number of audience reading your material; more is the chance of sales.

This process can be burdening when you are targeting multiple customer personas. Use of email automation will lessen the man hours by doing away with the need to send mails to complete batch of leads individually. The same email can be used again without any editing for the next batch of leads that you generate through sales. Your front end effort will pay you off for years.

3.Automated Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting can be burdensome and tedious task. Companies have unlimited number of individual reports that make use of Power Point presentation or Excel where finding specific key words and piece of information is a challenge. The frequency with which the reports are required with comparison between the different parameters is also quite high. Automation can turn out to be helpful in this scenario.

Automated reporting is not so quick and easy to set up but it pays off very well in the long run. You can access the available data faster in single dashboard thus help marketing department to find trends faster. Good reporting classifies segmented areas of concentration for marketing departments leading to much improved conversions with targeted marketing content.

Automation in digital marketing is definitely need of the hour. The secret to marketing automation is defining your goals clearly along with maintaining a personality in the messaging.

If you want to make your business or website more popular and visible then contact us and we can make your dreams true with latest digital marketing ideas.